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Kelis -- Nas Makes a Friggin' Fortune

8/20/2009 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelis -- Nas There's a bottom line to the divorce between Kelis and Nas, and it's money, money, money.

According to docs filed by Kelis' lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, the financial wizards have reviewed the earning of both parties to the divorce, and they've come to these conclusions.

-- Nas pulls in $244,826 a month
-- Kelis rakes in a relatively paltry $13,744 a month
-- Kelis should get child support totaling $17,225 a month
-- Kelis should get spousal support totaling $72,728
-- Nas should pay retro child support totaling $29,522
-- Nas should pay retro spousal support totaling $281,571


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#59 sarah is a troll

Thank You!!!!!!!

1858 days ago


You took the ride bitch. Support your child. You don't deserve a penny you tired old whore. Yes $$$ for the baby, nothing for you. I saw you open for Britney and loved you. Now I can't stand you. You are turning everyone off to you. You are destroying your career. You're a nothing; nobody. Good-bye forever kelis.

1858 days ago


A child can be raised on $13,000 a month. Kelis needs to stop playing. Not only does she sing but she is also a songwriter (ghost writer) and produces. Explain to me why she is playing the broke down bitch role. There are single mothers that make $13,000 a year, maybe struggling but get the damn job done. I am a woman and I am not a Nas music fan, but I am tired of women stating they can't do it without the man's money. If you had no intention of staying married you should of setup a nest egg - DUMB ASS

1858 days ago


Kelis' paltry 13 grand. LOL! I'll take that paltry 13 grand a month anyday.

1858 days ago


Shut up Jenn - aka Sarah.

1858 days ago


i dont understnd why you ppl are attacking Sarah, all the girl said was for Nas to take care of the kid, really, it aint that serious you ppl have way to much time on your hands to be arguing about money hungary ppl. you are all sad, and should just worry if your child support check is in th3 mailbox

1858 days ago


You shut up too! No one here has said he shouldn't support his kid, but what everyone except Sarah, Jenn, and you seem to get is that this Kelis chick is ridiculously greedy. That IS the reason people aren't feeling sorry for her....

And if you are stupid enough to wonder why everyone is mad at sarah, she has been insulting people from the beginning calling them retarded and questioning whether their kids even have fathers in their life. WTF???

So why don't you take your OWN advice troll and find something to do with your time than showing all of us what a idiot you are....

1858 days ago


...And how much does the attorney get?

1858 days ago


hahhahahahahaaha like im to cry over your text, hahahahahahahahahahahaa you all are pathetic

1858 days ago


listen i dont have time to argue with children i will agree the bum bitch is greedy, fine she is, but the point is for him to pay, and she should be reasonable, and she should have thought about this when she laid with him, so really you all should just stop with the stupidity of arguing over ppl that dont exsist in our world......

1858 days ago


Is everyone insane. Kelis should get every penny she's asking for child support and yes Sara #12 is totally right. Your child, that you chose to make, is fully(100%)entitled to live as you live, even if you don't live with that child. Nas could always file for joint physical custody and pay no child support.(HA HA) Now on the other issue.That much alimony for that short of a marriage is greedy as hell

1858 days ago


Sarah may be a little crazy, but she's leaglly right. in some states a man is expected to pay upto 30% of his income so Nas is getting off cheap.

1858 days ago


im telling you fellas if you have money ,dont mess with money hungry usa women go to bangkok thailand and get 20 ,21 year old hot ladies for as long as you like,and it wont cost you even a fraction of what marrying one of these money hungy skanks is gonna cost you,now you will hear women complain about this,call me a degenerate,thats because they dont want potential clients,meaning rich men going to thailand,bangkok they know if that happens ,then the rich guy,let me get pregnant so i can leech off of him, gravy train, is over!!!

1858 days ago


Give the state of the economy and the unemployment rate, for Kelis to maintain that she cannot live on $13,744 a month is absurd. Grow up and support yourself. There are plenty of people out there that support entire families on FAR less than that.

"She ain't nothing but a gold digger..."

1857 days ago


Sarah has a point to say that he should pay child support, but no matter HOW much he makes, he should not be paying $18k a month. There are people in this country that do not make $18k a year. The judicial system in this country is a joke when it comes to these matters. It takes on average $290,000 to raise a child until they are 18, so we'll say $16,200 a year, which is $1,325 a month. There you go, there is his monthly payment, he can cover all the costs. If she is not happy with that, close your legs. If she isn't happy with that, she obviously wants to use the money for herself. Let this (and all the other bull$hit like this that happens be a lesson to us guys) 1. don't get married, 2. don't knock up a whore, 3. don't date/marry some entitled $lut from the US, women from other countries AREN'T like this.

1857 days ago
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