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Kelis -- Nas Makes a Friggin' Fortune

8/20/2009 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelis -- Nas There's a bottom line to the divorce between Kelis and Nas, and it's money, money, money.

According to docs filed by Kelis' lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, the financial wizards have reviewed the earning of both parties to the divorce, and they've come to these conclusions.

-- Nas pulls in $244,826 a month
-- Kelis rakes in a relatively paltry $13,744 a month
-- Kelis should get child support totaling $17,225 a month
-- Kelis should get spousal support totaling $72,728
-- Nas should pay retro child support totaling $29,522
-- Nas should pay retro spousal support totaling $281,571


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Money greedy woman, can’t raise a child of $13 000 a month, surprise a lot of women can and of much less. She has no sympathy of mine. It’s not only the man who should provide for the child, it’s the mother TOO.

A man and a woman should have equal rights? Sure, what man demand a spousal and child support of that amount of money? No one that I know of, it’s just pathetic.

1860 days ago


Spousel support? This should be about the child. I can raise my 3 on less than 13, 000 a month. She is the one that needs to adapt.

1860 days ago


Alot of women (not all), should name their child "pay to the order of". You can hear it from the time she announces that she's pregnant, "MY baby this , MY baby that"! They start to cross the man out of the the childs life immediately. Not to mention the manless bitch thats in her ear saying "girl you should make him pay"! Now there are some deadbeat dads out there, don't get me wrong. But there are alot of women (not all), blocking the fathers rights by not letting him see his child because he doesn't have enough money. Oh and that manless Bitch that was in your ear earlier, she turned against you. She's with your former man and she's telling him "you don't need that much in child support"!

1860 days ago


These figures have to be during the month his album drops or is on tour. NO Way could he pull 200,000+ a month average per year. His last album barely went gold. He's got a loyal fanbase but this has to be inflated numbers for when he's touring which is a couple months a year max.

Im confident the court will get this settled properly. If they didn't sign a pre-nup like he said in his song he's gonna be paying a lot but doubtful she will get the numbers she wants.

Also, nobody knows the facts and by all accounts Nas is not a dead beat. Not all marriages work out. They seemed in love at the time and Nas has always stated he will be there for his children and seems good on his word no matter how the media wants to portray him.

1860 days ago


i think that a lot of people are forgetting that she was just awarded 44k a month for child support + her 13k.. that is 57k a month .. now dont get me wrong the man is suppose to support his child.. but damn... 72k for spousal support? i think that she is going over board... she wasnt making that much money b4 she met him .. what is the back child support for? is the baby even a month old?

1860 days ago


This whole article has convinced me of one thing...and that is to make sure I sign a freaking pre-nup. I might get destroyed for this but I agree with sarah in that Nas should pay child support... But not spousal. Another thing...Kelis is tore up from the floor up... Truly a scary looking individual... Nas should take a page from his old buddy Jay-Z... He got 99 problems but a b#*ch aint one!!!

1860 days ago

chris rose    

you could not only raise a kids on 13 thousand a month.. u could raise a couple of GROWN MEN on that kind of money... she's a bitch

1860 days ago

me so horny    

Tell Kelis to sell her milkshake for some money,not that it's worth anything but in her song she claims (it's better than yours.)

1860 days ago


70 thousand a week is what this works out to. taking care of your child i'm all for it but her living out of my pocket? HELL NO!!! He can match her income plus 50 percent and she can be happy. Your career is over and you want people to remember you. This will do it.Remember guys if you dont want a child or the itchy-scratchys wrap it up. Leave the skanks alone.

1860 days ago


Here is a thought Nas you might be better off filling for custody of
your child. It will turn out to be cheaper and you won't have to deal
with her denying you to see the child. Just a thought.

1860 days ago


If Johnny had to pay ole girl $50 million, why shouldn't she get a little bit... Dude need to put out a couple of albums... He'll be aight!


1860 days ago

truth hurts    

I did their travel.I was surprised when they said they were getting married because they were both cheating on each other.Kelis would be in europe and Nas would be in Ny. Have you ever tried to switch out the mistresses? We would have to do it for everyone.One is at the airport waiting and we have to get the other one out of the hotel.I had to do it for scott storch all the time.The travel agents have all the dirt.Not their hair people.Its us.I have so many stories/dirt about these stars.

1860 days ago


nas and kelis was wromg from the gt go.iddnt think it wud last this long

1854 days ago


I think it's a sorry shame. I remember when they met and spoke of being "soulmates". I remember Nas willing to fight for Kelis' 'honor' when she was being dissed on somebody's rap. People forget how and why they got together and now bring it down to money. Grow up Nas and Kelis--it's about a baby, not $$.

1616 days ago


WHERE the hell is kelis money?? He should support his baby but she just being greedy. She a selfish bitch and will never have any good luck by behaving like a money hungry whore and my god she aint even cute what did nas sEe in da bitch!!!???

1485 days ago
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