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Blow-By-Blow of

Jasmine Fiore's Murder

8/21/2009 3:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Jasmine Fiore murder investigation tell us authorities believe Jasmine Fiore was strangled last Friday, sometime after midnight, and surveillance video shows Jenkins leaving a hotel with a suitcase that may have been the receptacle for Fiore's body.

Jasmine Fiore's Murder

Sources say the video shows Ryan Jenkins leaving the hotel for good last Friday morning, although he never went to the front desk to check out. The video shows Jenkins leaving with his luggage, but Fiore does not leave with him -- she is never seen leaving at all.

The hotel -- L'Auberge Del Mar near San Diego -- was searched twice this week by Buena Park detectives. We're told the room in which Jenkins and Fiore stayed had no evidence of blood, and it appears she was mutilated elsewhere before her body -- stuffed in a suitcase -- was deposited in a dumpster in Buena Park, CA.

We're also told the smoking gun is the suitcase in which the body was found. Sources say one of the suitcases Jenkins left with resembles the suitcase in which Fiore's body was stuffed.

The white Mercedes Jenkins drove off in has not been found. Our sources say cops believe Jenkins may have murdered Fiore in the hotel room, and then mutilated the body after he left.

Fiore's cell phone also has not been found. As we first reported, Fiore had text messaged former boyfriend Robert Hasman numerous times Thursday night and early Friday morning, saying she wanted to travel to Las Vegas to see him.

And, in an eerie twist, as we first reported, Hasman got a text message last Friday night from Fiore's phone, which said "suck it." It appears that message was sent long after Fiore was dead.

Law enforcement sources say they believe Jenkins acted alone.


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ROB W    

I live in Calgary, and I hope you good people in the U.S. don't look at every Canadian who travels or works in the 'states, as a "possible risk". I hope they catch this douchebag and fry his ass. I hope he is caught soon, as this not only puts a black-eye on Canada, but everyone else who is from Canada who is visiting/or working in the U.S. My prayers go out to Jasmine's family & I also pray for swift judicial action against this so called "millionaire" from Calgary. This is an embarassment from the city I was born and raised in, and a travesty to the people in Jasmine's family. This guy ran back to Canada because if he is charged with capital murder we won't extradite him, because our government doesn't believe in executions. Does anybody remember Charles Ng? He was caught in Calgary many years ago. He was wanted for the torture&murders of people in northern California, what did the Canadian Government do? They appealed his deportation because he was facing possible execution in California for his crimes, and this dude wasn't even Canadian! I say to the U.S. DOJ; if you get your hands on Ryan Jenkins torque his ass, because we certainly don't want him back in our Country; and I know you folk's don't want to be paying the tab for the rest of his life in your Country.

1890 days ago


does this knuckelhead not know she could be identified thru one of those bad silicone catalope implants she had,everyone has a serial # on it,hopefully he puts a bullet in his head and saves the public tax monies.

1890 days ago


In response to #46.......... "because he didn't get that far through the DEXTER series, thats why.

1890 days ago


With the amount of news that is reported these days, it would seem almost impossible to get anyone convicted of a crime. It is a good thing that reporting was different at the time of the Manson murders or they would never have been convicted.

BTW, Blow by Blow of a Murder...that's even low for you, TMZ...Yuck!

1890 days ago

Sad sad    

#1 police haven't given all the details as to the condition her body was in. She could have been in pieces for all anyone knows. They said at the conference that they couldn't give anymore details. Which may explain why they thought she might have been a child when they found her. I'm curious as to what this suitcase looks like. Someone said a 2x3x2 ? Another said large suitcase. A 120lbs is pretty heavy so He must have been semi dragging it unless he's really strong. Or it had rollers. He would have had plenty of time to drive to BP and drive back for vehicle and then some. He didn't report till Saturday evening after they found her body. I honestly think he was going to play the Scott Peterson roll but got caught off guard cause she was discovered rather quickly. He probably assumed the trash people would come and they would later find her at a dump site or hoping never. Plan failed. I'm trying to figure out how he would have rid of a second vehicle to get back to his though. Unless he drove it somewhere and took a cab or other transport to get back to his. Or rid of it rather close walking distance to his other vehicle.

1890 days ago


What day and time is she seen ENTERING the hotel? Does he enter with her?

1890 days ago


looks like there's a new vacancy at the trailer park. RIP trout face

1890 days ago

Sad sad    

LOL! burg He's smart but dumb at the same token. His get away plan or whatever he did was pretty dam good. That I think he got help with unless the sunk himself to his death in the waters which some people are hoping he did lol.

1890 days ago


Suck it? .....all wow...Lmao

1890 days ago


wowzerz thats how you know the world os comming to an end seriously lokk at how crazt this plot is its unthinkable...ppl better get theri lives to gether n put God first

1890 days ago

the man    

Her family say they want her remembered as an All American Girl Next Door.
???? -- Yeah that is if your next door neighbor looks like stripper/prostitute Barbi/Bratz Doll who plays dangerous head games with the guy she is with.

All the swim suit photos I've seen of her she looks like a trashy porn star with tits for brains. That look is so out.

1890 days ago

Zach Swan    

Note for future reference: need to remove breast implants in addition to teeth and fingers.

1890 days ago


ive been following this story from the beginning, i tihnk its a terrible tragedy, i just lost my sister and jasmine was someones sister. My heart goes out to her family. I hope they catch him and make him pay.

1890 days ago


i should thank the killer because this girl looks like a retarded bitch. she honestly looks like a pornstar, but the sad thing about that is i don't get hard looking at her fake ass breasts and little face. this girl looks like she's the type of female that's born to please men sexually. that was her only purpose. this reminds me of the black dahlia case, but even elizabeth short was a better and sexier girl than this fake piece of trash. i'm not saying i wouldn't have sex with her, just saying i would never get attached to a dumb/retarded looking girl like this because she'll end up cheating on you and you'll have to rape her, kill her and drink her blood then cut her up and put her in a suitcase. i'm not going to lie, when i was reading the details and got to the point where they said she was put in a suitcase and dumped in a dumpster, i laughed because i thought of the suitcases businessmen and lawyers usually carry and thought how small was this girl? her breasts don't even look good enough for me to consider having sex with her. thus, this is a prime example of why i only date blondes who have german ethnicity, or are from germany because they aren't fake and they are actually smart. i just want to know, will they show the morgue photos?

1890 days ago
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