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Michael Jackson AEG Hearing

8/21/2009 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonSeveral witnesses expected to take the stand today as lawyers for Michael Jackson's estate -- as well as lawyers for Katherine Jackson and Michael's kids -- give testimony about the proposed deal with AEG about a Jackson memorabilia tour.


-- The petition has been approved!!! The AEG deal is done, the memorabilia tour will happen. Finally. The three-city tour could earn as much as $6 million for the estate.

UPDATE 7:20 PM ET -- An attorney for Katherine wants more protections in the agreement to protect the estate and Michael's legacy.

UPDATE 7:14 PM ET -- The attorney for Michael's kids is in favor of the AEG deal.

UPDATE 7:07 PM ET -- And we're back!

UPDATE 5:50 PM ET -- The court has been closed again as one of the senior lawyers for AEG has taken the stand. Outside of court, Taj told reporters the family is more interested in protecting Michael's legacy than in making money. He also told Taj that he planned to do film after the London tour.

UPDATE 5:16 PM ET -- And we're back!!! Tito's son Taj is set to take the stand.

UPDATE 4:50 PM ET -- Court is back in session -- but still closed to the media. But it should be opened back up after the current witness is done.

UPDATE 3:20 PM ET -- John Branca has finished testifying via phone and they've adjourned for lunch. Testimony will begin again in about an hour -- but it is unclear whether the judge will re-open the court. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 1:51 PM ET -- Waiting patiently ...

UPDATE 1:26 PM ET -- The judge will re-open the courtroom after John Branca testifies via phone.

UPDATE 1:21 PM ET -- It happened -- the judge closed the courtroom.

UPDATE 1:15 PM ET -- Tito Jackson's oldest son Taj is in the courtroom.

UPDATE 1:10 PM ET -- The judge is considering closing the courtroom because confidential documents will be discussed.

UPDATE 1:06 PM ET -- AEG is upset because Leonard Rowe, who was expected to testify as an expert witness for Katherine, will not testify -- but he was shown confidential documents as part of disclosure. AEG's lawyers also say those docs have not been returned.

UPDATE 1:00 PM ET -- Change of plans already -- Randy Jackson will not be called as a witness, according to an attorney for the estate.

UPDATE 12:58 PM ET -- Lawyers for all sides -- AEG, the co-administrators, Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's kids -- are all in place.

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The AEG contract is confidential and their lawyers don't want it flying around to everyone because it could well be the basis for a wrongful death suit that Katherine may choose to file against AEG.

1834 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

184...private vs public records,,what do you think ??

1834 days ago


169. Facing Reality...thanks...very enlightening post. Can you shed some light on why Katherine would have a judgment against her for child support for one of her grandchildren? Seems a bit strange?

Posted at 4:55PM on Aug 21st 2009 by noel
Noel - Jermaine had two children by Margaret Maldando (sic) while he was married to Hazel Gordy and she filed for child support against Jermaine. Jermaine went to court and stated he was broke and living with/off his mom who the judge then placed a support order against. It was also stated that Margaret and the children would remain at Havenhurst.

Go to the bottom of the page to read the story or google the story - it was wild.

1834 days ago


The memorabilia tour would include stuff other than t-shirts and stuff. AEG can sell that stuff over and internet and clear it out. The estate owns other MJ memorabilia...and a lot of it. They had to secure many of the assets and items and store them in warehouses after his death. AEG IS going to recoup in some manner the money they lost when the shows didn't happen. As far as I'm concened, if Team Branca and the guardian ad lithem are OK with this, fine by me. However, I won't be surprised if the judge says, no. There will be more deals. I think after today, the Judge is going to be very tired of the McMoney legal team.

I still don't understand how AEG became the evil-doers in all of this.

1834 days ago


I really don' t understand why tito's son, Taj, is here in court ?!?

Never heard of him before.

Someone understands ?


1834 days ago


188. 169. Facing Reality...thanks...very enlightening post. Can you shed some light on why Katherine would have a judgment against her for child support for one of her grandchildren? Seems a bit strange?

Posted at 4:55PM on Aug 21st 2009 by noel

I misquoted - the child support was placed against Katherine for the children Jermaine had with Alejandra (not Margarewt) who had children with both Jeramine and his brother Randy. Alejandra was initially engaged to Randy and then married Jermaine, so their children are brothers/sisters and first cousins. To add insult to injury they all live at Havenhurst, with Jermaines new wife and children.

Jermaine is dirty...low down and dirty.

1834 days ago


181. He also said he thought Michael felt the rehearsal footage was "Michael's" because he was very protective of his image...

WTF?? Are they claiming that possibly the rehearsal footage is not Michael??

Posted at 5:40PM on Aug 21st 2009 by pamela

I do not understand this statement too lol

1834 days ago


Miss you mj
king of pop forever!!!!!!!!!!!

1834 days ago


180. I'd like to oblige Human Nature, but some of my research doesn't get through. So I gather you have no links and were spreading rumors.

Touchy, touchy

Posted at 5:38PM on Aug 21st 2009 by Smooth Criminals


Apparently, you CAN'T READ OR COMPREHEND!!!!


I provided one link of a story and I quess you did not click on it to read the article!!!

Let me tell you again, I do not engage in POINTLESS gossip or rumors on ANYONE!!!

If you want to engage in heated arguments, I guess you look for the BS some where else!!!!


1834 days ago


The only I can think they brought Taj to court was to have a cute, innocent looking face talk about his relationship with his uncle and what he "thought" he uncle "thought". I haven't seen or heard anything that I think will sway the judge.

The Jackson family gives new meaning to the word "dysfunctional." Yuck! The Jermaine baby mamma/child support story is almost nauseous.

If I was Katherine, I would want to spend as little time in court as necessary in an effort to have as few of the family secrets come to light.

1834 days ago


"The rehearsal footage was Michaels" i.e. that it was for private use only and not for public viewing.

1834 days ago



I found on a french website(source LATIME) that AEG insurance for Michael cover only for "accident" or "danger by someone else".
The insurance may not cover drug abuse.

Possible for AEG to contest it and sue LLOYD to become the money ?
(I mean if Dr Murray may not admit he gave several times Propofol to Michael and nothing maybe proof that he was addicted to drugs).

My english is not so good but I hope you understand.

1834 days ago


Why doesn't AEG just sell all the tour memorabilia on Ebay? They would make a fortune !!!

1834 days ago


Michael was actually very close to Taj, Tito's first son. Michael was only abuot 15 when Tag was born in 1973. So when you consider it, uncle and nephew are not THAT far apart in age. Michael actually made provisions in his will for all of Tito's 3 sons - if his children were unable to inherit. It makes sense he was the closest to them, because they are closest to Michael's age and some of the first nephews ever born to him. Taj especially, was with Michael frequently during the heyday of his solo years in the early to mid 80s. There is a famous picture of Michael and Taj on a rollar coaster when Taj was only about 8 or 9. Michael also lent his voice and name to Taj's musical group with his two brothers (3T) in the 90s. I believe that Michael loved Taj very much and vice versa. I believe Taj when he says he wants to protect his uncle's legacy.

1834 days ago


160. This all boils down to Katherine trying to figure out how to get more money out of the estate for Joe and the Jackson brothers....period. As the will stands today, only Katherine, the children and charities profit from MJ's estate. Katherine is UNABLE to will her 40% to ANYONE as upon her death her share reverts to the children. What a lot of people are not understanding is Katerine is NOT GETTING 40% total but 40% of the INTEREST that is accurred on the total estate. Even though that is a lot of money it is not like she gets 40% of the estate, so in all actuality that is not ENOUGH for Katherine to take care of Joe, or her sons and their children.

Most likely a lot of Katherines money will be held up to cover debts of her and Joe, there is also a child support order against her (Jermaines two sons with Margaret) that could increase with her new wealth and several business dealings her name is attached to. So Katherine is trying to get a seat at the table so that the family can funnel money out for when she dies - the MJ taking care of family party is OVER!

Posted at 4:39PM on Aug 21st 2009 by FACINGREALITY

Where did you get the information as to how KJ's 40% is distributed?


1834 days ago
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