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Reality Show That Cast Ryan Jenkins: Oops

8/21/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins: OopsProducers of the reality show on which accused murderer Ryan Jenkins appeared admits it didn't do a "full" background check. What's not clear ... did it do any background check at all?

51 Minds -- the company that produces "Megan Wants a Millionaire" -- admits it was not aware that Jenkins had been convicted of assaulting a girlfriend when he was cast on the show. This is always a problem when you have someone with violent propensities sharing a house with unsuspecting strangers.

A company rep tells TMZ, "Obviously, if the company had been given a full picture of his background, he would never have been allowed on the show."

51 Minds adds, "The company did have in place what it thought was a thorough vetting process that involved complete background checks by an outside company for all contestants on the shows." In the company's defense, it was just one little mistake.

51 Minds promises to do better in the future.


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paris is a the chlamydia of the collective Hilton vagina    

He wasn't married during MWAM, he was only married to Jasmine Fiore for 2 months, and then the marriage was anulled. He met and married Jasmine after the filming of MWAM, which ended production in March. You can do the math to see that he was married after the show NOT before.

It's not 51 Minds' fault that he was a murderer. They obviously couldn't have seen in the future to the fact that he would be arrested for domestic violence and commit the subsequent murder of Jasmine Fiore. They don't have ESP.

1803 days ago

scott waring    


1803 days ago


Welfare canada actors? should stick to killing little birdys in the woods and the USA should send in some MERCS and OPEN THE HUNTING SEASON EARLY THIS YEAR oh I forgot males can kill helpless females year around over there sorry my baddie,,but4real us him as training for our mercs and let the family have some target fun with him before the USA taxe payers give him a roof and food for life

1803 days ago


Woodsy of him to do that..knowning he can run back to the woods.He should be shot on sight as he`s proven what he did by running back there.He should be shot on sight before he hurts any other ladys or babys or a merc should break his neck after he spits his teeth out and has his fingers cut off.

1803 days ago


It's the background company hired by 51 Minds and Iconic Casting that failed to do their job. All reality cast go through an extensive background check, psyche evaluation, and medical testing to make sure each cast member can handle the rigors of the show they are being cast for. American production companies are extremely careful when it comes to diligence. VH1, Viacom, Endemol, 51 Minds, and Iconic Casting are industry leaders and I feel sad that their names are being tarnished at the hands of one background company not doing their job correctly.

1803 days ago


51 minds but none of the smart enough to run a back ground check through the DOJ!

1803 days ago


51 minds, but none of them smart enough to run a back ground check through the DOJ!

1803 days ago


this is all so creepy.. i'm pretty sure having a nut case like that in a house full of people where emotions can get out of hand is not the brightest of ideas. good job, dudes.

1802 days ago

Ya Think    

VH1 got exactly what they deserved for turning their "VIDEO HITS 1" station into a network of awful so-called reality shows about nothing but sex and idiots fighting over the same nobodies. Maybe now VH1 will change their programming to something of substance instead of this s*!t.

As for this Jenkins guy, he'll run back to Canada where they coddle murderers of Americans. Think I'm making it up? Google "Andrew Bagby and Shirley Turner". Shirley Turner was another one who murdered an American in cold blood and was coddled by Canada. They refused to extradite her because the U.S. was being mean ... and she ended up killing her own 13 month old. And William Shrubsall... and so on. And so on. Let Canada have all the killers. Maybe when they start killing up there, they'll realize housing all those murderers wasn't such a good idea after all?

1802 days ago


This joke of a company should be called 51 Idiots. The shows it creates truly scrape the gutter, which is where they find their psychotic celebrity wannabes.

1802 days ago


Awwwww.... "51 Deluded Minds"..... you dropped the ball.
********slap on wrist**********
"No Soup For You"...

1802 days ago


@23: Even before he was on VH1, Ryan had a history of beating another ex-girlfriend of his. If they'd done a true background check they'd have seen that.

Ryan just needs to turn himself in. The media is eating all of this up, so everyone is going to be looking to be the one who catches him. Who wants to bet that when they find him he'll have a bag full of fingers & teeth on him?

1802 days ago


It does not pay to shop around security companies to do background checks on your contestants. Stick with the one that did you right, they cost more but hey then this might not happen.

1802 days ago


VH1 must be STUOID and very very desperate to do another show with this TWIT Megan and her ugly friends she raises. This is to bad and i blame it on this kind of people vh1 exploits. There sick and greedy people and Megan would be on noplace planet if it werent for VH1 reality shows who bring these people up out of the mental illness gutter and say here arent they cool. No there ignorant and greedy. I feel so sorry for this person who was murdered and Megans nut case is running around in Canada. Dont tell me vh1 isnt this slick looking up the back ground of the trash they put out there. They still gave old Megan a show after her verbal attack on Ozzy O and his wife Sharron. I feel sick that i seen oneof the shows late one night. Not all people on reality television are nuts and the ones that are they keep ...MEGAN is just one and her nasty pole humpers along with her smelly lil nasty dog.Please can it vh1 or be responsible. STOP IT NOW, IT IS ALREADY TO LATE!

1802 days ago

paris is a the chlamydia of the collective Hilton vagina    


It wasn't beating another girlfriend. He hit her in the arm. THE ARM. I hit my husband in the arm all the time! Does it mean I'll murder him? Absolutely not. We play like that all the time.

It's a terrible thing that happened but, him being on MWAM has nothing to do with Jasmine. He didn't hit Megan. He didn't kill her. They couldn't have foreseen that. If they could, he wouldn't have been able to commit such a horrendous act, now would he?

1802 days ago
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