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Heidi Montag -- Miss Universe? Hardly!

8/23/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi MontagHeidi Montag is scheduled to perform at tonight's Miss Universe pageant in the Bahamas, but pageant production staffers are taking bets as to whether or not it will actually go down -- because she's just that bad!

Sources tells us pageant peeps are concerned that Heidi just can't pull it off. We're told "she's lip-syncing and can't remember the lyrics" (to her own song!!!), "looks like a trainwreck," and "she can't dance."

But she's got Jesus on her side, so we're sure it will turn out just fine.

UPDATE: From the mouth of Spencer -- "The allegations by certain production staffers saying that Heidi is not going to perform are 100% false. She will perform live tonight and she is an exceptional dancer."

UPDATE 2: A source at NBC, which is airing the pageant, says Heidi isn't as bad as producers were secretly hoping she'd be. We shall see ...


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Donald Trump (the owner) needs to tell the person who booked her "you're fired"!

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1856 days ago


Hey Heidi , i have some advice for u ! forget about miss universe , try the special olympics ! u can compete in that , but u would probably lose every competition, because even "special" people have more sense than you ! why dont u go back to colorado , and praise jesus from a mountain top and take your ferret weasel looking side kick with you ! you guys are so worthless and ignorant ! u must be proud of how stupid u really are ! waht a disgrace to the human race ! LOSERS !

1856 days ago


GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1856 days ago


10. if there is a god he will grant me my wish and that is letting her perform so i can laugh and laugh.

Posted at 11:48AM on Aug 23rd 2009 by SweetDee

And hopefully TMZ will post the video, so everyone can have a really good laugh at Heidi's expense.

1856 days ago


good grief, i wish brett favre would just adopt spidie so they could keep the drama in the family. im getting tired of seeing and hearing their crapola

1856 days ago


This does not surprise me in the least.How could they ask this train wreck to sing.Everytime she opens her mouth you just vomit listening to her and her douch of a husband.There the mosy obnoxious & beyond annoying f listers out thre.I don't wish bad on anyone but she dserves what she gets.

1856 days ago


Why do you even cover this person and her disgusting husband? They are all about getting attention and becoming famous but like most D list celebrities their time is just about up. The reality show she is on is scripted (like we couldn't tell by all the bad acting and she has done Playboy so what is left? She is not intelligent in the least and is trained like a dog to do as her master says. She is pathetic, plastic (looks like every other blonde in L.A.) and while she acts like she is happy, it is pretty obvious she is quite the opposite. The whole Jesus shtick is played out so what next? They act like all the negative comments don't bother them but you know it eats away at them a little at a time. She has nothing to offer but showing her ass. We have all seen it so now what? The sex tape?

1856 days ago


Maybe the pageant booked her because they KNEW she would be a train wreck, everyone loves to watch train wrecks right? Ratings!! Viewers!!! They were trying to think of a way to get viewers. Now we can all laugh and point at Heidi!!! It will be so much fun. :)

1856 days ago


I think Trump is counting on people to tune in just to see how bad she is

1856 days ago

biologist at large    

PLEASE quit giving this skank and her cretin of a mate publicity. If we ignore them- they'll go away... and even better, they'll go away poor. Nothing could devastate those two more than being poor and anonymous.

1856 days ago


At 3 PM today a man was on the outer loop in Chicago. Trafic was at a complete stop. He sat for close to a hour. Finally a man came up and said. Some terrorists have captured some people and are holding them hostage in a bus. They aid that if they do not get 2M in a hour they will pour gas on the bus and start it on fire. Who is being held captive was the next question. Heidi, Spencer, Jon & Kate, Oprah, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Joe Jackson, Nancy Pelosi,Octo Mom,and Kathy Gifford. I am one of the many taking up a collection. How much is everyone giving was the response.


1856 days ago


lol- I think this whole thing is hilarious. Heidi, sorry to say- but she has no talent! Her husband is cut from the same cloth-no talent just drama seekers.

1856 days ago


this girl is nothing but a hot mess

1856 days ago


OMG the sad thing is, she thinks she is good at all this stuff because one of her handlers keeps telling her so instead of being honest with her. She makes a fool of herself all the time, the money can't be that good.

1856 days ago

Linda Mott    

When Christians behave badly, it gives the Lord and all Christians a bad name. If you said at least someone was gay, black,a woman, an Indian a Muslim or another thing that distinguished their sexual or religious distinction, you would have to apologize or in some cases be in fear of your lives. Christians and Jews are always the target of mockery from TMZ. Christians are just people and they are all different. TMZ shows bigotry when it targets the Christianity as the reason for her bad behavior.

1856 days ago
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