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Heidi Montag -- Miss Universe? Hardly!

8/23/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi MontagHeidi Montag is scheduled to perform at tonight's Miss Universe pageant in the Bahamas, but pageant production staffers are taking bets as to whether or not it will actually go down -- because she's just that bad!

Sources tells us pageant peeps are concerned that Heidi just can't pull it off. We're told "she's lip-syncing and can't remember the lyrics" (to her own song!!!), "looks like a trainwreck," and "she can't dance."

But she's got Jesus on her side, so we're sure it will turn out just fine.

UPDATE: From the mouth of Spencer -- "The allegations by certain production staffers saying that Heidi is not going to perform are 100% false. She will perform live tonight and she is an exceptional dancer."

UPDATE 2: A source at NBC, which is airing the pageant, says Heidi isn't as bad as producers were secretly hoping she'd be. We shall see ...


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Allen Ridak    

Ha ha
Just saw the telecast in Australia and noticed Donald Trump called her "Heidi Montel" in the intro.
Too funny!!

1883 days ago


She sucked. But most of these lipsynching overproduced wannabes do.

1883 days ago


Wow - her performance was embarrassing. Awful. Wonder if she thinks she did well?

1883 days ago


omg,,, I just watched the vid of her proformance.. if you can call it that... The camera guy even knew not to look directly at her or he's vomit..

1883 days ago

S. Lynn    

Heidi looked awful in that skin colored imitation Britney
suit and black sneakers. She looked like she was performing in a bad jazz recital for children. The costume was total unflattering to her figure and highlighted her lack of dancing skill. Singing? I didn't even know (but should have guessed) she thought she could sing. Ya know...since she was on a reality tv show and all.

Gross. Get some self-respect Heidi.

1883 days ago


"10. If she is married how can she be in the MISS Universe Pageant???

Posted at 11:32AM on Aug 23rd 2009 by Heidi"

Uh, Heidi This Heidi was not competing in the pageant. She was supposedly performing a musical act. Try reading the article before commenting.

1883 days ago


So I heard that Heidi Montag was going to be performing for the Miss Universe concert. After hearing her sound like a "drowning cat" from that celebrity show, I watched to see how she was going to pull this one off. She confidently said that she was not going to lip sync this time. Wow! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that when you bop around and dance, your breathing gets hard and you are going to hear that in your voice. In fact, it takes a pro like Beyonce and years of training to have control over your breathing, stay on rhythm, project and get it done. Nsync, back in the day, took turns for this very reason. So, of course not only did Montag fake it, they auto-tuned her and maybe even payed someone to come in the studio to dub over her. For those of you that don't know what auto-tune is, it is a processor that corrects the pitch for vocals and instruments that are off and can also distort the human voice..These days, you can tweak grandma into Britney (which I think they do) and Photoshop a fat girl thin.
There are people in the world with amazing voices who never get a chance; I being one of them. I don't want to give up on music, it's in my blood but I just don't get it. Poor Heidi and others like her really think they can sing. If you tap on the mike and you don't hear the thump, there's your sign!
I know some pretty amazing people in the world who have tried American Idol, America's got Talent, Making the Band, and other talent shows that will never get to see the light of day. I've worked on a few of these shows, and I I know what it is like to be on the other side. The truth of the matter is, you do have to bring something different to the table, project confidence, but still it is a dime a dozen. I just don't like seeing opportunities given to the undeserved and dreams forever crushed.

1883 days ago


AWFUL!!!! She should never be allowed to sing or dance in public again!!! I was watching it with my 2 girls and we changed it when she started dancing and trying to lip sync!!!

1883 days ago


Genny (#103), thanks for the insider insight. I clearly understand how it is not fair that someone with undeserved fame gets a shot when true talents don't. Good Luck in your pursuits.

1883 days ago


I'm wondering if anyone noticed her pants didn't fit. They looked like too-short panty-hose. You could see light through them. She is just as terrible as she always is. Started out a pretty young girl and now she looks like every other plastic blonde in California. She lost her magic.

1883 days ago

What's UP??    

I watched in utter awe, as the gorgeous, talented Heidi sung, and danced. She is an amazing talent...the singing...the dancing..she could definitely be on Dancing with the stars, because she is such a Huge Star!! I hope she gets a giant record contract, and tours the globe!!

OMG!! JUST KIDDING!!! Just wanted to see if anyone is awake :) She obviousely completely SUCKS, and is such an amazing joke, that I couldn't resist :) I'm embarassed to be an American..after having this nightmare represent our country, filled with so much talent.

1883 days ago

What's UP??    

Dang! Snap!! My little LuLu Belle stayed up after her bedtime to watch Miss Heidi..Oh, my word!! When Heidi came on, my little LuLu's face lit up, and she danced, and danced!! I girl, when you get all growed up, you will be just like Heidi!! Maybe you will meet a knight in shinning armor just like Spencer too!! Oh baby dream such dreams :) Well, then she just barked at me, and wanted a treat :)

1883 days ago

What's UP??    

Dang! Snap!! My little LuLu Belle stayed up past her bedtime to watch Miss Heidi..oh, her little face lit up as she danced along with Miss Heidi...I said.."baby girl, when you get all growed up, you can be just like her!" Oh, baby, maybe you will meet a Prince Charming just like her little Spencer too. My little baby girl was soo excited, she wet herself :) Then, she barked, and I sent her off to bed....

1883 days ago


OMG........Heidi you should stick to doing things with clothes on and keeing your mouth cant sing, dance or act...god help us all. that was a horrible performance im so glad they kept cutting her off and showing the contestants.

1882 days ago
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