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Former Kiss Guitarist Is Hotter Than Hell, Sues

8/23/2009 9:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent has sued the band several times since he left the group back in 1984 -- but this time he's thrown a cable network into the mix.


Vincent is suing the band, along with A&E Television Networks, for using his image without his permission. According to a lawsuit filed earlier this month, Vincent claims his image was used in a DVD boxed set called "Kissology Volume II." In addition to that, Vincent claims his image was used as part of the "roast" episode of A&E's show "Gene Simmons Family Jewels."

Vincent also claims Simmons defamed him on an A&E show called "Private Sessions," though he doesn't specify what defamatory statements were made.

Vincent is seeking unspecified damages.


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These guys are a bunch of over-the-hill wannabes wearing their grandmother's makeup. They weren't even a decent band in their day. NEXT!

1865 days ago


Get a life Vinnie

1864 days ago


Not like he was an original member or anything...he was just along for the ride for a short bit of time.

1864 days ago


It's funny...Ace and Peter were both in the band a lot longer than Vinnie Vincent ever was, and Gene and Paul have booted them both more times than I can recall...but for some reason, Vinnie Vincent has sued the band more times than years he was in the band. Frankly, he'd probably be better off if he files this suit with the settlement stipulation that if Gene or anyone else uses his name, likeness, or even refers to him, they'd be obligated to fork over $40k each time. That way, he'll never have to file suit again.

Gah. What a jackhole.

1864 days ago


he's sueing TMZ next for using his image in this story

1864 days ago


OMG- I was under the impression he had a sex change!! Where has he/she been all these years?

1864 days ago

DaJuice mean that Sorry Ass-Hat didn't make enough money when he left KISS and did his own thing called the Vinnie Vincent Invasion?

He's a loser who was too stupid to get a decent contract when he was in the band that allowed him to live off of Gene and Paul for the rest of his life.

He's just a sad and disgruntled gold-digger.

1864 days ago


Sounds like Vinnie made poor investments, or put all his money up his nose...Yeah go ahead and sue , maybe they will throw you a chicken bone,then what are you going to do, Hey if you a musician try putting a gig together, and see how many people THAT ARE NOT GOING TO COME SEE YOU..LOOSER

1864 days ago


it's funny when I was a kid I thought these guys were kinda cool but now they just look gay.

Gene is the only one I recognize, which one is vincent? Is he the guy who looks like a cat?

1864 days ago


Posted at 9:02AM on Aug 24th 2009 by havok


1864 days ago


Look at the pic...The 'cat' is Peter Criss. He was the drummer.See those drumsticks he's got ahold of in the pic? The loser suing is the one,who for obviuos reasons,is looking away.

1864 days ago


Man this guy was in the band for 2 years get a life

1864 days ago


JFRules: Are you talking about the TMZ pic above being Peter Criss? PC has been out of the band for something like 5 yrs or so now. That is Eric Singer. The drummer for KISS previous to the reunion.

1864 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Much ado about nothing.
Forthe brief timehe wqs in the band, he should have made good use of his money like buy in cash a modest middle class home. Don't live and party like a rock star when you are not.
Out of pity, Kiss(geneSimmons) might through him a bone of 40K-50K just to make him goaway and shut up once and for all.40k-50k, big deal,What can he after taxes,lawyers fees, with waht, 30k,?Buy a car.HeWILLNOT get ohhhh, 10.4 million or millions that he wants and thinks he will get. SORRY LOSER!!!!!

1864 days ago


This dude has been trying to cash in on every and any move former Kiss members have made for decades. The desperation is sad!

Why is Kiss even relevant any more? I get the history of the band in relation to Rock...but they were not that great in the first place. It's funny, a lot of the guys I know that were into Kiss back in the day, are now really embarrassed about it...that's saying something! To me they were just a glorified Rocky Horror show with more guitars!
I mean, when you look at the other groups from their time and since...they are weak in comparison.
And anyway...Gene has so tarnished any hard ass or rockin' image the band MAY have had. The dudes an annoying over-aged goober..
And just sayin' His son has such a God complex, I would love to see him shoved in to a locker or two!!!

1864 days ago
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