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Ryan Jenkins Video: "I Love My Wife"

8/23/2009 10:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just two weeks before he allegedly murdered Jasmine Fiore, Ryan Jenkins was cooing at the Palms pool in Las Vegas, "Damn, I love my life. And I love my wife." His comments came as Jasmine danced for him poolside.

Jasmine Fiore

Jenkins posted the video on his MSpace page on August 9. Law enforcement believes he strangled Fiore on August 14.

Jasmine & Ryan: Click to launch

Jenkins also posted this video to MySpace at the same time. Once again they are in Las Vegas, but Jasmine's hair is blonde in the video -- so it was probably taken a different time.

Jasmine Fiore


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Wonder if she gave him a lap dance by the pool

1853 days ago


Kelly "hot": I doubt the fact the because he shaves his armpits and could allegedly be bisexual (claims made by you) is proof he would eventually murder her. I am pretty sure that there are individuals in this world who
A) shave their arm pits
B) bisexual
C) or does both

and haven't killed anyone...
Gotta love ignorance!

1853 days ago


Poor girl has made some very bad choices in her young life and unfortunately has paid a high price. She was messed up so bad that they could only ID her by the serial numbers on her breasts.
They will catch him and he will stand trial but I bet he gets less than 10 years for her murder. When daddy has $$$, sonnyboy pays a small price.

1853 days ago


26. I hope she washed that thing before she stuck it in the camera. Nasty! She was a vain self-absorbed two-timing little slut. She got the fame she wanted although I bet she never imagined it would be about the serial numbers on her boobs and all those pretty teeth and fingers missing. Now that's a lovely picture. I hope the pretty rich boy is caught and loses his mind in prison. What? No parties, no "beautiful" women, no jet-setting all over the world? Suicide watch! See what happens when we sell our souls to the devil?

Posted at 11:45AM on Aug 23rd 2009 by foj

Amen to everything you wrote!!

1853 days ago


A ho is a ho is a ho is a ho.

1853 days ago


No disrespect to the dead, but both of them appear to be so superficial and shallow. It's somewhat mind-bogggling that anyone would choose a spouse for the stupid reasons they chose each other. Character, compassion, fidelity- none of those things mattered to either of them, and this is what happens to people who are this clueless.

I also am surprised that so many people seem to think her murder is getting so much attention because of her "looks". No disrespect, but she really was not very pretty. She seemed to have a very nice body, and a lot of superficial things going on, but her face is really not pretty at all. It's very strange and scrunched up looking.

1853 days ago


The whole group looks nasty
Maybe he lost if from syphilis

Just sayin'

1853 days ago


I bet that she had many, many red flags over this guy and she just didn't listen to them. I hope that you girls are paying attention to this tragedy and taking something positive away from it.

1853 days ago


He's a sex addict, so who knows what kinky stuff they were doing-

1853 days ago


R.I.P. Wonder what her mother thinks of this video? Seems the victim had lied to her family about being divorced and, unfortunately, was playing a sick game with her "husband" as well as he with her, i.e. maybe both sex addicts? Hopefully, young women reading about this story will take heed. When you play the sex, alcohol, drug, and money game with men, it can turn out just like this pathetic story. Disturbed souls...nothing pretty about these personas, the sick Lindsey Lohan or the emotionally and mentally disturbed Michael Jackson the last 10 years of his life. Stop worshipping false gods and find the hero within yourselves!!!!

1853 days ago

scott is yummy.    

He reminds me of that guy from the movie american psycho

cept i guess he is canadian psycho

shallow and into himself.

1853 days ago


Dog the Bounty Hunter ready to join manhunt lol

1853 days ago

dr fred    

GROSS, eeeewwwwww

she is pretty & wore 2 Different wigs in the same weekend

the worst part was when he put the camera on himself & his comments,,creepy

I don't think there is anything wrong with her dancing, but she looks very stripperish..

she was doing something ....X rated ...
how else can she afford Mercedes ,fancy vacays, implants ,wigs, designer items, penthouse...etc...

1853 days ago


Daddy Jenkins probably killed his proud new member of the family

1853 days ago

scott is yummy.    

I don't think his father was very thrilled at his choice of wife... he more than likely thought she was a trashy golddigger
and didn't want to leave his fortune to ryan because of his trashy wife...
even if he hadn't killed her, i don't think the marriage was going to be permanent anyway. he never loved her, nor did he believe he loved her...he was probably just using her.

1853 days ago
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