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Ryan Jenkins Video: "I Love My Wife"

8/23/2009 10:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just two weeks before he allegedly murdered Jasmine Fiore, Ryan Jenkins was cooing at the Palms pool in Las Vegas, "Damn, I love my life. And I love my wife." His comments came as Jasmine danced for him poolside.

Jasmine Fiore

Jenkins posted the video on his MSpace page on August 9. Law enforcement believes he strangled Fiore on August 14.

Jasmine & Ryan: Click to launch

Jenkins also posted this video to MySpace at the same time. Once again they are in Las Vegas, but Jasmine's hair is blonde in the video -- so it was probably taken a different time.

Jasmine Fiore


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yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

usually foreigners marry us citizens for financial reasons, especially when it occurs only a few days/weeks after meeting each other. maybe during that short period she found out too much about the 'sweetheart' (since she had the marriage annulled very soon)and her knowing certain things about him was controlling him. so he decided to get rid of her. and portray that he might have some experience in what he is doing ('skill'of removing teeth and fingers and remorselessness). real sick, but you got to leave it up to the circles of friends who welcome such talents in their midsts (all the productions he worked in and for). blood money will get you pretty far in hollywood, is clear.

1857 days ago


He keeps saying "I love my life". It seems to me he loves how his life appears to other people. A beautiful wife and she belonged to him. Once he lost his "prize" he lost what little mind he had. Other men weren't going to look at him anymore and wish they were him. His ego just couldn't take it, he had to punish her.
I am curious as to if there was a prenup.

1857 days ago


Too creepy. That guy gave me the creeps on MWAM and he still gives me the creeps.

1857 days ago


Why don't they post ONE respectable picture of this girl? Does one exist?

1857 days ago

dr fred    

does anyone know her porn name & escort name (not all escorts are hookers)

regardless of the way she earned her $$$$ no human deserves to be treated like she was by Ryan.

the reason I ask about porn stripping,hooking etc is because her lifestyle did not match the low income someone would earn as a swimsuit model & she does not look like a "model" ..her "look" is the "adult entertainment look" & even the pictures, poses etc...were adult entertainment style.

I do not judge for working "Adult ent" to better herself real estate license ,$$$ in bank ..etc....

1857 days ago


She reminds me of a doll called "Pitiful Pearl Doll"

1857 days ago


what a whore... in a LV nite club lifting up her dress for the whole world to see her nasty cooch that half the men in LV has banged. no self respect.. and im def. sure underwear was not worn that nite.. skanky girls like have no idea what panties mean.. that is just sickening.. im glad she is out of the picture...

1857 days ago

Lee Lee Lee    

Wow you people are so mean, just because she lived a questionable lifestyle doesn't mean that not any other girl can get killed the same way. What would you do if this was your aunt, mother, sister, friend or etc.????? Would you still go around making fun of their looks or calling them whores, sluts or whatever???? I know people get brutally killed every minute but I still feel for her and her loved ones. Hope they catch the bastard. Such a sordid story.....

1857 days ago


So, now she's Saint Jasmine and all the choices SHE made in her life are absolved because she was murdered? Hmmmmmm. Seems a bit extreme. And no one is allowed to call a pot a pot because she's dead and you can't speak ill of the dead? Really, people.

1857 days ago


He was in lust with her, not in love with her.

1857 days ago

dr fred    

she does not dress like the PPP doll,

I see what is going on,she behaved in a risque way or yes "trashy" but she is the victim regardless of her choices.

some girls strip,pose nude whatever for $$$ to better themselves, yet it is like any job & they leave the behaviors at work.

and go on the get college degrees, buy their own homes, take care of children & so On

Jasmine seemed to get caught up in a rock star lifestyle & could not separate the 2.

her picture look like X rated they do not look like "model" & WTF is a swimsuit model?????fashion models will model a swimsuit,,, they are trying to dress up her adult modeling, I am sure she used different names

regardless of all that ..the fact is she was brutally murdered by asociopath that was NOT even a US citizen , he came over from Canada & ran back to avoid punishment HE is pure evil

1857 days ago

Fools Rush In    

It is sad that people blame the victim. Domestic violence is truly a horrible crime, a severe violation of trust and oath, to the one murdered and all their family and friends. They batter, and potentially kill, out of a sense of entitlement. I hear so many commenting about this case make the same comments battering men do, "she deserved it" "she is a whore" "she just wanted my money" are just a few of the choice phrases.

Ok, so she wasn't the most beautiful woman anywhere but I hear she was intelligent and very nice, despite the impression we get from booty baring dances and big fake boobs.

The question is now, who will star in the movie and will be it a cable flick or make it into the theater?

1857 days ago


The victim was trying to better herself. She recently got her real estate license and was looking to become a personal trainer. Her family swears you will never find a picute nude of her anywhere. Has anyone actually seen totally nude pictures?

1857 days ago


I said it days ago: Jenkins' parents are aiding and abetting their
son's fugitive status. Canadian law enforcement have allegedly
talked with Ryan Jenkins' father. With all due respect to the RCMP,
they ought to have interrogated the Jenkins parents and circle days
ago, while the motor on that speed-boat and BMW-SUV were still warm.
A mutilated dead body, with all of that incriminating evidence,
trumps anything Ryan's former fiancée, the exquisite Paulina
Chmielecka, said about him being "a great guy." (She is probably
scared senseless and is worried about her reputation and
connections.) The kind of parents who shelter a child wanted for a
grisly, vicious murder, and who obstruct justice and a costly, stressful, international manhunt
in so doing, are the same kind of parents who produce an above-the-law and
reproach, sociopathic -- and in this case, misogynistic -- child.
You know that old adage: "Everyone is out of step but my Johnny."
That's the parent who produces a problematic misfit. In the
Jenkinses case, they are now over-the-top enablers of a felon. My
home and native land is a "just society" with world-class law
enforcement. No one is above the law in Canada. Law enforcement will
get their man and soon, even if they have to take the high-toned Dan
Jenkins in, in the process. The whole world can see, in this case,
what a pathetic thing denial is, in a family. The Jenkinses have to
be smarter than that: it's their reputation too -- and it's sinking.
Canadian in Silicon Valley, California

1857 days ago
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