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Ryan Jenkins -- Suicide Details

8/24/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The room below is in the motel where Jenkins' body was found -- and the photo agency who owns the pics say it's the same room -- and coat rack -- where Jenkins hanged himself. The agency says the photos were taken about 6 hours after the body was discovered -- after the room had been inspected and cleaned.

The manager of the motel where Ryan Jenkins hanged himself says he was found hanging from the coat rack behind the door and his feet were touching the ground.

The manager says it was odd that he could touch the ground. We do not know if Jenkins sedated himself before hanging himself.

Residents of the motel (it's used for sober living) tell TMZ Jenkins, who walked around the grounds from time to time, looked nothing like the video and pictures that have been circulating. He was skinny, his cheeks were sunken and he was wearing clothes that looked like he purchased them at a thrift store.

Kevin Walker: Click to watchAs for the mystery woman who accompanied him, she was very pretty, between 20-25 years old and was "extremely calm" when she checked in. The manager says he was a bit suspicious when they first pulled up in a PT Cruiser. The car pulled up -- ironically -- next to a dumpster rather than in a parking spot. He waited in the car while she checked him in. She left 20 minutes after Jenkins checked in and has not been seen again.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke with the motel manager who said he did not see a suicide note when he discovered the body.

Officials have Jenkins' laptop -- but it's unclear what was on it.


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Wow! So much for VH1 pulling the plug on Megan Wants a Millionaire... I just found out that they have been advertising it on ON Demand! And infact they have 2 episodes of the show there. Don't claim to pull the show out of respect for the family if you don't actually pull ALL of the shows!!

1889 days ago


Why are we looking at a different hotel room?

1889 days ago

pink floyd    

to garly go sell crazy someplace else were all stocked up here.

1889 days ago

doc murry    

oh my god rebecca tore up jeter meter oh my god..rebecca i love you marry me pleaseeeeeee

1889 days ago

jOhNNy bOttLeS    

What happens when Mr. Moneybags kills and mutalates...he hangs himself in motel 6.....that was a good ending to "Megan wants a Millionare"

1889 days ago

pink floyd    

to barney you have got to be the dumbest person alive,this has nothing to do with jackson and also there is no belt or blood in the pictures..go back to sleep stupid.

1889 days ago

Jim Shoe    

I had heard he was hung

1889 days ago

Eric in Indiana    

Funny how ghosts get their he burn in hell while she is in heaven. He strangled her and she tormented him to hang (strangle) himself.

1889 days ago


why cant TMZ hang this F'n story?????

Get over it. move on!!!!!

Jenkins has

1889 days ago


@Rebecca ... you go girl!

1889 days ago


I have been to Hope 4 times. Each and every time I have wanted to kill myself or someone. It is the perfect place to take your life. Hope. After that you're kind of beyond Hope.

1889 days ago


Has anyone even looked into other aspects of this case? Maybe Ryan Jenkins was not guilty and he was being set up by the real murderer Robert Hasman who had far more motive. To be an ex and still that close to a married woman, texting each other till the last hours of her death and not knowing about her current husband? like he claimed he didn’t, doesn’t make sense (So why is he lying?). Maybe he killed her or hired someone to do it and Ryan knew or witnessed it and he was running for his life and everybody assumed it was him while the real murderer is getting away with 2 PERFECT MURDERS NOW! By killing Ryan Jenkins and making it seem like a suicide definitely makes Ryan look guilty and Robert less of a suspect, plus how do we know that those so called friends who said they saw Ryan after the murder happy, partying and that FACEBOOK mess was not a SETUP........ Listen!!! what im saying may not be true but it’s a possibility that should be looked into. Usually murder cases are not this cut and dry after all there are no solid evidence tying Ryan to the murder including motive and this might sound stupid but Robert has that look about him that all serial killers do (who says “I was happy that he killed himself”?) and you can tell when somebody’s being truthful and his already lying or acting like his hiding something (WHY?). This is my theory, you can agree or disagree but until we know for sure there is always that possibility.

Peace Out!


PS: Hanging yourself with your feet touching the ground? and a desk next to you to put your feet on? Doesn’t make sense. Almost all suicide cases where they have options of survival in the middle of committing it they always change their mind from fear. It definitely is looking more and more like a murder to me.

1889 days ago


He had a laptop with him which means I wonder if he was reading our nasty comments and then went and killed himself?

1889 days ago


Obviously guilty. Hopefully, Conrad Murray may do the same thing.

1889 days ago

Joanna Therese    

Wow, from ritzy hotels to cheap motels. What a place to end your life. If I were him, I would have gone to the Bellagio in Vegas, rented a presidential suite and done it in style at least. As cheap as he was a sicko!

1889 days ago
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