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Victim's Ex -- 'Happy' that Ryan Killed Himself

8/24/2009 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Hasman -- the ex-boyfriend who Jasmine Fiore was texting on the night before she was murdered -- went on the 'Today' show this morning and said, "I was happy that Ryan [Jenkins], that he killed himself."

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Jasmine Fiore's mother, Lisa Lepore, was on as well and talked about how his death helps bring some sense of closure.

Jenkins was found yesterday evening in a Canadian motel -- he was hanging by his belt when motel workers found his body.


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Bobo Frog    

Bum Love!!!

1886 days ago


and he just saved the CA taxpayers a ton of money! Buena Park PD is sad they will not be able to prosecute? Ummm, i think this murderer is answering to a higher power at the moment. let it go Buena Park PD.

1886 days ago

doc murry    

this man was innocent un til proven guilty ..he did not have his day in court because he was all ready tried and convicted in the court of tmz..this is outrageous..everyone is guilty of murder in the court of tmz..may you all spend time in this mans shoes..go michael jackson we love you man

1886 days ago

Bobo Frog    

NBC needs to do their homework and read TMZ before doing interviews because she didn't ask Hasman if they were having an affair, and Hasman didn't mention the "suck it" text. You could tell the mom was uncomfortable when he talked about emailing his daughter.. .she was shifting a lot in her chair.

1886 days ago


At least he can never hurt another woman. It looks like Megan dodged a bullet.

1886 days ago


That guy is unusual. I saw the interview. There's something about him that puts me off. I don't think this model had a knack for picking out men.

However, I believe Jasmine and Ryan Jenkins were still married. Nobody has seen any paper filed that their marriage was annulled. The family should stop lying to themselves. Maybe she talked about annulling the marriage, but she never did.

1886 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Um, als produce, hate to break it to you, but MJ is dead...ya nut.

1886 days ago

doc murry    

well one mystery solved,,now we know where she got her football sized head..from her weird looking mom..did santa beat the whole family with an ugly stick..i bet she had to tie raw meat around her daughters neck when she was a kid to even get the dogs to play with god what an ugly family

1886 days ago

stalkers are scum    

MOney HUngry stripper marries spoiled nutcase.

1886 days ago


Life isn't enough for these greedy hedonists. They seek the only thing they haven't had (Death) and they want it NOW! What ever happened to patience?

1886 days ago

doc murry    

froggy my post was about this killer dude ..not mj ..its not always about mj man there is more out there in this world than mj man,,i was just given my man mj a shout out man..the killer guy could be innocent for all we know..its all about justice man for the common person..legalize pot

1886 days ago

Joanna Therese    

I used to be a woman like Fiore, does that mean I deserve to be killed?

1886 days ago


Ha ha, Hey Robert maybe now you know not to text married women, this is all your fault. Whats up with the mom? She looks like a friggen alien. Its sad that a cool dude like Ryan got involved with plastic garbage and had to take his life.

1886 days ago


I have a serious question - does anyone know if Jasmine and her mother, the Lepore family, are related to Amanda Lepore? The name and the rather distinctive facial features have baffled me ever since I heard the mother's (and Jasmine's real) last name. I know that part of Amanda Lepore's unusual look is due to plastic surgery, but I wonder if there is a relationship there. Anyone?

1886 days ago

doc murry    

no annette rose ... we love you need to live because someday you will do great things...

1886 days ago
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