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The Ultimate Poodle Identity Crisis

8/26/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, most poodles already look pretty ridiculous -- but these dogs will need years of counseling after suffering through this "creative grooming" dog show.


There's nothing that warms the heart more than a look of total humiliation on a dog's face.


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1863 days ago

Ms. X    

Ted Kennedy slow TMZ.

1863 days ago


As an aside, this must be a totally slow news day. This has been going on for years.

But, as a groomer who has gone to these shows and seen most of these dogs in person, the time and effort it takes to create these is incredible. Each groomer has only an hour and a half to completely transform their dog into what they want. And scissoring a shape into a constantly moving medium is really hard. Plus, the winner gets $25,000. Laughing all the way to the bank.

1863 days ago


That is disgraceful.

1863 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

This is animal abuse.

1863 days ago


I worked at a groomers for 2 years... A lot of people would come in and asked to get there dog dyed. It is completely safe washes out and it is as simple as when u give them a bath. THere is absolulty no cruelety involved in this and the groomer that I worked for was an animal rights freak. She called the aspca on many customers because of what there dogs looked like. She also did not believe in dematting a dog because it was too painful so she wold just shave them and tell the owner too bad u don't take care of brushing ur dog i am not hurting them for you. If this was cruelty in anyway she would not do it.

1863 days ago


and Edward Kennedy not Ted Kennedy if ur going to try and report it get it right

1863 days ago


Dogs are such hams; they lapped up all the fuss and attention, with tons of treats to egg them on, no doubt. Now, a cat ... that would be an ordeal.

1863 days ago


hahaha Gnarly!

1863 days ago


Reen (#6) Your comments make me feel better about the dye jobs on dogs.
Edward Kennedy went by "Ted" though. Was that what you were pointing out? I am blonde and may not have understood your point. LOL. I agree with you that in a death notice they ought to be more formal and call him Senator Edward Kennedy and not Ted. This isn't a fluff piece of news after all.

1863 days ago


I have a wonderful toy poodle, and I wouldn't ever do that to my dog!!! It is a dog, I appreciate the little coat in the winter to keep them warm ( house dogs, that are small get really cold as they are closer to the ground) but not that!!!

Some of those cuts and colors are simply insane!!!

1863 days ago

Linda Mott    

Poodles are often dyed and abused. These poor dogs. To dress a dog up is bad enough, but this might kill them. Years ago I saw a woman go shopping and leave her poor dog in the car in over 100 degree temperature. He was there for a few minutes, so I called the police and they broke the window of her car. She was gone for at least an hour, as we went to eat after the police came, and they arrested her for animal abuse. She cried and screamed about her poor Baby. Animals are furry people, treat them right!

1863 days ago


Dogs are meant to look like dogs. The only exception would be Halloween!

1863 days ago


awesome artwork-fab photos

1863 days ago


Of course its unusual - who wouldnt think so? So selecting "unusual" also makes you vote for "cruel" by default. Way to rig a vote TMZ and get the animal rights readership going crazy! Ah TMZ you're so pathetic sometimes...

1863 days ago
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