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Jenkins Power Dialed after Fiore's Death

8/28/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops tell TMZ Ryan Jenkins made a combined 30 phone calls and text messages between the hours of 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM on August 14 -- hours after they believe Jasmine Fiore had been murdered.

Here's the rundown: Buena Park police think Ryan Jenkins severely beat Jasmine after they left the San Diego Hilton hotel at 2:30 AM on the 14th. Jenkins was seen entering the L'Auberge Del Mar hotel in San Diego at 4:30 AM alone. Cops believe Jasmine was taken into the hotel through a back patio entrance, which does not have a security camera.

A small amount of blood and hair was found on the patio. Cops say they never saw Jenkins leave the hotel with the suitcase Jasmine was found in. They think Ryan put her in the suitcase and took her out through the patio, because he was finally seen leaving the hotel without her or the suitcase at 9:20 AM. It's unclear if Jasmine died in the hotel or in the car.

Cops say Jenkins made around 30 phone calls and texts between the time he left San Diego at 9:20 AM and arrived in Los Angeles at 5 PM. During this time, cops believe Ryan drove to Corona, pulled off-road and removed her teeth and fingertips -- then dropped her body off in Buena Park before driving to Los Angeles. Cops won't say who he called and texted.

AND GET THIS: Cops say once Ryan arrived in L.A., he sent his and Jasmine's wedding rings to Las Vegas via Fed-Ex with instructions to be cleaned. Cops say he never picked up the rings, which are now in the possession of the Buena Park Police Department.


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Did Michael Jackson ever have a drivers license and if so was the picture ever published?

1859 days ago

ROB W    

aia, I agree with you to a point, the RCMP may not be charging anyone up here in Canada, but the police in L.A. are probably going to take a "pass" on this one. Ryan probably killed her, I don't know for sure, but that's obviously a given. As to bringing charges on someone, I would like to see his mom & step sister pay some kind of time as they had to know what he had done & what he was doing coming back to Canada; these people are very rich and should have their asses kicked & put in their place. Preferably jail, but we all know that rich folk's can practilly buy themselve's out of anything. Also to the person who called her a "whore" or "slut" and deserved it, you are one sick M.F., I would kick your ass six ways from Sunday if I ever met you & trust me I CAN DO IT! be careful of what you say, because karma's a bitch, and it will kick you in the ass.

1859 days ago


How could Ryan hang himself when his feet were touching the ground?

1859 days ago

Linda Mott    

Correction Harvey Levin's Birthday is on September 2nd, Wednesday, but you should force him to take the day off and do the one thing he doesn't know how to do Relax.

1859 days ago


Did Michael Jackson actually own the Encino home where Katherine and his children are living? And how does his death effect that now?

1859 days ago


Even if Dr. Arnold Klein is the father, he will never get the children right?

1859 days ago


According to all the evidence, Jazmine was murdered between 2:30 and 4:30 Friday morning. The coroner is wrong if that is what was reported.

1859 days ago

Sad sad    

Here's my question. Do you know why they think Ryan dragged her body back in the hotel? Does that not sound too risky? If they are talking about evidence at the patio such as blood and hair. Couldn't that have easily have been from Jenkin's since he just brutalized her in the car?

1859 days ago


Hey Mike,

Related to the wig in the ambulance, which I noticed you thought that was odd too, don't you think the EMT performing CPR is way off? He is performing CPR on the collar bone LOL.
Don't you think you guys all paid a lot of money for the picture of Michael Jackson transported to the hospital after his collapse back in 1995??

Souza & Mo

1859 days ago


Which doctors do you know that are involved in the Michael case?

1859 days ago


Inquiring, I guess the BuenaPark police (who had Fiore's body but didn't yet know it was her) and the LA police (with whom Jenkins filed the missing persons report) weren't in such tight communication. I wonder if Jenkins looked nervous, if he were excessively sweaty, if he looked rumpled ...anything that might have given the LA police a clue that he wasn't innocent. I'm surprised they did let him go. He left a phone number and they called him later but he said he was in Utah and was heading up to Canada to take care of an "immigration matter".

MJ, if Jenkins legs were in such a position that his weight wasn't on them, he could easily hang himself. Picture him with his legs bent at the knees, toes on the floor well behind him with very little weight on them. A cop on the Nancy Grace show said it was very possible, he'd seen it before.

Rob W, I too would like to see ANYONE who aided Jenkins to be punished in some way. Usually people who aid criminals are charged, I'll be surprised (and disappointed) if nothing comes of this.

1859 days ago


for all you morons that think the sister can be charged in the USA.... think again ! she never was on USA soil and did not commit a crime in Canada (as RCMP have stated) or the USA. You cannot just enter the sovereign state of another nation, take their citizen and charge the for something they did in their own country.. dream on!

1859 days ago


Such a sad and twisted story of two people--neither of whom--understood the real meaning of LOVE. No woman or man should be murdered for any reason, but where there's smoke there's always fire. It has become obvious through the unfolding details that she played games and sold her body to one too many men. Neither set of parents can be proud of the outcome of the lives of their daughter or son who (both) suffered from sexual addiction of one kind or another, most likely substance abuse, and the passionate love of a false god (money). Any woman who is either married or married/divorced and living with a companion that stands at the prison gates to pick-up another man (her former husband) being released after a prison term and then spends two days with him and enjoys sex with him is nothing more than a dirty ****.

1859 days ago


I am curious why he dumped the body in Buena Park, where it was sure to be quickly found. The body would have remained hidden a lot longer had he left her in the Cleveland National Forest(Off the 15) where he presumably removed her teeth and fingertips. But a good detective will tell you that when you commit murder, there are about 50 things that will get you caught. If you can actively avoid 10 of those 50 tells, you are pretty smart. With that said, I feel sorry for her. No one deserves to die that way. She lived on the edge and paid dearly.

1859 days ago

barney google    


Why is the coroner keeping the final report on security hold? Is this a normal procedure in a high profile case?

Canadian authorities will not be charging Ryan Jenkins half sister with anything connected with this case. Can she be charged by DA's office with anything connected with this case if she is a Canadian citizen?

Good job on getting the money from John Mayer! Are you planning to do any more to help the animals?


1859 days ago
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