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Jenkins Power Dialed after Fiore's Death

8/28/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops tell TMZ Ryan Jenkins made a combined 30 phone calls and text messages between the hours of 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM on August 14 -- hours after they believe Jasmine Fiore had been murdered.

Here's the rundown: Buena Park police think Ryan Jenkins severely beat Jasmine after they left the San Diego Hilton hotel at 2:30 AM on the 14th. Jenkins was seen entering the L'Auberge Del Mar hotel in San Diego at 4:30 AM alone. Cops believe Jasmine was taken into the hotel through a back patio entrance, which does not have a security camera.

A small amount of blood and hair was found on the patio. Cops say they never saw Jenkins leave the hotel with the suitcase Jasmine was found in. They think Ryan put her in the suitcase and took her out through the patio, because he was finally seen leaving the hotel without her or the suitcase at 9:20 AM. It's unclear if Jasmine died in the hotel or in the car.

Cops say Jenkins made around 30 phone calls and texts between the time he left San Diego at 9:20 AM and arrived in Los Angeles at 5 PM. During this time, cops believe Ryan drove to Corona, pulled off-road and removed her teeth and fingertips -- then dropped her body off in Buena Park before driving to Los Angeles. Cops won't say who he called and texted.

AND GET THIS: Cops say once Ryan arrived in L.A., he sent his and Jasmine's wedding rings to Las Vegas via Fed-Ex with instructions to be cleaned. Cops say he never picked up the rings, which are now in the possession of the Buena Park Police Department.


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Miss U MJ    

The fact that when the medics arrived in MJ's room, they said it was extremely hot up there, points to Murray trying to keep MJ's body warm to try and fool the medics into thinking he passed later than opposed to earlier, which means he was trying to cover up! And who were the 3 people that received calls from Murray as MJ lay there dying or dead before the 911 was called?

1791 days ago


Du have any pictures of the guy who is claiming to be Mj's son? Will he be taking a dna test?

1791 days ago


You have to wonder if the besotted Jenkins parents have enough evidence or if they still believe their "boy" is innocent. Fascinating study in denial and enabling, and the whole world was watching this thing. And, of course, very sad all around.
Bon weekend.

1791 days ago


Damn, did ANY of my questions get answered??? I missed the first couple of minutes of the live feed. Story of my life. I sit here and wait and wait and you guys run late with the live feed. Then the one time i come on 5 minutes late, you guys are on time. *sigh*

1791 days ago


I wonder if we'll ever know who were the recipients of those 30 calls Jenkins made. If any of the people are in the U.S. and helped him escape, they'd better be locating attorneys ASAP.

1791 days ago


Hi Mike, I hope that you guys will do an updated post with the complete time line, because the piece by piece postings have been confusing to put together...For example, Her MB was found in NOHO covered with blood evidence, so does this mean that Jenkins had been traveling up from SC to BP and then up to noho in her car? So, how does he get back to his car, I think her car had been in SD, cuz she had spent time with that parolie dude. Obviously that must mean jenkins beamer was down in SD. Is the beamer up in Canada, and brought back to BP crime lab. This has been an unreal case. I am amazed what a nut job this guy was. Interesting too, how his family stays in seclusion and says nothing. The parents seem at fault too for raising this narcisist nut job. This certainly keeps our tax dollars in use.....all the resources needed to figure out what this guy was up to.

1791 days ago

Sad sad    

According to Ryan's dad Jasmine was his only friend out here. The problem that I have with him is besides his brushing important things under the rug is that his interviews blames Jasmine and him coming out here. The fact of the matter is his troubles started out there. Not here. The mom I haven't heard anything weird come from her yet. She just thinks he's innocent. I don't know about now with all this new evidence. I don't think they'll be talking much.

I missed the beginning of the live feed. Did they say this case is about to be closed?

1791 days ago


Dear TMZ,

Could you be so kind and post the live feed vids for us to review at a later time?? Please? Perhaps, you can create a tab especially for these so that we can watch days later if we want. Your consideration in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Management of the addicted TMZers


1791 days ago

auto-erotic asphyxia    

This makes sense ---"No criminal charges will be filed because she helped Jenkins get the room on August 20, a day before a criminal warrant was issued for him in Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said."

1791 days ago


The route makes sense...he wanted to avoid the border check on I 5.

1791 days ago


Actually, never mind TMZ. I'm an idiot. I see that you already have a tab for them. It's a little on the outdated side as the last one you have posted is from Aug. 20th, but it's there nonetheless. My bad.

But you COULD update it on a daily basis, geez!


1791 days ago


As the evidence clealy tells the story, both were seen leaving the Hilton at 2:30 (on camera) and only Ryan returned to the L'Auberge Del Mar Hotel....alone(on camera).What should have taken 50 minutes to drive from one hotel to the other.....took 2 hours.

He committed the murder in 90 minutes in the car and on the side of the road according to the evidence of thick mud and weeds found under the wheels.

1791 days ago


Hey Curious, but the LA cops issued a warrant for Jenkins arrest and charged him with murder on Thursday Aug 20, the day before Jenkins checked into the hotel. Seems like that should count for something.

InquiringMinds, :)

1791 days ago


Christy, her car was actually found in West Hollywood behind a Trader Joe's. FYI

1791 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

WHAT????? TMZ's reporting ever-changing details of this story gets more confusing by the day. This whole article is a mish-mash of conflicting statements.

If he carried her out in the suitcase through the patio - then how could he have killed her in the car??

And there is no mention of what the numbers in the map mean?? You note 30 texts and calls - and then put on this map?? Is that mileage? If so - what does the 15 miles in San Diego represent? WTH???

1791 days ago
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