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DJ AM Autopsy Complete

8/29/2009 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMThe Medical Examiner's Office in New York City has completed the autopsy of DJ AM.

There has been no determination as to the cause of death -- more tests are needed, including toxicology, which could take several weeks to complete.


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dj vile    

u dont have to care..

but for those who respected his work,
its a sad loss.

sleep in peace

1836 days ago


Why do people care about a D.J. ?

1879 days ago

Texas Jim    

Who was this guy, adn why should I care?

1879 days ago


Spike Lee can have a party in the park for this junkie also!

1879 days ago


Must be a slow news week with a million posts about this guy.

1879 days ago


Who is this guy? Never heard of him.

1879 days ago

Killing me    

RESULT is he always be remembered as a Druggie Creackhead who could not handle life ! What a PUS SY.... You do not deserve to be here if you can't handle life. Wish people who have problem get help or just off yourself already. To all you weak souls time has come to get some pilss or what ever you get your hands on and say bye bye, because ol little life has got me down and I cant handle it. BOO HOO. Oh do not worry I am sure he is going to heaven isn't that were all people who kill themself go?? NOPE HE IS IN HELL ! YAY ! Right now his soul is burning and Satan is his new girl who he will serve for Eternity... Him Michael Jackson, and all the other famous people who kill themselfs.. The Big Party tonight is MJ's Birthday party in Hell with house DJ AM... Spin that fire DJ AM Spin it.

1879 days ago


Quit being haters - if you're not a fan then don't waste your time reading or writing about DJ AM. Unless you're educated about Addiction - you have no right to judge a "junkie". He was in recovery for a LONG time before he started taking pain meds after that plane crash... I want anyone talking smack to have 2nd and 3rd degree burns and not use pain meds... using pain meds, even for a valid reason can cause an addict to have a relapse. Especially after such a tramatic experience, physically and emotionally taxing to lose friends and survive.

1879 days ago


MMmmm Do people have hearts anymore? From the looks of the video was old school mixin and sh@t What you know about that?

All you people are heartless and it is sad!


1879 days ago

Killing me    

Oh Yeah, did you get your invite to Michael jackson's birthday party at Club HELL Tonight! featuring DJ AM as our new resident DJ. Let's give it up fo DJ AM.....They brought him down tonight cause MJ wanted DJ AM at his party tonight. Man MJ can still work it from all then way down in HELL Go-Go-Go- Go- DJ Go-go-go-go Am ! Everybody in the house.....

1879 days ago


I don't get it: many people died about the same time this dude died. Is there anything special about him? Why does TMZ Staff spend so many postings to this DJ AM? Was he well-known? I am not sure, because I've never heard of him (and I did not live under a rock the past dozens of years).

1879 days ago

J C    

#17 Google... "mary kate baxter divine revelation of hell".No discos

1879 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    


1879 days ago


You have had to live under a rock to not heard about him. Granted, I heard about him when he was dating Nicole Richie but he was in the spotlight after that and especially in the plane crash with Travis Barker.

It's very sad what happened and I am bothered that TMZ is not deleting some of the horrible, disrespectful comments on the page. On the ball!

1879 days ago


lenabenas21: How do you know they were pain meds?

1879 days ago
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