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DJ AM's Ex in Tears Outside His Apartment

8/29/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman believed to be Hayley Wood, DJ AM's ex-girlfriend, was spotted leaving his apartment late last night looking visibly shaken.

Hayley Wood

Sources close to AM tell us they broke up within the last week and that he was "completely devastated" over it.


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Keepin' It REAL    

Obviously this woman wanted attention. What was her purpose in going to the apartment right at that time, when she knew the media would be swarming all over it?

1846 days ago


Let her mourn in private

1846 days ago


hey erkg, if the stupid bitch actually *wanted* to mourn in private, she shouldn't have run down the street in front of a thousand photographers. There is absolutely no reason why she absolutely *had* to be there. IT ISNT THAT HARD.

1846 days ago


she did not cause of make him do drugs.

10 months ago my one and only first love and fiance PASSSED AWAY. he was my everything and when he passed away my whole world fell apart. i tried to kill myself and went into depression. i quit my job, i stayed home everyday to cry and mourn by myself and pushed all my friends and family away.

i know none of u care about my story but point being.. I WAS IN HELL AND NOT ONCE DID I TURN TO DRUGS OR TOUCH DRUGS. I DIDNT EVEN TOUCH ALCOHOL. people who turn to drugs and alcohol make excuses like ohh my life's crap or iam going through crap. the last 10 months have been hell for me and it still affects me daily. sometimes when iam in the mall or doing groceries.. i still often cry randomly because it affects me daily.

i also have not date or had sex with anyone for 10 months and thinking of giving up the dating world for good. i mean my 1 n only love passed away. i dont think anyone can ever match up t it so it wont b fair. i know none of u care but iam saying IAM AN EXAMPLE THAT U CAN GO THROUGH HEAPS OF CRAP IN YOUR LIFE AND U DONT NEED TO TURN TO DRUGS SO IT IS NOT THE GIRLS FAULT HE WAS ON DRUGS EVEN THOUGH SHE DUMPED HIM. IT WAS HIS OWN CHOICE AND HE PROBABLY TOLD PEOPLE AROUND HIM IT WAS THE BREAK UP.

1846 days ago


To All of you who think its this womans fault your absolutely disgusting! She may not have been happy with him but still loved him. So it makes her a bad person to break up with someone because she wasn't happy? How was she to know that he would commit suicide? Its so sad that people on here blame the woman. It was his fault for not getting help. Im sad for his death but honestly, its his fault. He could have gotten help but chose not to. Everyone has a choice.

1846 days ago


A 30-something DJ former addict and a 22-year-old Hollywood model into the party scene. Does anyone else see something off about this? It's a recipe for disaster. She didn't force him to do drugs but she sure as hell didn't need to be outside his apartment knowing damn well the paps will be there.

I know these Mactress types and all they want is another famous guy. Expect a "tell all" interview within the next few weeks. Also be sure to expect attention whorish tweets, myspace blogs, the works! My heart goes out to his family and true friends. RIP DJ AM

1846 days ago


So, you do the improbable and survive and airplane crash and then kill you self over a chick?! Idiot. Suicide is for sissies, period.

1846 days ago


wow i dont visit tmz regularly, but you guys are pathetic after watching that video. How is a girl mourning someones death supposed to be entertaining.

1846 days ago


You folks in the media are nothing but a bunch of vultures. It doesn't matter if she broke up with him, your feelings for the person that you dated just doesn't go away over night. DJ AM didn't just up and leave this country, he died! This poor woman could've easily been hit by a car running away from you idiots. WTF is wrong with you? Why don't we sit outside and wait for you to come out while crying after you've found out someone that you love passed and see how you retards like it!

1846 days ago


why is she crying? didn't she get "rid" him by breaking up? Its not her fault its his fault obviously he has had all this high profile girfriends and non of them stayed with him and a couple of them actually got married and started families, so he was the one with the problem and obviously that was drugs, poor guy he looked so clean cut.

1846 days ago


There is no such thing as an "accidental overdose." That's a nice way to say the person was polluting their body and this time went too far. You don't accidentally overdose. You do it because you thought it would be cool or give you a good high. You do not "accidentally overdose." Crack pipe? Pills? Sounds like he was somewhat experienced already.
AM was an extremely talented guy. What an awful lose. He will be missed.

1846 days ago


She didn't appear to me to be shaken over his death (though I'm sure she was), but, rather, shaken over the paps photographing her

1846 days ago

love her!    

Seriously, get the damn pap leaches out of her face.

1846 days ago


Maybe it wasn't her choice to be there. Have you ever thought that maybe the police needed her there to identify certain things? Or maybe someone in his family asked her to be there with them? You don't know that it was her choice to even be there to begin with.

And I totally agree with the other person who stated how sick this video is. Who honestly would shove a camera in someone's face when they are mourning someone they love. Have some damn respect. Where did this video get you TMZ? Seriously, have some class.

My deepest prayers and thoughts go to any and everyone affected by this tragic death. Some people's lives will never be the same because of this and we must all remember those people and ask watch over them.

1846 days ago


I can not find 5 people that knew who this dead junkie is even!

1846 days ago
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