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Joe Francis -- He Said, She Said, They Said

8/29/2009 8:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone has a story about what went down between Joe Francis, Jayde Nicole and Brody Jenner -- and now we've spoken to everyone involved.

First we caught up with Joe Francis in Santa Monica. He tells us the surveillance video will support his story -- that Brody Jenner jumped him for no reason.

Then last night we got the last piece of the puzzle -- Abbey Wilson, Joe Francis' ex-girlfriend. She claims Jayde had her back when Joe tried to make an unwanted move on her.

The question is ...


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He seemed to be looking everywhere except at the camera - isn't evasive eyes a sign to be doubtful of what is being said?

1881 days ago


Blah, blah, blah... Duh.

1881 days ago


Does not matter if Joe is making a move. If a gal is going to start a fight, expect to get fought. Jayde deserves her hair pulled and a punch in the face for pushing and throwing her drink.

1881 days ago


This from the d-bag who created "Girls Gone Wild" ??? It's pretty clear that he has no respect for why is this a shocker???

1881 days ago


He may have been kissing lot of girls and that is tacky but if she poured a drink over his head (at the very least) that's still provoking a fight. He seems pretty adamant that the security footage will show what happened. TMZ get this footage.

1881 days ago


I really wish TMZ would give more options to choose from in the polls. Today would have been a great day for the neither option.

1881 days ago


Let the tape speak for itself. But so what if Joe did it on her? He deserves to be pushed and have a drink poured on him for that? That hooker had it coming. I'd pull her hair and shove her down too.

1881 days ago


Who do you believe? joe. surveillance video will support his story --

1881 days ago


The last thing Joe Francis is is a victum. This is the guy that lures teenage girls into flashing their t*ts for a t-shirt and he make millions by selling the tapes on the internet to dirty old pedophiles. What a f**king D-Bag.

1881 days ago


was she wearing underware? if she was wearin undies shes a good girl, and he had no right to try kissin on her after mouthin on a couple other skanks. if she was without undies, then i just want her phone number.

1881 days ago

Believe Tabloids Much?    

Let me get this str8, this woman punched/pushed Francis in the back, poured a drink over his head and thew the glass at his head and everyone here thinks Joe Francis should have just stood there like a moron and taken it? If you ask me i think he was easy on the girl, hell..i don't believe in hitting women but i'm gonna defend myself against ANYONE male or female if they assault me. Woman go on and on about woman's lib but then look the other way when a gold-digger gets a ridiculous settlement from her husband of two months, or when a woman assaults a man like Jayde did to Francis here. Don't assault a man and then hide behind the fact that you're a woman so that he won't hit you, what are us men supposed to do? It's a lose/lose situation for us. I don't know either of them personally but i get the feeling Francis gets a bad rap just from doing girls gone wild, he doesn't force these women to do anything he just knows how to manipulate them, that's not against the law, he's just a smart guy making money within the boundries of the LAW...leave him alone.

1881 days ago

Wanda W.    

All the woman did was pour a drink on that creepy,arrogant,worm of a night crawlers head,and he reacted violently.Wheres his restraint? If it were me, I would have doused the louse with a drink and set that sex peddler on fire.Other than that,Karma will rear its head soon enough. He has it coming big, big time.Oh yeah, HE DOES!!!!!!!!!

1881 days ago

Killing me    

WHAT?? Joe is right on.. You all do not get it. Joe is a good guy the woman in his videos are not forced to take there clothes off. Thise woman have no respect for themself and Joe exploits it. And has made millions doing it. BRILLIANT. If any woman hits another man or any person Game on bitch. Just because you are a woman does not mean you can hit or throw stuff at people. If she started it she should of been smacked down and hard. F*ck bitches that hit men. JUST WAIT TO SEE THE VIDEO> and Brody what a douchbag he is. He is still living off his dad medals from the 70's Not made a dollar himself. JOE is a multi multi millionare. GO TEAM GIRLS GONE WILD.

1881 days ago


The ex- confirms that Jayde poured a drink and Joe pulled her hair - in no way does she even insinuate that Joe punched or kicked Jayde - that says it all to me - Joe may be a douchebag but he is HOTTTTT and Brenner is NOTTTTT

1881 days ago


She started it. He finished it. I am so sick of chicks thinking they can get away with hitting men because they think guys won't hit back. She got what she deserved. The good ol PIMP HAND! And that douche Brody getting tasered. That is almost as good as the bitch getting beat down. I hope they tasered him more than once. Take your beat down assess outa here and leave Joe alone.

1881 days ago
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