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Travis Barker -- 'Rest in Peace My Brother'

8/30/2009 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Travis BarkerTravis Barker has taken to Twitter to mourn the loss of his close friend DJ AM -- in bursts of 140 characters or less.

Barker wrote: "Don't know how i am gonna play 2night but i am for AM. My brother is gone.i love u and miss u, i'll never forget all the good times we had.

Followed shortly by: "I'll never forget everything we've been thru and every time i play the drums i'll think of you. U were an amazing friend/DJ/human being."

And lastly: "Rest In Peace my brother, this really f**ks me up."


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wow a dj who music was sick and off the hook R.I.P

1878 days ago

Lucy Fur    

To all the people who never heard of AM; thought he was just a loser
crackhead who didn't contribute to society and the music world, fine
it's easy to be judgemental. However for informed people Adam
Goldstein was a former member of Crazy Town, involved in the music
business since the age of 14, known internationally, an amazing
respected DJ, organizer of charity event to fight cancer. The guy saw
4 people dying in front of his very eyes, was seriously injuried. His
lifestyle was demanding and stressfull (anybody who ever worked the
night shift knows that). Most of you might not have resorted to drugs
but it's hard to comprehend the coldness and lack of compassion of
some people for someone who has done more in his short life than most
of you cold hearts will ever accomplish in your entire life!!!! R.I.P.
P.S. Funny if you died tomorrow how many people would turn up at YOUR
FUNERAL saying great things about you!

1878 days ago


You people make me sick and reading your comments makes me realize how pathetic and twisted this world can be. You all can sit and say whatever you want but until you actually live through a plane crash or watch your friends die, or survive daily exploitation and judgement by people (like you) who have nothing better to do than sit on this site and comment on peoples lives who you have never met but somehow think you have the right to judge is discusting!! and for your own sad sake please remember that if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all. RIP AM you will be missed & my thoughts and prayers are with you travis.

1878 days ago


1878 days ago

deez s    

very sad wow he was sober for awhile and to relapse and pass away I was reading about all his near death experiences and how he survived on more than one occassion rest in peace

1878 days ago


Post 12.. what a sad individual you are.. If you have a career that you love to do and it entertains others then why not do it. I don't care if you are a doctor, a janitor, celebrity or homeless man. We are all put on this earth by our creator and addictions are hard to overcome. Do you honestly think this man wanted to be addicted to drugs? Do you think he wanted to live a life with pain? You obviously are alive so don't judge someone's life.. your life may change and you may go into a depression or someone you love.. I hope that doesn't happen because I don't like to see anyone in pain. Try opening your heart and mind and have some compassion. And remember one day you may have a child that could have an addiction problem and you may be a parent to lose a child.. would you want to read someone's negative nasty comment??? THINK.. Take one moment... Please

1878 days ago


Hey joe..get a life U loser!!!
I work as a flight attendant so I fly everyday. I lost friends on Sept 11th so don't preach to me about losing someone in a plane crash. So when someone who has a good life like this loser did & throws it all away comes across my screen. I have to say "Who Freakin Cares!!" So Kiss Off...joe.

1878 days ago


17...I wholeheartedly agree with you. Why people need to post such hateful comments, I do not know. If it was one of their friends or loved ones that passed, I am sure they wouldn't stand for such behavior. Seeing these comments left here makes TMZ look very unprofessional since it seems like the condone this behavior.

I don't know much of him, but I can't imagine what his life was like after the accident. Yes, it was a miracle that he lived, but something like that can be so haunting and painful that it makes life not worth living. I hope that he is now resting in peace.

1878 days ago


Same for you Bren....

1878 days ago


There should be an age limit for using twitter. Maybe, 15 1/2ish. Almost as lame as apparently going all drugout crackout 'cause your chick broke up with you. Oh yeah, again, with all due respect. AM blowin up TMZ.

1878 days ago


I wonder....will there be the same level of investigation into who gave/supplied/sold him the drugs that there has been in the Michael Jackson case....lide an earlier comment stated...drugs is drugs !!!!!

1878 days ago


Hey if they do another "Final Destination" movie. They can add this losers life to it. No wait..they already did! He gets sliced in half.

1878 days ago


Joe- number 17. I agree with you and you mister flight attendant... you work with people every day.. you would think being in an industry flying daily or 8 days a month you would have some compassion for others.. How dare you call him a loser.. That would be like me saying you work 8 days a month as a in air waitress.. would you like that? Hell no.. Did you know DJ AM? I don't know you so I won't call you a loser nor would I... It is sad he lost his life but he is with God our creator.. and I guarantee he wont judge him.. So you should try opening your heart..

1878 days ago

Rufus T. Firefly    

Who the hell is DJ AM???

1878 days ago


love is the key, and judging is not.. i feel for his parents and friends/family.. i lost a son.. i am very saddened by this .. i'm not part of LA community but i am very sad and i wish there weren't so many cruel, uncaring people out there.. it is scary.. why do they post? they say they care less? they post and read.. who is the fool? GOD bless and he is in a good place now

1878 days ago
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