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Tarzan Chick: Me Jane, You Threatened to Kill Me

8/30/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lydie DenierFile this under international obsessions: A French model/actress terrified about a German fan following her around Los Angeles.

Lydie Denier claims an alleged stalker pulled a gun on her and has repeatedly threatened to kill her.

Now Denier, star of a French syndicated version of "Tarzan" in the 90s as well as one episode of shows like "Silk Stockings," "Melrose Place," "Spin City" and "Gilmore Girls," has filed papers requesting for orders to stop harassment from Michael Huck -- a 45-year-old German uber-fan.

According to the papers, Huck has been "stalking" Denier since 2003 -- and in May 2007, after agreeing to meet him over coffee, Huck "pulled out a loaded gun."

She also says he's sent her threatening e-mails with creepy messages like "I will take away your magic ... Sign my contract and we all win. Do not sign it and we both will perish."

Denier fears he'll try and track her down at a Los Angeles film festival this November.


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Alikki Maki    

I'm a famous actress in my home country, Finland (don't bother to check, trust me). I had a similar situation four years ago with a man who sent me disgusting letters, nude photos of himself, and a few death threats if I didn't move in with him and be his sex slave. After about three years of this, I agreed to meet him at his house way out in the country late one night. I thought that if he could see me face to face and realize what a genuinely good person I am, he would stop his foolish infatuation with me and be content with being a fan of mine (oh my, that thought just now gave me warmies). But he didn't see it that way, and he proceeded to be a real pooh about it. To calm him down, I agreed to pose nude for some photos, after he PROMISED that they were for his own use and would never become public. We sealed the deal with a little innocent sex, and I went home.

But almost right away he started sending me more letters, saying that the photos weren't enough and that he wanted to see me again. They got worse and worse, and after about another year of this sort of abuse, I finally had a restraining order placed on him.

Oh Lydie, dear, I SO know how you are feeling (heart, heart).


1825 days ago

Michael Huck    

I did create a blog on this and I upload the court papers, photos and evidence, so anyone can see what is really going on:

Sincerely Yours,
Michael Huck

1818 days ago


first! i think, but the point is its a dumb game

1882 days ago


Joe, I could not agree with you more. You Efn moron

1882 days ago



1882 days ago


Wow! Niice, so this man is bent on her death and is ultimately stalking let's give out her soon to be location so he can locate her even faster! LOL wow, that was priceless for stupidity, great comedy considering i dn't really thnk this crap with the stlker is real

1882 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

She met him for coffee ?? - after he had been stalking her for 4 years??!! WTH was SHE thinking??? I'll sit down and "reason" with him? I hope she has someone giving her better guidance now. Apparently not though - if it was her rep who put this out as PR - announcing that she'll be at the Film Festival in November. Can you say PUBLICITY MOVE ??!!!

1881 days ago


Yep, she is so terrified that she figured she would have a sit down for some coffee talk. WTF???

1881 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

If he's German and he's a stalker, why the h*ll is he still in this country? Why aren't the police shipping his insane butt back to Germany? (And incidentally, the cost of sending wackos back to their country of origin should be paid by the home country)

1881 days ago


Wow seems like a pretty cool chick to me dude!


1881 days ago

Kiara Paris    

I'm french, living in France and I never heard speaking about this french actress..
Perhaps she is famous in United States but not in France. Or she is an actress only in United States may be

1881 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

One can only hope this guy isn't still drinking coffee.

1881 days ago


"According to the papers, Huck has been "stalking" Denier since 2003 -- and in May 2007, after agreeing to meet him over coffee, Huck "pulled out a loaded gun."

Read more:

Ummmm.....why did she agree to meet him after he had been stalking her for 4 yrs? She's the most idiotic person I've seen in a long time. If he would've shot her it would've been weeding out the stupidity from the gene pool.

Really?! You agree to meet your stalker??? Really??!!

1881 days ago


Hey, don't one lady's stupidity on the whole female race, half of the ppl who commented on this were probably women LOL, meet ur stalker for coffee...Hee - hee lol nice going, now he wants to kill her, LMAO! Already, but that makes sense she seems like the annoying type

1881 days ago


i'm gettin a laugh from this one....and i have questions

so she has coffee with her stalker, he pulls a gun, and she waits to get a court order untill 2 years later?

so has she met with other stalkers?

is meeting up for coffee with stalkers considered normal in france? lets face it, the french women are a bit different. maybe its just considered polite? i've never been to eurupe, is that just the way french and german guys court their women? so i'm wondering if maybe it's not really a big deal except fot him having pulled a gun?

does she only meet with real stalkers? i mean, what about the guys who are too poor, or fat, or old, or too damm lazy, or have full time jobs, and can't chase hot women all over the world? the ones who are just cyber stalkers and like to leave rude comments on tmz? do they count? if she likes to travel it could be interesting for her to see which bridge they live under, or what kind of a shack in the woods they might be living in.

hey, i just had a thought, it might make an interesting tv show. "cribs, the celebirty stalker edition!"

btw, she used to be really hot, and i'd have done her 10 years ago.

i did a google search and looked up her wikipedia page and looked at some pictures, and a video clip for wild orchid 2 {a fair amount of soft core porn showed up}. does that earn me any points?

1881 days ago
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