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DJ AM's Death -- Not a Suicide

8/31/2009 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMLaw enforcement sources directly connected with the death of DJ AM tell us that his death was the result of an accidental overdose and not a suicide -- and there is a tragic, ironic twist of fate.

Our sources say DJ AM, a recovering addict, developed a dependency to Xanax and other benzodiazepines (a group of drugs used to treat anxiety) as a direct result of the plane crash a year ago. We're told AM (aka Adam Goldstein) developed a tremendous anxiety over flying -- something he had to do frequently for his job.

We're told doctors began prescribing Xanax and other anti-anxiety medications to relieve his fear, but the benzos triggered a relapse into addiction. We're told benzos are particularly dicey for recovering addicts.

Our sources say DJ AM's relapse was "recent" -- he was not abusing for a prolonged period of time before his death.

We're also told the OD had "absolutely nothing to do with his recent breakup."

Our sources say the evidence strongly indicates cause of death will be a combination of crack cocaine and benzos.


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Dave Evans    

Thanks for the info about your husband.
I have a question? A lot of nurses end up snagging already married husbands.
How does that work?

1856 days ago


Most healthcare professionals are dedicated, honest, caring individuals.
We owe our lives to them. Thank you to all the hardworking wonderful ones that are on the front lines every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Just like any profession........ it is always the bad ones that get all the notice and publicity, while the good ones just go out every day and do their work as they should.

1856 days ago


Diva- I agree with the nurse above who's husband works in the ER. I've been treated by an addictionologist since '92 who doesn't operate in the manner your former employer did with his patients. Sounds like you worked for a bad doc who is the exception & not the rule among addictionologists.

1856 days ago


Uneducated people like Diva try their best to ruin the image of healthcare professionals,

Not uneducated N.M., also a nurse. I'm not saying all physicians are like that, just have witnessed it repeatedly.

1856 days ago


Hey Dave! A few people who blog on here like to "SNAG" attention. How does that work for YOU??

1856 days ago


How can "sources" know that the OD had nothing to do with the breakup or that he only recently started back with the drugs? Sources don't always know the truth but are just guessing. Just a few days ago sources said he was devastated by the breakup.

1856 days ago

doc murry    

what as loser..has an easy job spinning recored ..big deal..only dopes use dope..he was a nobody anyways so who cares

1856 days ago


Another crack addict dead, oh well. No great loss.

1856 days ago


If I weren't such a cynic, I'd say the attention was an effort to bring the issues (addiction, ease in obtaining potentially dangerous drugs, celebrity and tendency toward drug abuse) to the forefront so that a change can be affected.

But...I'm a cynic so I think it's more to do with "hey! let's put up some more salacious 'news' and get the hits on the site up".

And yeah, I am aware that I am reading it bit I have a really, really good excuse! I'm a nosy old lady. :P



79. why is this guy getting so much attention? he isn't famous and is not the only one to die from an overdose.

Posted at 10:07AM on Aug 31st 2009 by who and why?

1856 days ago


Please notice, Jana and N.M., that I said my past employer made me sick. It was my first experience working in addiction treatment, and please forgive me if I sounded bitter; I have also worked with many fine people. This guy would have turned the stomach of any dedicated health care professional.

1856 days ago


"me clean"- Sobriety has done WONDERS for your character.

1856 days ago

Kooky Fan    

I don't by the accident statement, just like I don't by the MJ homicide. These people were not being forced to take drugs with a gun to the head. They are addicts that needed help and died before they could get it.

1856 days ago

N.M. RN    

Diva, thank you for clarifying. Now, allow me to do the same. Not uneducate, but narrow-minded? Extrapolating one or several experiences to an entire profession seems a little unreasonable. Also, I can't help but wonder why you chose to continue to work for someone who seemed to have violated your ethics so profoundly? As a nurse I was trained to be patient advocate. I would have blown the whistle or left the practice immediately.

To others, thank you for your support.

1856 days ago


Oh geez. I assume if he accidentally OD'd he didn't take the medications in such excess that it appeared purposeful. That said, why should a Dr. be held responsible for this? If he OD'd that is his fault. He was probably counseled on what he could take like, "Hello, don't use crack when you are under this medicine." If a Dr. is going to be held responsible for a crackie's OD, your mother will never be able to get her anxiety pills she needs to come visit your ass.

1856 days ago


As a cautionary tale: If you are an alcoholic/prescription drug addict, the best way to try to ease off this garbade is by using prescribed Campral. That's what he should have been prescribed along with the Xanax. The cocaine was a relapse. Disease sits and waits. This time it won. RIP, Adam. I wish you had won because I hate this disease.

1856 days ago
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