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Macaulay's Rep

Blanket is NOT His Baby

8/31/2009 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0831_culkin_ex-1Here's a shocker -- Macaulay Culkin's press agent claims the actor is not the biological father of Michael Jackson's son Blanket.

The ridiculous story, which first appeared in The Sun this morning -- and everywhere else 5 minutes later -- explained how Culkin donated the sperm to create Blanket.

So we contacted Culkin's rep Michelle Bega to ask -- because why not -- and we got the following statement:

"The inquiries are too preposterous for us to even acknowledge."

The search for the real sticky bandit continues...


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I just had an epiphany. Michael wanted to create perfect child, so the father is Macaulay Culkin and the mother is ..... Diana Ross! Michael Jackson's perfect child!

1846 days ago

Sue Wong    

Kelli, #51 you may be onto something there. MJ loved Diana Ross and little Blanket's eyes are big like hers. I would bet on Miko Brandon being the daddy though. However, in everything that matters, MJ is the true dad.

1846 days ago


I am so glad it is the Brits getting the crap tabloids and not just the USA. We have been lumped together as MJ haters by all media, and I resent the media talking for me. If you voice a different opinion you are a little off.

I don't understand how people that spew hate like Brashier and Dimond did, and still have careers in the mainstream media.

1846 days ago


why does everyone keep talking about mjs kids as individuals they brothers and sister they all had the same dad.
theres many a man who has sired a child but still never became a dad, leave the kids alone they have enough to deal with. loveyoumoremj

1846 days ago


One of MJs only real friends, Macaulay Culkin.
He's not trying to get any lime light over Michaels death.
God bless you Macaulay Culkin.
I miss you Michael and always will.
I love you more!

1846 days ago


After looking closely and thinking, Blanket looks like someone, it came apparent to me the other day. Blanket may be a Brando. His face looks like a Brando and MJ was a great friend with one of the sons of Marlon Brando.

1846 days ago


what other ridicuous story are you going to come up with about Michael and his kids. Just look at blanket picture image of his father Michael. You just have nothing else to write about him so, this is all you have. You are pathetic still Michael is an Angel and hopefully resting in peace! He probably loking down laughing at all you fools! Still trying to plague him ah! but, it didn't work when he was alive and it won't work now after his death! He was and will always be the best! The King forever!

1846 days ago


He is the one and I can prove it!

1846 days ago


Its ridiculous.

People keeps denying that Michael Jackson ever fathered the kids he raised.
At the same time there are stories about Michael Jackson being the father of kids he did not raised

1846 days ago

doc murry    

michael jackson had no kids okay,,just admit it..obvioulsy he asked every guy he knew with balls if he could have some of their sperm..(very werid)he rarley saw his kids or had anything to do with them..they were like toys to him and when he tired of them he became very distant to his children he was like bozo the clown,,like a robot first they were very very afraid of him and would scream at the site of him,,but after they wree medicated they were not so scared of can clearly see michael giving moon unit or bed pillow (whatever 0 there names was a few happy pills in one of the videos,,

1846 days ago


I wish Mr Culkin would tell the truth when he was 12 or 13 years old when he use to sleep with Michael Jackson, He admitted they use to sleep together, but refused to give details,he was probally to tramatized to talk about it......

1846 days ago


harvey and tmz lay off the kids.this is beneath you guys

1846 days ago


That child is a Brando. He looks so much like Christian Brando who is dead; but there is such a look-a-like reference to Mike Brando. Who was a really good friend.

1846 days ago


Who cares?????????????? Leave his kids alone!!!! They have only ever known Michael as their dad, so give it a break. We are so sick of this, it just goes round and round, its now officially boring. Unless you have only brain cell then this type news is just absurd. Give it up and allow those children to have as normal lives as possible.

1846 days ago


Snoore!! Ahhh how long is this going to go on...those kids HAVE a dad! Michael Joseph Jackson! Biological or not it doesn't matter!!

Hi Mike!!!

Waving..... wink wink!

1846 days ago
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