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Pageant Official -- Prejean's Suit Is Publicity Stunt

8/31/2009 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrle PrejeanTMZ just received the following statement from Miss California USA honcho Keith Lewis, lashing back at the lawsuit Carrie Prejean filed against him this morning for religious discrimination:

"It appears that suits from both sides are now inevitable against the other.

I would guess Carrie sees it as a chance to get publicity for her upcoming book because in the interviews I have seen, she talks about the suit and the book in the same breath.

We have no problem with her selling lots of books - considering in the current situation we could stand to profit from every copy she sells.

For us, it has never been about her beliefs and we have always just wanted to move on.

But it seems like Carrie really has nothing new to talk about or anything new in her life so the impression is she just keeps looking for ways to rehash her position as a victim because of her onstage answer."

UPDATE: Keith just added a bit more ... "I guess hell hath no fury like a Miss without her crown. We're all looking forward to a less litigious party when we crown the next Miss California USA November 22."


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her vagina smells like curry.

1825 days ago



1876 days ago


LOL.. Jesus must be so proud of his 'flock'

1876 days ago


Get on with you life girl. You're making authentic Christians look bad. Your 15 minutes of fame are over.

1876 days ago

a john mayer mugshot    

Thats a pretty serious verbal b!tchslap if i ever read one.


1876 days ago


I know I'm buying a copy of her book! It is 280 pages long and will be perfect for this table I have with one short leg. I'll finally be able to eat my Cheerios with out getting sea sick! Wooot!

1876 days ago


HEll ya 15 no more she just wants everyone to go buy her book but I will not.. he is right.. she's crazy and now that her fire has died down she wants to kick it back up and one it doese she will be sueing for that I think she had the right to her answer but she should have know that was just the frosting on the cake...she is a liar and is shameing her community.. but if it will get her 15 min then so be it.. all im saying is she should have took responisbility for everything she did befor the pagent and every thing she didn't do.. and frome the e mails that went public she should stop wasteing time and go back to school or take what little fame she has left and do some real good..

1876 days ago


X-ians have to get doff`ed ask MEL.I`d say sue`um high sue`um low and get back in thier game.Take those duds doff and act like ALL the REST of H-wood`s SMIT racker`ss.In other words do as they do OR get lay dwon and gat doff`ed is that the X-`ian thing to do?.they make your money and you get in the dirt while they screw on your grave.SOS LOL WTF HA HA

1876 days ago


It seems like everyone wants a free ride lately with sueing people. Here is an idea, why don't you try working for a living ,like the rest of us. You are not worth the FREE RIDE YOU SEEK. So get your head out the clouds and join the human race.Sell your book, if it sells, thats up to the public , then try something else to earn money, After your stunt to sue, I don't think thats going to help your books sales...Life goes on.

1876 days ago


Geez woman, it's a friggin beauty pageant! You did not get impeached from public office. You're about as Christian as Rush Limbaugh. Isn't there a Miss Morality pageant you could enter? Where the winner gets a crown of thorns and hangs on a cross for 1 year?

1876 days ago

Prejean is an ignorant slut. Trump will destroy her.

1876 days ago


This woman is so frickin gorgeous it's sinful.

1876 days ago



1876 days ago


Go get em Carrie. These a polical correct people who wants everyone to just forget about God, procreation and the afterlife, and get on their side. Remember: All those people who support a guy sticking his penis in a man's rectum (a sewer system) just wants everyone to love them. There is NO ROOM for God in a political correct persons life. You can't continually make your fellow man love you and keep God inside of you too. One has to give and political correct people have made their decision. When they die and get before God and he asks them why they did all they could do to stop his efforts of having men and women bring children on this earth for him, they will all have the same answer: I just wanted to help my fellow man and his civil rights. And God will ask them why they cast him aside for their fellow man. Then he just might send them to be with their fellow men. SO YOU GO GET EM AND GET EM GOOD!!!

1876 days ago


Consider the source! Why is a "fruitcake" in charge of a female beauty pagent. That is like a vegetarian running a chili cookoff! I don't know why people don't realize that Carrie's view point is the "politally correct" one. The majority of people in California Voted WITH her.

1876 days ago
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