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Alice Cooper -- From Golf to Goth

9/2/2009 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Tuesday in Australia, Jurassic rocker Alice Cooper started his day on the golf course (left) -- and ended it on stage, looking like a corpse (right).

The 61-year-old has credited golf with helping him overcome his alcohol addiction.

Unfortunately, Alice still hasn't found a cure for his dependence on age-inappropriate leather and embalming makeup.


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Lost Lass    

Aww come on now, be nice to Alice!

Alice is an extremely intelligent, kind and caring man. He has got to be one of the nicest people around. He does alot of charity work and helps the community out alot around here.

The people in the Valley of the Sun love Alice....with or without the shock rock make-up!

1879 days ago


SCHOOLS OUT 4EVER........loved that song.

1879 days ago


Good for him. Alice has always struck me as being smarter than the average rocker (and he's still got sharp wit).

It's a credit to him he has found the balance in his life, being a public figure and all.

1879 days ago


Shut up TMZ, who wrote this some 10 year old? You're pointless-I'm sick of you being the age police. This is Alice Cooper not one of your typical hookers from "The Hills". He wouldn't be doing his act if he wasn't wearing his make-up, he's not trying to stop time, he's justing working at the same job he's done since before you were riding the bus with your cabbage patch lunch box. There are people who live past 25- get over it. You are rude, stick with the pointless people you prefer to look at and stop busting on everyone else.

1879 days ago


god have RESPECT for this guy i love alice cooper i love how he dresses u guys are real jerks (tmz ppl)

1879 days ago


A true Rock and Roll Icon, what a success story.
I listen to him nightly, he is hilarious, broadcasting on Y108 Hamilton Ontarios' Classic Rock with Ben and Kerry (funny guys too)in the Morning. That is 107.9 on your FM dial.

1879 days ago


He's 61 and is still better than all of the present acts. The bands of today don't have a clue.

1879 days ago


#26 Wow that's cool I will have to listen to him !

1879 days ago


Well no kidding! I have to find a way to listen to that. Cooper is a very smart guy, sat with my mouth open when I first saw an interview with him. He got off the stage screaming and singing and sits down with the interviewer --complete rational logic and thoughtful answers - blew me away. So much for stereotypes.

1879 days ago


alice cooper is one of the nicest, most down to earth guys out there. he shops at our store every so often, and he never fails to give an autograph or pose if asked. bad ass music for a bad ass man :)

1879 days ago


Despite his age, Alice Cooper still has a ton of energy on stage. Still puts on great stageshows and still puts out great albums. Some of his best work has been in this decade. Alice still has it.

1879 days ago


LEAVE Alice Alone,,,He Rocks Forever!!!!!he looks GREAT...I'd like to see your behind in that good shape at his age!!

1879 days ago


If you actually went to one of his recent shows you wouldnt be focusing on his age, but how incredible his shows still are to this day and how he still plays the hits and still keeps on going despite age! Plus dont even get me started on the picture whoever took that it is an aweful shot with his mouth all open give me a break people! Plus if you think he is overweight now you are INSANE cause he was too thin back in the day due to alcholism and he looks perfectly healthy so there!
Or maybe you should listen to his radio show or look at all the charities he does give him a break!! He still rocks!!!!

1879 days ago


He does a show nightly, and it is cross-country. Apparently in Canada too! He is smart and witty. Rimman, "sell out"? Give us a break! As for "right wing nut job," I imagine that is anyone who don't agree with you!

1879 days ago


That is, he does a nightly radio show!

1879 days ago
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