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DJ AM's Mom Wants to Close Real Estate Deal

9/2/2009 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AM's mother wants to be named as special administrator of his estate, so she can sell her son's house in Los Angeles.

DJ AM house: Click to launch
In documents just filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Andrea Gross says AM had already hired a real estate broker to sell his house, and that her son was about to "accept an offer at the time of his death."

Andrea wants the court to allow her to finalize the sale. The two bedroom, two bathroom house -- pictured above -- is on the market for $699,000.

AM's mother also wants the court to allow her to negotiate settlements of the lawsuits he filed after the 2008 airplane crash he survived along with Travis Barker.

UPDATE: A judge has granted Andrea's requests.


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doc murry    

ohh sil tell us something we dont know einstien.I got your kid swinging bubb..What I do not understand is how this hag gets to see a judge so quick,,in maryland I need to see a judge it takes 6 months

1847 days ago


For those saying this house "doesn't look nice" . . . .

This L.A. house was DJ AM's rental property generating him income every month.

He did not live here.

DJ AM lived in New York City in a $2 Million pad.

He commuted to Las Vegas from New York City every Friday for his resident-gig at The Palms-Rain nightclub.

DJ AM was reported to be making $3.5 Million/ per Year through his rental properties . . . . aside from his DJ'ing gigs throughout the U.S. & his Palms contract with "Rain."


1847 days ago


Sil,'s volatile, not volitile.

1847 days ago

too sad    

why not,
someones got to do it ...... right .......

1847 days ago

Just Saying    

45. there must be a bunch of kids posting on this site because these posts seem to indicate that they don't know how the real world works. Just because AM died, it doesn't mean that his bills stop too. His home needs to be maintained, mortgage and taxes paid, etc. etc. The sooner his home sells, the sooner all this gets settled. Real Estate is volitile right now...if there's a buyer who wants to buy...they need to act now. Can't wait around until everyone has finished grieving while paying two mortgages, etc.
Posted at 4:20PM on Sep 2nd 2009 by Sil

Well Said, When you loose someone... you still need to take care affairs. For all of you calling her a money hound, in interview he express how really close he was to his mother. Bill collectors don't care if he's been buried, they want their money. Is good that she stepping to the plate before the real leaches come out of the woodwork.

1847 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Calm down all you judgmental douchebags. It's a very time sensitive manner if a property is listed and IN ESCROW and the seller dies. If there's a contract, things must be done.

A contract is considered void when the buyer or sells dies. But in this case, the seller's intention was demonstrated that he wanted to sell his house at a particular price to a particular person. I don't know if they had a contract in place and escrow open, but it sounds like they didn't.

It's not against the law to have a surviving successor get court permission to act on behalf of the now deceased seller's estate and carry out his wishes. And get to a mutually satisfactory contract.

It was listed. There was probably nearly a meeting of the minds on price and terms. Let the buyer buy the place. DJ's mom will step in and carry forward on the price DJ was ready to accept.

I am a long time Calif real estate broker and I say Thank God he had a sensible family member who can step in and finish the transaction. It could also be taken off the market and all his property put through probate so the estate can pay tens of thousands of dollars to get to the same spot we're at today.

Finally, the estate will get the proceeds after all closing costs are paid and loans paid off. Not automatically the mom.

Drugs kill. If you're going to own real property and do drugs, have the sensibility to at least get a very thorough will.

1847 days ago


Great multi tasker this lady! Planning a funeral, ordering the flowers, arranging the body to be transported from NY to LA, talking money with lawyers IMMEDIATELY.....what time does she have to maybe MOURN her son? I couldn't even think about money or anything else if my son just died, what less than a week ago? She should have been that involved in his life and all over it, making sure he was keeping strong, and taking the right medication and adequate dosage of such.

1847 days ago



1847 days ago


actually "extravgantly-creative" is not correct. Yes the house on Cadet Court was a rental house, he moved out of it about 2 1/2 years ago, when he bought his current house in Coldwater Canyon. He did have a place in LA, he was not full time in NY. And he was not making 3.5 million on "rental properties" , that figure was his estimated annual revenue in total. He himself was for rent, he was paid on a per show basis. He owned 3 properties, 1 in LA (Coldwater Canyon - main residence), 1 in NY, and another in LA that was up for rent at $4,500 per month after he remodeled it. His best friend lived in it for a while but then AM decided to sell it.

1847 days ago


wowwww his body isnt even cold yet and she wants to jump on the money...disgusting...ah AM rest in peace you were soo gorgeous

1847 days ago


He survived a plane crash for a reason only to waste the gift he was given by doing stupid stupid drugs - what an idiot. To his mother - can you at least wait until he body gets cold before you start devouring his assets. What a twosome.

1847 days ago


How can someone collect on a lawsuit for injuries if the person is dead from an unrelated incident?? This mother is a gold digger all she wants is his money..Pathetic.

1847 days ago


there is a sickness going around hollywood that needs to stop but when somthing happens people turn the other way when will it stop how many more loved and talented people r we going to lose before someone stands up and say enough is enough just because ur famous does not mean u can get what ever drug u want without there being a price to pay.

1847 days ago


I do not want to sound insensitive but, shouldn't his mother have waited a little longer out of respect for her son?

1847 days ago

dr fred    

699K what an overpriced dump I would not pay 10cents

1847 days ago
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