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Lil Mama: Sorry For Being a Lil Insensitive

9/2/2009 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Lil Mama has just apologized for comments she made on "America's Best Dance Crew" this weekend -- after she went a lil too far while grilling a transgender dancer.

During the rant, Lil Mama -- a judge on the show -- told Leiomy Maldonado: "Leiomy, come on. Your behavior ... it's unacceptable ... You were born a man and you are becoming a woman. If you're going to become a woman, act like a lady ... It gets too crazy and it gets confusing."

After taking heat over her comments, Lil Mama sent the following apology to GLAAD:

"I would like to clarify anything that was misunderstood from Sunday's show. My remarks were never meant to be disrespectful regarding Leiomy's gender nor offensive to the LGBT community, which has been a community that has supported me in all my endeavors. However, in hindsight, I recognize that my words may have come across as hurtful. I spoke with her privately after the taping to express that it was not my intent to offend her or any member of the transgender community and that I still live for Vogue Evolution."


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First.......who cares

1875 days ago


I'm so sick of we have to apologize to freaks of nature. FU to all you Fwads that want to call me a hater. This thing is a freak. End of story!!!! We live in such a PC society we have to say sorry to every whack job that's out there.

1875 days ago



1875 days ago

mrez golucky    


1875 days ago


Lil Mama should have never apologized, because this Leiomy was acting like a fool. He has a major attitude problem. He really think he's a woman. And beside his dancing SUXS. thrashing all over the place like a fool. His own teammates are having problems with his foolishness

1875 days ago

Lana Mae    



1875 days ago



1875 days ago


water, wet.

1875 days ago


Come on. Nobody watched this show. If it weren't for TMZ giving the show FREE publicity would anybody have know about this ish?

1875 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

I don't see what she apologized for. I am a girl and my mom always says act like a lady.

1875 days ago


I can't believe Lil Mama felt the need to apologize. Prima Donnas, no matter what sex they are, need to see how their actions impact those around them. Leiomy's head is getting way to big and someone had to say something. Lil Mama said what needed to be said in a very kind and helpful way. You can see from the video that Leiomy was not listening and had just shut down. Such a shame - as much as she has "made" that group, her attiturde will destroy them.

1875 days ago


Why was this girl made to apologize for speaking the truth? I don't get it.

1875 days ago


Wow! It's clear that awareness of the transgender community must be nonexistent from many of these postings. Hopefully this incident will cause people to learn more about trans identity to use respectful language in conversation.

1875 days ago


#14 - Brittany - I for one, am not as educated about the trans gendered community, as I am sure you are, by your comment. What exactly was offensive about Lil Mama's comments? I'm not being sarcastic, I truly didn't see anything wrong with it. I don't watch this show, but I could tell that Leiomy's attitude is not the best, and for her to roll her eyes when she is getting constructive critism, was pretty rude too. Was it because she reminded her that she is a man becoming a woman? Or was it the "act like a lady" part? I say if you're going to become a woman, then by all means, you better act like a lady! That's just my opinion anyway.

1875 days ago


I tend to be very liberal, but this whole transgender thing just does not sit well with me. The men-to-women transgenders never seem to look or act like real women, they are some gross characterization of women based on stereotypes!

I can't blame Lil Mama for saying what most people think!

1875 days ago
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