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Rev. Wright -- Oprah Can't Help Poor People

9/4/2009 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah may appear to be all-powerful -- but according to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, she doesn't have as much pull as we thought.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright: Click to watch
Barack Obama's former pastor was in D.C. yesterday, where he went on the Oprah offensive, saying she's only "an entertainer, not a politician" who doesn't "care" about social policy and can't help the poor at a structural level.

His words are rough -- but does he have a point?


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London not England    

#14 Maggie


For some reason, they seem to be in denial or just don't want to speak of's not really out there...
it's all in your imaginations...LOOK..SEE..we have a Black President...everything is alright now....
Please're either "High" or you think the rest of us are!

1875 days ago


Last season she was bragging about the bentleys her and her friend drives now she talking about how she love her vw bug. Fake bish is what she is.

Speak truth Rev. Wright.

1875 days ago


OPRAH is nothing in my book, how is a grown woman with lots of pull publicly hate on a kid, "chris brown", he looked up to her, but what does she do, go on TV and put this kid down.

as someone mentioned, if it had been her white celebrity friends that had a domestic beat down she would have had them both on her
show the next day.

go to hell OPRAH and you too GAYLE!

1875 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Flying around...BBZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.SLAP,gone.One less bug

1875 days ago

Free American    

Why do people complain about WHICH good Oprah does with her money. It's HER money. Which she FREELY EARNED. She happens to be BLACK. And she happened to decide that NO ONE OWED HER ANYTHING and she EARNED her way to where she is. What she does with her money is HER BUSINESS. We're not a Socialist government... although we're certainly ON TRACK now. Oprah does more good on a weekly basis than this self-professed "Reverend" will do in his lifetime.

1875 days ago


What is this senile old geezer doing in DC? Meeting with his devout follower perhaps? I would bet on it.

1875 days ago



What part of the USA do you live in? I'm in Jersey & I can't get s*** for help BECAUSE I'm white. I have an exhorbitant amount of debt, just like the next guy, married to a blue collar worker...our house is a dump near Camden...we constantly get racist terms thrown at us, people litter on our lawn, not to mention I was told I shouldn't sing "gospel" or any kind of spiritual in my home because I "can not relate to the experience of the African American people"! WHAT??? I took a class on the AA Hip Hop Culture (as was a degree requirement) and I sang the same spiritual for a hall full of AA folks & I got cheered, not jeered. In high school, and I grew up in a rich neighborhood, I was friends with whites, blacks, Jews, Muslims & the only one who broke away from our crowd were 2 really close black friends I had who began hanging out with other black people. I didn't segregate myself from them, they did it to me!

So I can understand that our southern brothers & sisters may still do some regretable things, but here in NJ/Philly, it's the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. They need to start EOE & Affirmative Action for me & my husband because I am being persecuted relentlessly by a people who should MORE than know better, if they've really suffered that badly.

As for this idiot toting himself as a "preacher" or "pastor"...HA! The only thing he preaches is hate. Hate is the most cripling disease of all. It kill slowly & consumes entirely. Criticizing Oprah; what in the hell has he done? Has he reached out to families of all races & nationalities trying to bridge any racial or social gaps? No! He just whines about how hard he has is it, how hard his people have it, & how the rest of society owes them for things done over a hundred years ago! I'm part Native American & you don't hear me whining! What about MY heritage & my people? I'm also Catholic, & don't even get me started about how for 2 millenia they have been slaughtered by the millions in the most inhumane ways possible...during Hitler & Stalin & Lennin's reign, among the first on the hit list were Catholics. Look at how practicing Catholics who take their faith seriously & devoutly are openly mocked & humiliated in every forum possible!

But perhaps you're right...the playing field has been leveled a bit & the whites are getting a taste of their own medicine (sins of the father), but the hate is still there...and I don't know that it will ever go away.

I am a foster mother to 3 underprivelaged non-white children...perhaps the love that's so needed will start there.

1875 days ago

Rev. Wright is a madman.

1875 days ago


Okay, TMZ...I think your are trying to get false results on your polls. Why is it everytime you end your article with a question your poll question is the opposite? I believe you are doing this on purpose in hopes that readers of your website answer the article question without readign the poll question to skew the result your looking for.

1875 days ago


ONE can CHANGE THE WORLD! Politicians don't even do their job right -- even preachers and pastors -- in fact, most leaders! The ones who REALLY CHANGE the "structure" are the PEOPLE! The "little" people whose voice is heard, whether through protests or the media (Oprah's show)! We ALL can and do help social problems! Rev. Wright has lost his faith!

1875 days ago

J C    

He(Wright) must be thrilled his policies are being put into effect by Obama.
We were warned.
Obama sat under this guy for 20 years and the liberal media (censored the news)gave him a pass.
Wright is against Wall Street and Obamas will seek to go after them next as He is using his union thugs to lead the attack by advocating a tax on stock transactions.
It's gonin to happen.
Wright has nothing but contempt for America.Especially institutions they He believes are traditionally white and repressive.

1875 days ago

elpato loco    

"can't help the poor at a structural level."

She can, but she doesn't. he is absolutely right. she still goes home and collects millions of dollars, being another collector in a system were money goes only one way -- up

1875 days ago


Reverent Wright has a point. Unfortunately, it's on the top of his little racist head.

1875 days ago


The Rev. looks delighted to be back in the public eye. Why was he interviewed in the first place?

1875 days ago


What does Rev Wright know? He is an idiot. Politicians are PAID to to do things for the people with our tax dollars. Which in most cases they just sit on their fat rich asses. Michigan is in hell and all that Gov Granholm does is Shows up for photo shoots to take credit for things she had nothing to do with. Wonder if she takes mandatory furlough days???? Is every other light turned off in her office or her heat in the office at 65 degrees in the dead of winter. That is what are gov people are dealing with in their offices. The people of Michigan are suffering.... lets have another pep talk Jenny!!
Oprah is an entertainer that is correct. But what Rev Wright fails to recognize is that Oprah is spending HER OWN MONEY and unpaid time to help people. All I have to say is thank you Oprah for doing what you can and thank God she is not a politician!!!

1875 days ago
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