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Most Famous Photog Ever -- Imagine Losing It All

9/6/2009 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the world of high-end photography, Annie Leibovitz's portfolio is the equivalent of The Beatles' catalog -- and she's in danger of losing it all.

Annie Leibovitz, John Lennon, Yoko Ono

Leibovitz, who took the infamous last photo of John Lennon before he was assassinated, is facing catastrophic financial problems -- if she doesn't pay back a $24 million loan by Tuesday, she'll lose the rights to every big photo she's ever taken. The list includes that controversial Miley Cyrus photo from last year, the pregnant Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover, the cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" -- and really every interesting VF cover for the last 20 years or so.

In classic Michael Jackson-esque form, Leibovitz sunk deep into debt and then got a loan using her photo catalog (estimated at $40 million) and homes as collateral.

Tuesday is D-Day.


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I think she killed John Lennon to raise the value of the photo...then she turned Miley Cirus into a dirty little whore to raise the value of the VF pictures. I also suspect she killed Michael Jackson beacuse she never got over the jealous rage she felt from her deep love of bubbles, not to mention her deep seeded hate of Emannual Lewis...

1771 days ago


Maybe she's waiting for all those rich friends of hers - like Mick and Keef and Yucko - to pony up some dough so she can pay it off.

1771 days ago


Quote: 35. Annie's partner was Susan Sontag. Susan passed away, and because of current laws governing same sex partnerships and leaving property, Annie was liable for massive estate taxes. She has tried to pay them, in order to protect their 2 children together. She made a bad decision using her back catalog as collateral, for a loan that she could never repay. It's a shame that she has to face this fate. But Annie tried to do the right thing for her family.

Posted at 11:43AM on Sep 6th 2009 by Quincy

Sontag left her entire estate to her son, according to NY magazine. Why wouldn't HE be liable for the estate taxes.

1771 days ago


The person posting the estate taxes excuse is full of it. Not only do straight people have to deal with estate taxes too -- it's also known as the "death tax," maybe you've heard of it? There's always been a push to get rid of it altogether -- but anyway. Not only do straight people have to deal with the very unpopular estate/death tax, Annie has a history of chronically being a tax cheat. Or at least owing for years and years of taxes she hasn't paid as of yet. Not the estate tax. Just the regular income tax. So give me a fricken break. (Not to mention this never appears in any article as even a sideline financial issue.)

1771 days ago


Where are all those wealthy GAY Jewish men she knows in the showbiz community, Geffen, Diller, Calvin Klein? Why aren't they helping a fellow gay Jewish person out? I guess it's because she's a lesbian.

1771 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Women and gays are victims, so the government ought to change the laws to protect them straight male rules.

1771 days ago

Respect 4 - 1 Self!    

Yea...O would be proud of you his plan is working....SPREAD THE WEALTH. So how does it feel "Socialist" opps I mean Progressive Lib...when it's ok for you to shout down with the rich...and help the poor. Nope don't feel sorry for your ass...gong down. NOW the question is how long will you support O when your on the other end? I bet you sing a different tune then. How how's that change workin out for you guy's. I love how you ALL support each other in a time of need...HA HA But you expect and push for everyone else to support what you believe in even when we don't....

KARMA'S A BITCH NOW ISN'T IT...Try not shoving your crap down others throats! Try living like you say you do simple and like everyone else...yea right beyond your that workin out for you???

1771 days ago


I hope she is able to regain her status. She is for sure someone who put others on the map!

1771 days ago

Dave Evans    

that is one butt ugly lesbo

1771 days ago

Dave Evans    

Bush repealed the death tax until next year when Obeyme wants to have them reinstated.

1771 days ago


Before Annie went for the bucks, she was THE rock photographer, when rock and roll ruled, not showbiz. That's when I liked her stuff (leaving out that last photo she did of Lennon, where it creeped me out how dependent he was on Yuko, and Yuko had that impassive look like she could care less about her meal ticket Lennon). My fave foto of when Annie was Annie was her photo of Keith Richards, with a black scarf on, bloodshot eyes, with dice in his hand (for Tumbling Dice). THAT was a priceless, says it all photo, not that pretentious JUNK she did when she got to Vanity Fair, culminating in that disasterous photo of Miley Cyrus.

1771 days ago


Some collector will come forward get 2 great pieces that can bail her out (like, Lennon and Springsteen and let her keep the rest) Maybe she will learn by having to give up something that you cant just print money. Geshhhh....But maybe one of her very rich movie star friends may bail her out holding the pieces as collateral till she pays up and it may give her some time to find a way to repay.

1771 days ago


TMZ, you have sunk lower than I've ever dreamed by leaving out why Annie is in debt and allowing retards to wonder if she is on drugs or involved in some nefarious activity!
FACT: Annie's longtime partner DIED, bequeathing her some very expensive shared real estate. Because they were not allowed to be legally married, Annie had to pay the government 50% inheritance tax,YES 50%, which amount to millions upon millions of dollars. Annie was forced to declare bankruptcy.
Why? Because her life partner of many years was Susan Sontang and gay marriage isn't legal where they lived. ANNIE WAS RAPED BY THE GOVERNMENT.
You and your commenters are the slime in the dirt under the bottom of the trash heap.

1771 days ago


GAUD they are all so freaking UGLY!

1771 days ago


John Lennon was not assassinated he was murdered. Assassinate is to kill for political or religious reasons.

1771 days ago
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