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9/8/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Essence AtkinsWhen it comes to Internet dating, you never know if the other person is gonna be a plumber, an actress or someone who wants you to put the lotion in the basket -- but one lucky man found himself an actress ... and he's about to put a ring on it.

We've learned a guy named Jaime Mendez hit the Internet hookup jackpot when he met actress Essence Atkins -- who started her career on "The Cosby Show" -- on back in February 2008.

Essence tells us she liked the website because she didn't have to post a picture of herself -- and ended up sending Jamie a message on Valentine's Day because they were 97% compatible.

The two were engaged one year later and are set to get hitched on Sept 26.

Beat that, eHarmony.


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god forbid you end up in an accident or in the hospital!    

that's pretty cool. gives me hope with the dating sites I'm at

1817 days ago


Well, congrats to Essence. I don't know why she didn't want to post a picture of herself on that site because she is a beautiful girl.

I also didn't know she got her start on the Cosby show. I remember her from Half & Half and The Smart Guy.

1817 days ago


Be careful with internet dating. I met someone on a social networking site, in late 2007...someone, who regularly lied to me, for well over a year, and it was very sad for me, in the end. I was very good to her, but...although I was hoping to meet the needle in the haystack, and thought I had--she changed on me, and broke my heart? I had to read her profile on You Tube to learn that she married someone else, after telling me that I was the only person in her life, and there could be no one else...ever, just two months prior, before going silent, and refusing to answer my messages???

Last February, she told me that if things didn't work-out for us, no one could take my place---including when it came to our plans to have babies, and for marriage...etc.--I was her only choice, and without me...she would just be alone, if need be--so, you can imagine how I felt when I read that she had married someone else, someone that I didn't even know existed--and someone whom she has taken steps to make sure that he doesn't know...that I exist??? During the time that I knew her, or thought I knew her, I sent her many gifts, and was very, very kind to her, always--even when she was being unfair.

That is internet dating for you. Please be very cautious, or you, most likely, will get burned, like I did. This positive story, here, as profiled by TMZ, is a rare one, just exactly as it seems to be. I wish this couple well, however, I truly do!!! May all their wishes and dream come true!!!!! It's a shame that my story didn't turn-out like this one, as I had so desperately hoped, and prayed, that it would.

1817 days ago


Awwwww how sweet! I hope it lasts a lifetime. I loved her in the upn show half & half, still watch the re-runs. She's just gorgeous. Best wishes!

1817 days ago


Awwwww how sweet! I hope it lasts a lifetime. I loved her in the upn show half & half, still watch the re-runs. She's just gorgeous. Best wishes!

1817 days ago


Haha, lotion in the basket! I love the SOTL reference. :)

1817 days ago

me so horny    

Hey T M Z Staff, Essence had her own sitcom called Half&Half on upn 9, I wish you guys would do a little more research before you post on celebs. you are just as bad as

1817 days ago


@ Real,

just wanted to give you a little info...

TMZ, unlike (and you) DID their research and provide provided factual information. Maybe they looked on or maybe they just know this industry. They noted Essence got her START on the Cosby show. She did. 1986. She didn't START in 2002 (Half & Half).

As for Essence.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

1817 days ago


after the cosby show she actually was a regular on a tv style soap opera called malibu shores with charisma carpenter back in the early 90's.

1817 days ago


That's so great. I hear horror stories every now and then from internet dating sites... I was on one for a while. Granted, I had a couple of bad dates, but my experience wasn't bad. While I didn't meet my fiance on an internet dating website, I did meet him online, and we've been together almost 4 years now. Stories like this aren't rare, you just have to be careful. And to the person who asked why she didn't use a picture- I would imagine it's because she is very recognizable, and didn't want people to e-mail her for dates just because she's famous. I'm sure she wanted to find someone who would like her for her. I've seen a couple of celebrities who go online without pictures, because they don't want people to know who they are. Kudos to her, and I wish them a long and happy marriage!

1816 days ago

john johnson    

wow! what a lucky guy. i only wish i could match up with tanika ray.

1816 days ago


She Also Played On Smart Guy.

1816 days ago


There are several celebrities I'd consider marrying. But my number one choice would have to be Miss Kristin Kreuk. She's very intelligent, energetic, honest, wholesome, and very talented in her chosen profession. She's everything I'd love to have in a wife and so much more. Oh well, I can dream, can't I?

1812 days ago


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1801 days ago


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1801 days ago

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