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Michael Jackson -- Tales from the Crypt

9/8/2009 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's body is already causing a market shift in the cemetery world -- the price of graves near his tomb are already sky-rocketing.

TMZ spoke with a sales rep at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale who told us plots surrounding Jackson have already gone up $2,000-$3,000 each since MJ joined the neighborhood.

FLM was selling pre-Jacko units in the mausoleum for $7,000 a pop -- now they're up to $9,900.

The cemetery rep tells us, "When a high-profile person comes in, it can affect the prices of the surrounding plots."

Some people who own private units near MJ's crypt are looking for a bigger payday -- one person is asking $34,000 for a double unit inside Jackson's mausoleum.

We spoke with owner of the double unit who told us, "We've had a tremendous response ... we're weighing all of our options."


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I'm sorry your penis is so small. I don't think putting down Michael Jackson will make it grow.

1686 days ago


Hey number 4 if you are disgusted with TMZ and it's staff writers why are you even looking at the webpage and commenting. Sad fact is FL is getting some free marketing from MJ and they I think are taking advantage of it. Hmmmmmm just like MJs family is! SO TMZ keep up the excellent work on this because your reporting so far has been spot on and accurate on MJ...Oh yeah and to all you people remember you don't have to view the webpage or watch tv there is an off button!

1686 days ago


Please support Michael for Nobel Peace Prize.

"Michael Jackson Nomination 2010 Nobel Peace Prize"
Pls search Google and fill the petition. Takes only 1 minute.

Thank you.

Love you MJ. Rest in peace.

1686 days ago

tania from Germany    

I can`t read it anymore! It`s all about money, money, money, horrible! Who care`s about the price of other graves near or behind him?

And, tmz, show respect and stop calling him "jacko"! This man is dead and there`s no need to be rude!

The next headline that I want to read is "Dr. Murray arrested"!

1686 days ago



You sound as idiotic as Susan Etok.

1686 days ago



I understand your are a little runt and your are jealous. Michael was SO SEXY, all the women were and are still in love with him, instead of all women are rejecting you.

1686 days ago


Michael Hate people call him as " jacko"... he dont like that.. pls stop it!!! Hes's an angel, God send to us, he make us happy and now god take him away becox this stupid world failed to value this angel!!!!! he's great.... we love u michael... foreverrrrrrrrr

1686 days ago

Linda Davis    

My company, Calligraphy To The Stars, was hired by the Jackson family estate to design, produce and calligraph Michael's 8 page Burial Invitation, shown on CNN. It was an honor & a pleasure working with Taunya Zilke, Randy Jackson and the family. They are so gracious and thoughtful, even at a time like this,thinking of others. They invited myself and my three children to the repass at the Villa Soriso. What upstanding pillars of our community!

thank you,

karen Jewell

1686 days ago


TMZ please find out some info on the investigation you have done a great job so far keeping us informed i thank you for that but i agree please no more Jacko comments.His name is Micheal Jackson

1686 days ago


What's the difference between Michael Jackson and Diet Pepsi? Only one of them is still brown and comes in small white cans.

The new Michael Jackson postage stamp will cost 44 cents but if you're forced to lick it you'll be paid 20 million dollars not to mention it

ever wondered how they came up with the concept of mr. potatoe head? they looked at micheal Jackson and said well we could make a toy for little boys like him, lots of interchangable facial features!!!

1686 days ago


See you can always tell who the real child molesters are by the stupid crap they type in here.

1686 days ago


It is very doleful to come here and read such obtuse stories; at the very least tmz, if you must write such things, why not do it tastefully? Didn't your parents ever teach you to be kind to others? You see, we're humans first, all of us, so why do you continuously stoop so low as to bash a dead man?

Not everyone likes Michael and that's alright. Even I was indifferent to him, I had all of his albums and rocked to them during the 80s, 90s and up until his death, but personally I didn't really care about all the jokes, his trial or anything else. Now, however, I can't sit here and try to imagine the life of someone who was ridiculed day in and day out. Imagine that happening to your children. No matter how tough a person is they will eventually be brought to their knees cause we can ultimately only take so much of being the butt of the joke. Regardless of the plastic surgeries, the chimpanzee, molestation charges (he was completely innocent, imo), the man stood with his head held high. He may have battled his own demons in private but don't we all?

Just remember, what goes around comes around. It may not be today or tomorrow, but the way the press treated him will come back to all of you in some way shape or form.

1686 days ago


Wow Karen what a nice and refreshing posting thank you

1686 days ago


Sooooo many people still trying to make money out of Michael. RIP Michael Jackson. Gone too soon.


1686 days ago


I have seen this young lady before in other magazines. She had the same skin disease as Michael
her skin is the same color as his.

1686 days ago
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