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Pam Anderson's New BF -- Electric Shock

9/8/2009 2:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pam Anderson's new boyfriend, Jamie Padgett, is reportedly an electrician by trade -- and yesterday in Malibu, his board shorts were riding so low ... dude almost exposed his power cord.


The 42-year-old mother of two showed off her physique ... and his ... during a Labor Day beach date.

And no one complained.


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wow, her face is aging horribly but that body is tight. i don't think i'll look that good at her age

1870 days ago

Wanda W.    

With every new picture I see of her she looks older and older. It doesnt help that she seems to drift from man to man. She should stay out of the sun more and more as she ages. It is not helping her cause,geez,look at her skin. It seems like shes getting a mottled look about her rear end area that is not attractive.Bikinis are not all that attractive on her anymore. She looks like she was rode hard and put up wet.

1870 days ago


THE NERVE OF PEOPLE BITCHING OVER HER LITTLE BIT OF CELLULITE...THE WOMAN IS FREAKING 42 AND HAS HAD 2 KIDS!!!! There are not many 20 year olds i have seen that look that good in a bikini. Props to her... and her face is still pretty, a little aged but there isnt a guy out there that would turn this down for a pasty white porker that is for sure!!!

1870 days ago


I admire what she does for PETA and Make a Wish Foundation but she really needs to slow down with all the men, her personal life is disgusting, she already has hepatitis she may have much more than that, those guys just aren't thinking with their brain.

1870 days ago


I HAVE A QUESTION...I'm not knocking Pamela Anderson because she looks great for a 42 year old mother of two. My question that a breast enhancement scar under her right breast? I know most girls get them under their armpits now and my friends and I were just talking the other day about some of the scars the older ladies must have.

1870 days ago


Someone throw her some $$$ to buy a bikini that fits

1870 days ago


Why did TMZ blur out his pubes? That's the best part of the picture damn it.

1870 days ago


Her top is soo little you can see the scar from her breast enhancement.. YIKES!!!!

1870 days ago


Hey "country bob", I'm from WV & just want to say thank you for your illiterate comments friend!

Why most of us hillbillies back h'eah actually wear them thar things called - what is it? Aw shucks ya'll - SHOES????? (well most of the time but personally I'm fond of going barefoot)

Last time I checked our Sen Jay Rockefeller aka John D. Rockefeller IV (a REAL Rockefeller BTW, not one of those posers) actually wears shoes at least while in DC - not when he's back "h'eah" on his little old "piece of trash zillion acre farm"! But he DOES like to eat cornbread & beans I know for a fact so OMG, what a piece of "white trash" eh?

FYI "bob", not all of us back here in Almost Heaven are heatherns (yes, I can spell when I want to for your edification there "bob")

Did you have to have someone write this post for you? But hey! Maybe YOU are from here in Almost Heaven perhaps? One of those "white trash" people you referred to?

Well back to my reason for posting here in the first place...most of us here even in West By-Gawd WV have more class in our pinkie finger than either of these two skanks!

BUT I think they deserve each other! Hey "bob", maybe you could make them a 3-some???? Just sayin'

1870 days ago


Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you should.

1870 days ago


I am surprised they blurred the pubes (this is Harvey Levin's site after all)

1870 days ago


To the poster asking about implant scars: yes, some of us "older" women do have our scars in the fold under our breasts. 20 years ago, this is where they most commonly went in. And still do sometimes today. Every entry site has its pros and cons. Under the arm can lead to visible scarring as well, everytime u lift your arms in a sleeveless shirt it's a dead giveaway what you've had done. When going in under the arm, it is also harder to place the implants symetricaly (can't spell today, sorry). When going in around the nipple, it can lead to loss of nipple sensation, cutting right through nerves. So, all things considered, I think under the fold of the breast is best.

But Pam should be wearing a top that covers her breasts, agreed.

1870 days ago


Hot couple,both attractive

1870 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

that's what it looks like when the hammer and sickle goes hollywood....

1870 days ago


If this beautiful man wants to share his beautiful assets with the reast of us, who are you TMZ to censor him. I'm just so sick of this neurotic anti male bigotry! TCH!

1870 days ago
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