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Nick Hogan's Crash Victim Leaves Hospital

9/9/2009 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Iraq War veteran who suffered brain damage when Nick Hogan wrecked his car on August 26, 2007 was finally released from the hospital today.

John Graziano left the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa today in the care of his mother, after doctors determined his condition had improved enough to go home, this according to

John -- who will still need 24-hour assistance -- fractured his skull when Hogan's car hit a palm tree in Clearwater, FL during a street race. Hogan spent five months in jail over the accident -- the Graziano's civil lawsuit against the Hogan family is still pending.


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I guess a lot of you forget the fact that the guy got in the car on his own and knew it was a fast car and probably had NO problem being in on the fun of street racing. He was friends with Nick and he had to know what was going on, end of story.

Not saying it's not a very sad story, but putting all the blame on one person when the other was right there with him isn't fair at all. You don't rob a bank with a friend and when you get arrested and he gets away free as a bird, people dont pity your decision to take part. Same thing here

1835 days ago


In case anyone forgot, No one forced John to get into the car. He decided not to wear his seatbelt, while Nick did. It is Nicks fault for the accident, but john got into the car by choice. We all take that same risk everyday,As do our children and friends. No one deserves this, But let this be a lesson to always wear your seatbelt.

1835 days ago


This poor guy! He did so much good for our country in the military and look at how his life ends up! And not even as a result of war! This is just so sad. My father is in relatively the same position as a result of a car accident and it's been 14 years. I know what his mom and family is going through. Nick should have paid a much stiffer price, longer time in jail and fines out the wazoo. His full time care should come straight out of Nick's pocket. It is so hard to look at this photo. It is just so sad how things end up. Sometimes you wonder if it were better if they had just passed on so not to suffer and struggle for the rest of their life.

1835 days ago

doc murry    

what kind of drugs is that dude on ..he looks as spaced out as michael jackson did

1835 days ago

Black Power    

To #60 - tom jones - You win the prize for being the biggest A-hole on this site. First, you use the name of Jesus to try and make your comment funny, then you say he doesn't look too bad. Man, I hope one day you or someone you love is put in the predicament so you can learn a lesson in caring. You're probably too young or too stupid to understand what this young man is going to go through for the rest of his life. And as for using him to pick up chicks, I guess if that is the reason you need to find a girl, you must be one dog ass ugly, illiterate, unfeeling, childish dork. Good luck with your useless life. And how dare you use the name Tom Jones as your moniker. You couldn't hold a candle to that man.

1835 days ago


Nick Hogan should be forced to help care for his "friend" every single day for the rest of his life. I would rather see Nick in that state than this poor veteran. To survive a war and then come home and be NICK'S VICTIM is horrible. I pray for this man.

1835 days ago


I remember meeting this family right after the accident. My niece was in a car accident also and was taken to Bayfront. His mother was grieving for her own son and took the time to meet my family and have prayer with us. John's mother and grandmother both are loving and devoted people and he is very lucky to have them in his life.
It was hard to hear that he was released from the hospital today, but I am so happy that he has made it this far. My niece did not make it. The night before my niece passed away, his family and their friends came down and asked if they could have prayer with us, it comforted my family very much so. I do have to say the Hogan's were there also and they were kind to us the whole week we were there.
My prayers go out to John and his mom and family to keep trusting in the Lord and he will keep providing for you.

1835 days ago


Sending prayers for his family, one night changed all their lives forever. I hope the suit can get him enough for care for the rest of his life and a real apology from Nick H. Nick to date has been more worried about himself and his life than his friends.

1835 days ago


Yes Nick should be held accountable for his actions, but was John Graziano forced to get into that car? It's unfortunate what happened,but sadly irresponsibility led to John's current state.

1835 days ago


Accidents happen period. and im sure john could have got out of the car or told nick ,instead im sure he loved the adrenaline rush up til they hit the tree. Im so over ppl thinking john was some guy standing on a street so innocent yeah right! maybe im wrong but i know when im a passenger and my friend was ever being a dumbass i speak up!

1835 days ago


62. In case anyone forgot, No one forced John to get into the car. He decided not to wear his seatbelt, while Nick did. It is Nicks fault for the accident, but john got into the car by choice. We all take that same risk everyday,As do our children and friends. No one deserves this, But let this be a lesson to always wear your seatbelt.

Posted at 4:02PM on Sep 9th 2009 by Leelee

This is so very true. As sad as this poor mans' situation is, and will be for the rest of his life, a seatbelt may have prevented the worst of this. I make my family belt in before I even start my vehicle, no matter how much flack they give me. It's either 'belt up or get out'....still, so very sorry for this young man and his family and wish them prayers and many good thoughts their way.

1835 days ago


#41 - F off - you're just pissed cause you voted for the loser. I figure since we blamed everything on Bush, now its Obama's turn since he can't even spend the time to read his own healthcare plan/agenda . . . probably since he, his family, congress, etc. will still keep their existing healthcare.

1835 days ago


57. damn he gets out of the hospital and already speeding around in a van,,jesus christ..he cant be too bad if he is driving can he??hell put him in my car and we can go try and pick up some chicks,,maybe they will feel sorry for him

Posted at 3:52PM on Sep 9th 2009 by tom jones

I'm truly amazed that there people as IGNORANT as you with a pulse, seriously. Does this young man look as if he's in the DRIVER seat???? Come on, that's his mom in the DRIVER seat, you moronic piece of pathetic trash. You couldn't get a woman unless she came with a tire pump, so STFU!

1835 days ago


Make Nick change John's diapers for the rest of his life.

1835 days ago


Nick Hogan SHOULD NOT be forced to care for John. He should WANT TO DO IT out of the kindness of his heart!

1835 days ago
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