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The Jackson Kids' Education -- Home Works

9/9/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's kids won't be attending a swanky school in Los Angeles after all -- the family has decided to keep them enrolled at the one learning facility they are very familiar with ... home.

Michael Jackson's Kids

A source extremely close to the situation tells us the decision was made not to enroll Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince at the Buckley School -- where Tito's three kids attended -- so they could continue being homeschooled by the same tutors they had under Michael's supervision.

The only difference -- their home is now the Jackson's place in Encino, not Michael's place in Holmby Hills.

We're told the Jackson family is pulling out all the stops to recreate a "normal" school environment -- they're even building a school yard, complete with a volleyball court, so the kids can enjoy P.E. time. The kids will also go on field trips and have a designated "lunch hour" in between classes.

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It's time to consider renaming TMZ....

How about......MJN....for Michael Jackson Network

1834 days ago

doc murry    

its going to be entertaining watching these kids crash and burn over the next 20 years....obviously wacko jacko has no blood ties to any of these kids so they will wander around not knowing who there parents truely are,they are mutts.,being rasied by that clan will certainly provide tmz and all of us with lots of entertainment. I bet all 3 will be in jail by the time they are 25.

1834 days ago

Sand D    

Yeah Yeah is all about the $$ at the expense of education. How selfish can these people get.
Lazy....lazy people what about the future!
These kids will resent this.

1834 days ago


why is everyone talking about who the kids biological father is??

for gods sake the only parent they have known is MJ as its proof from his own daughter at the memorial

god bless those children , i sincerely hope they dont let this talk about who their real daddy is get to their heads. let them remember their father Michael Jackson

1834 days ago



1834 days ago

billie jean    

I dont see any thing wrong with home schooling.... these kids are very smart and the home schooling is a big reason why they are so smart.... For all know this could just be till the media leave them alone. I dont know why people on on here judging the Jackson's this is a big shock to them too and there just trying to do the right thing for Michael's children no body is perfect give them a break!!!

1834 days ago


Dear old Boot:I am sure that the private full time tutors that the children will have would cost much more than the Buckley School. The article explains that teh children will have the same tutors that Michael had chosen for them.


82. Yeah Yeah is all about the $$ at the expense of education. How selfish can these people get.
Lazy....lazy people what about the future!
These kids will resent this.

Posted at 8:33AM on Sep 9th 2009 by one old boot

1834 days ago


Oblio - Not sure about jail by 25 but definitely on meds. Tragic situation. Does the kids legal rep have the power to suggest an alternative home for the kids if the kids asked?

1834 days ago


Oh c'mon.... home schooling is terrible for a kid.
Why can't they go to a normal school like Angelina Jolie's kids?
And many other celebrities' kids?
Put some bodyguards and that's all. Nobody will bite them!

1834 days ago



1834 days ago


It Doesn't matter to me any comment of the those than hate Michael, the only thing than I know IS...**MICHAEL JACKSON, King of Pop, exceptional Human Being, beautiful man, kind, awesome and more...The Legend never dies...Michael JACKSON 1958-FOREVER!!!

1834 days ago


must continue to do what they did.
#12 I agree

1834 days ago


Completely segregated from society... they'll grow up normal.
Are the jacksons afraid that the kids may discover that they have rights?

This is further proof that all the jacksons are demented a$$hole$.

1834 days ago

doc murry    

those kids will nev er see much of that money anyways..i read soemone say oh those kids are so smart,,how do you know they are smart,,they could be as dumb as a box of rocks,the scruffy looking one obviously has problems at the burial he is sitting there covering up his face,,now is that normal..maybe for wacko jacko but not for kids to do,,these kids do not have a chance unless someone picks them up and drops them in another country for the next 10 years...the jackson clan is money hungry fools with no cooth,they will hide the kids until they have spent all the money then they will drop them like a hot potatoe,,these kids hardly ever saw wacko and when they did he was spaced out on drugs,,they had no father..i predict the boys will be gay and the girl will be in x rated videos by the time she is heard it here first

1834 days ago


...........because they are are not going to be enough of a freak show, now we will keep them shut out of the world too. Lets not have any normal-ness now.

MJ should have never been allowed to have guppies let alone kids.

All of you you who defend this drug addict need your heads checked.

How do you love and care about your kids when you are in La La land all day on scripts? Or, you put sheets on their heads? Or, hang them out windows? Or dye their hair all kinds of colors? Or not let them have a Mother? Or running to the plastic doctor for yet another nose job? Or being on trial for playing with little boys? Twice? Nah, that was just a peachy situation to have kids around. My bad.

I could go on and on.....

Well at least they have some money for all that future therapy.

1834 days ago
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