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Neverland Owners Make Trademark Move

9/10/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The company that owns Neverland Ranch hasn't gotten permission to turn Michael Jackson's old stomping grounds into a tourist attraction -- but they just filed a bunch of trademarks with the U.S. Patent Office just in case they do.

Neverland Owners Make Trademark Move

We just got our hands on trademark applications filed by the Sycamore Valley Ranch Company -- a company started by Colony Capital and Michael Jackson -- who is attempting to lock down the following names to use with the property: Neverland Ranch, Neverland Valley, Neverland Valley Ranch, and Neverland.

Sycamore also filed paperwork requesting to use the four Neverland names on several products and services including:

1) "Museum services - namely opening a museum in Michael Jackson's former home and providing tours ... providing theme park services."

2) Printed material (post cards, greeting cards, bags, non-fiction books about Michael Jackson, etc.)

3) Games and playthings (toys, dolls, roller skates, toy rockets, board games, playing cards, etc.)

4) For "providing facilities for business meetings and conferences ... retail and online retail store services ... mail order catalog services in the field of novelty, gift, and souvenir items"

5) Clothing, footwear, headgear

But don't get too excited yet -- we spoke with several members of the Jackson family who claim they were never asked permission by SVRC. In fact, Joe Jackson made it very clear, "Colony Capital cannot do this without our permission."


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Anyone remember the day the cement truck pulled up to the gates of Neverland before they had the memorial for Michael? Everyone said, "oh, they were thinking about burying Michael there."

Jermaine is one sneaky sneaky snake. Ya'll better check and see what the hell he really did.

You don't think he didn't have or has a hand in all this? He was the one who introduced Tohme to Michael. Tohme and Tom Barrack(who owns Colony Capitol) are friends.

I would wonder what the hell that damn cement truck did out there that day. Regardless of what the media has told us.
Remember- the Media LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That SNAKE has been smiling and grinning all over the place.

1838 days ago


Thank you Alice, the tribute made by Siedah Garrett is wonderful. I
alreay knew the song in French, I love his accent, it's so sweet.


1838 days ago


Why not wait until Michael's 3 children are of age, and can therefore decide for themselves as to what should be done with their home.?

1838 days ago


Can people please respect that he's dead and stop trying to get more and more money on him?!!!!!!!!!
He'd be very ashamed of all this.
At least the money will go to his 3 kids???? I don't think so, so MAKE THEM STOP!!!!

1838 days ago


Update: Neverland Trademarks Will Go to EstateBy: Roger Friedman // Tuesday September 8, 2009
We can relax a little.

I am told that the many trademark requests filed by Colony Capital for Neverland are not going to remain in their current state.

A source says that the Trademark filings will all be transferred to Michael Jackson’s estate. We will not be seeing toy guns or anything like the items listed in the item below with Neverland Valley Ramch.

It does sound as though Colony Capital’s efforts to exploit Michael Jackson in death are coming to an end. The Jackson executors — John Branca and John McClain — are taking firm stands on protecting Michael’s image and likeness, and his associated endeavors. There won’t be any “Heal the World” bandaids or “Remember the Time” alarm clocks either. No “Man in the Mirror” dressing tables.

TMZ post is inaccurate and misleading and people dont be fooled by TMZ is just another vulture milking on MJ. so lets keep our eyes on the ball.

1838 days ago


Correction TMZ it's the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office not the U.S. Patent Office.

1838 days ago


Neverland Owners’ Trademark Requests for Jackson SouvenirsBy: Roger Friedman // Monday September 7, 2009
Michael Jackson’s partners in his Neverland Ranch, Colony Capital LLC, have filed 20 trademark requests to brand the ranch for souvenirs with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

I do mean lots of souvenirs. Here’s a partial list of where Colony would like to see the Neverland name stamped. If they’ve forgotten something, it beats me:

Games and playthings, namely: plush toys, paper dolls, dolls and accessories, toy action figures, toy vehicles, toy cars, toy trucks, toy bucket and shovel sets, roller skates, toy model hobbycraft kits, musical toys, jigsaw puzzles, badminton sets, bubble making wand and solution sets, toy banks, puppets, toy balloons, yo-yos, kites, baseball bats, balls of all kind, play wands, board games, playing cards, and children’s games to play during travel; ornaments, and decorations for a Christmas tree; sporting goods, museum services- namely: operating a museum in Michael Jackson’s former home and providing tours thereof; providing theme park services; entertainment services, namely: live shows and events; tennis and golf resort services; recreation and sporting club services; organization of meetings and conferences as well as clothing, footwear, headgear, and printed matter, namely: post cards, holiday/greeting cards, art prints, art reproductions, bumper stickers, stickers, decals, tissue/giftwrap, printed tickets, posters, wall calendars, flags and pennants of paper, printed and paper emblems, brochures, catalogs, and merchandise bags; books, namely: non-fiction books about Michael Jackson, activity books, address books, appointment books, coloring books, picture books, and comic books; paper and paper articles, namely: photographs, stationery, memo pads, notebooks, envelopes, pencil sharpeners, pen and pencil cases and boxes, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, paper weights, staplers, binders, notebooks, stationery consisting of writing paper and envelopes, memo pads, writing tablets, paper table cloths, paper napkins, paper coasters, and paper mats; money clips, and in keeping with Michael Jackson’s theme of peace — toy rockets, toy guns, toy holsters.

1838 days ago



"Colony Capital" struck Gold & is IN-the-MONEY !!

What an investment !!

They're gonna REAP the REWARDS once they open Neverland Ranch to the public & to Michael Jackson's fans.

Michael Jackson's fans have been wanting to enter Neverland Ranch since the day he moved onto the property.

Michael Jackson's fans are pissin' in their cheerios - they're so excited right now !!


1838 days ago


Well, either the estate or family or both must approve. I think the estate would be the owner of Michael Jackson's brand Neverland.

The requests are pretty modest for cards etc, but "conferences and meetings" doesn't sound terribly wrong. Bringing in a lot of gown-up suits for conferences is the direct opposite of what Michael Jackson created that ranch for, which was helping disabled and terminally sick children. The "Neverland" brand should never ever be allowed for that use. That would not be respecting Michael's legacy. I sincerely hope the estate puts a stop to it.

Seeing Michael's house turned into a conference center would break my heart.

1838 days ago


I remember the cement truck showing up. I also remember reading how a day or two after Michaels passing that Jermaine, Marlon and Tito went to Neverland.

They had a meeting with Barrack while they were there.

1838 days ago


TMZ --

Just stop all this foolishness and give me Conrad Murray's head on a stick!

1838 days ago


what has joe jackson got to do with this?

1838 days ago


i thought that the community did not want anything to do with mj and the connection to neverland in there area?? he couldnt be laid to rest there which thank god he wasnt, he is safe and sound at flm, but now they want a tourist attraction there?? this is all so sad that the only thing all these people see or has ever seen in michael was how to get all of his money he worked so hard for..there are alot of people that need to be investigated for his death it an needs to start with his family and attorneys and people he worked with through out his career. WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS WONDERFUL SOUL, AND WE NEED ANSWERS!!!!TMZ PLEASE HELP US WE NEED THE TRUTH!!!! RIP MJ-SUE FROM TAMPA

1838 days ago


danger, James Brown is the bomb! Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor of the San Francisco Symphony, is a *huge* James Brown fan. When he was in music school, his buddies and he used to listen to Mr. Brown for the control and precision his band mastered while playing. Listen to *Cold Sweat* and see how tight the band is while playing. Thomas told his orchestra to go home and listen to this in order to learn how to apply the band's tightness to classical pieces.

Thomas had a classical music series on NPR a couple of years ago, and could not leave off James Brown as a huge influence on his career.

1838 days ago


I think they should call it Neverland Ranch Dressing. Just saying.

1838 days ago
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