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Neverland Owners Make Trademark Move

9/10/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The company that owns Neverland Ranch hasn't gotten permission to turn Michael Jackson's old stomping grounds into a tourist attraction -- but they just filed a bunch of trademarks with the U.S. Patent Office just in case they do.

Neverland Owners Make Trademark Move

We just got our hands on trademark applications filed by the Sycamore Valley Ranch Company -- a company started by Colony Capital and Michael Jackson -- who is attempting to lock down the following names to use with the property: Neverland Ranch, Neverland Valley, Neverland Valley Ranch, and Neverland.

Sycamore also filed paperwork requesting to use the four Neverland names on several products and services including:

1) "Museum services - namely opening a museum in Michael Jackson's former home and providing tours ... providing theme park services."

2) Printed material (post cards, greeting cards, bags, non-fiction books about Michael Jackson, etc.)

3) Games and playthings (toys, dolls, roller skates, toy rockets, board games, playing cards, etc.)

4) For "providing facilities for business meetings and conferences ... retail and online retail store services ... mail order catalog services in the field of novelty, gift, and souvenir items"

5) Clothing, footwear, headgear

But don't get too excited yet -- we spoke with several members of the Jackson family who claim they were never asked permission by SVRC. In fact, Joe Jackson made it very clear, "Colony Capital cannot do this without our permission."


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"Colony Capital cannot do this without our permission."

TRANSLATION: Where is our cut?

Jacksons are making me barf every day
Now I understand MJ much better
Debbie Rowe is looking better every day

1839 days ago


Neverland is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand it's Michael's creation, his own world, it was his safe-haven, something we could witness with our eyes as part of the legacy he left. But on the other hand it became tainted and defiled after the last trial with Michael not wanting to return. The trial, accusations, police raid, they all made that place ugly. They turned a place that was beautiful and magicial into something disgusting when it wasn't.

I don't know where I stand in regards to what the do with it, whether it be open as a monument/museum. I agree with A.B, I hope they don't turn it into a conference place for some well-to-do business men talking about the next business deal. Neverland was never created by Michael as a place to generate money or business deals. If any good can come to the place, then they should consider turning back into what Michael used it for, terminally ill children like some have mentioned here. I think that's the only way the stigma of the place can be healed and Neverland can again be celebrated the way it should of always been.

Yeah I remember all the cement trucks too. Interesting to see what will come of it. I don't think CC should touch the place yet. Theres too many unanswered questions regarding Michaels death, some of which I think they have a direct link to answer.

1839 days ago


#67, Della, you said it. This is all SO disgusting, I can't believe it!
Where was the Jackson family when Michael was desperately trying to get off drugs so he could do his tour? I for one will have a hard time deciding whether or not to buy anything Jackson again. For the children, yes.....for Jermaine and the rest, never!
I am thinking more and more that this was NOT an accident!

1839 days ago


Michael never wanted to return to Neverland after the 2005 trial.
The neighboors do not want it to be another Graceland. Please just sell the place and leave Michael alone!!

1839 days ago


TMZ --

Just stop all this foolishness and give me Conrad Murray's head on a stick!

Posted at 9:04AM on Sep 10th 2009 by BNS

OMG, this is so funny :)
FIND US MURRAY, if it's left to LAPD, justice will never be served

1839 days ago


67. Anyone remember the day the cement truck pulled up to the gates of Neverland before they had the memorial for Michael? Everyone said, "oh, they were thinking about burying Michael there." Jermaine is one sneaky sneaky snake. Ya'll better check and see what the hell he really did. You don't think he didn't have or has a hand in all this? He was the one who introduced Tohme to Michael. Tohme and Tom Barrack(who owns Colony Capitol) are friends. I would wonder what the hell that damn cement truck did out there that day. Regardless of what the media has told us. Remember- the Media LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That SNAKE has been smiling and grinning all over the place. Posted at 7:42AM on Sep 10th 2009 by Della Very good point. This family seems to be extremely good at keeping secrets so I wouldn't be surprised if many things have already been organised. On another note, for those saying get rid of the place Michael hated it. Did it ever occur to you that he went to great lengths to save the place after he left? It may not be a home to him anymore but he still loved this place enough to not sell it & to get help from very shady people in paying off the debts. Michael still loved this place. Save it for the children & until they are old enough open it up for his fans. I'm pretty sure Michael would have spoke to his children or mother about the place anyhow & I'm pretty sure they'd know what he'd want done with it. Have faith in their decision. Katherines or the childrens that is.

1839 days ago


Diva - this definitely wasn't an accident.

1839 days ago


For some reason the thought of Neverland being turning into an amusement park just makes my skin crawl.

If anything, it should be a place to remember and reflect on the genius that was and still is Michael Jackson.

1839 days ago


For the life of me I hope that there still not trying to have his body entombed there. That is DEFINITELY off the table right? Can anyone confirm this? There is no how no way that could happen right? If it's been ruled against, then that can't be reversed right?

1839 days ago


That old a$$hole hasn't spent a nickle of his own money for 40 years. The company that filed the trademark for 'Neverland' actually owns the place... they can do what they want.

1839 days ago

summer rain    

Joe Jackson you have NO opinion as it is none of your business what is done in regards to Michael Jackson's property and or belongings.You stupid idiot, you CAN NOT give permission for S**T because you have NO SAY in anything per request of your son in his will.I think if his family keep interfering in any of this,they should all be cut off without a penny,not including his children.That family is still trying to live off him even after he is gone.Get a job and support your own selves.You people are a bunch of VULTURES,especially Joe Jackson.And if Katherine can not keep him out of the loop,then someone else should step up too the plate and raise these beautiful children.So far I have seen her do nothing but dis-regard what her son wanted for his children.He DID NOT want his children in the public's eye and she placed them right in the middle of it before his body was even cold.Even though they have reportedly been separated for years she still gives Joe Jackson the right to speak up about things that are none of his BUSINESS.If she can not stand up to him,the estate should cut her off at the knee's as well.That's like this concert that is soppose to take place,one minute she's on board and the next she say's she was kinda forced into it and then backed out placing the blame on her other son.Sounds to me like she can not make a decision and stick to it.I don't think she should have any rights or get any money until she divorces that piece of trash and kicks him to the curb because she obviously CANNOT SAY NO to him and she sure has not been trying to reign him in.He speaks like he is the head of the family.I imagine Michael is turning over in his grave at the way things are going now.

1839 days ago


Sorry about posting my comment twice, but let me reiterate....

Do you not realize, TMZ, that we may be interested in this MJ stuff, yes -- to a point...

Give us Murray...tell us where he is and what he is doing. Tell us how close the cops are to slamming on the cuffs and where we can watch it on TV. Give us MURRAY.


1839 days ago


So the name/ word "Neverland" (Never-neverland kinda similar)is not owned by Disney?

1839 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Michael has not actually owned Neverland for a long time. His share was owned by Colony/Thome thorugh that catalog, he was regaled as a shareholder. Now I see why Jermaine kept on repeating himself how Michael loved the place, Michael will be buried there, etc. BS. Michael wanted nothing more to do with it after the vultures went in and raped his entire life over a lie. The more I see of this continuing money machine going overboard, the more I raise an eyebrow and wonder who really did this to Michael. Almost gives one the impression, nobody else cares, why should I. A gentleman is dead through homicide and instead of seeking justice, they are all more ocncerned with lining those pockets and who is in thick? Well Jermaine of course.

1839 days ago


A good thing MJ came up with the term Neverland all by himself, no wait.

1839 days ago
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