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Neverland Owners Make Trademark Move

9/10/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The company that owns Neverland Ranch hasn't gotten permission to turn Michael Jackson's old stomping grounds into a tourist attraction -- but they just filed a bunch of trademarks with the U.S. Patent Office just in case they do.

Neverland Owners Make Trademark Move

We just got our hands on trademark applications filed by the Sycamore Valley Ranch Company -- a company started by Colony Capital and Michael Jackson -- who is attempting to lock down the following names to use with the property: Neverland Ranch, Neverland Valley, Neverland Valley Ranch, and Neverland.

Sycamore also filed paperwork requesting to use the four Neverland names on several products and services including:

1) "Museum services - namely opening a museum in Michael Jackson's former home and providing tours ... providing theme park services."

2) Printed material (post cards, greeting cards, bags, non-fiction books about Michael Jackson, etc.)

3) Games and playthings (toys, dolls, roller skates, toy rockets, board games, playing cards, etc.)

4) For "providing facilities for business meetings and conferences ... retail and online retail store services ... mail order catalog services in the field of novelty, gift, and souvenir items"

5) Clothing, footwear, headgear

But don't get too excited yet -- we spoke with several members of the Jackson family who claim they were never asked permission by SVRC. In fact, Joe Jackson made it very clear, "Colony Capital cannot do this without our permission."


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I can't believe how fast Michael's things in life are being moved out, sold, et., and he's not even cold yet! Greedy, greedy world. Just glad Michael doesn't know about this.

1834 days ago


It seems to me that this will become a problem. When MJ first died and they were considering burial at Neverland, I saw an interview (I believe it was CNN) questioning local residents about the possibility of reopening Neverland. They were ALL OPPOSED. The one gentleman that stood out to me was a winery owner who was opposed to it as he stated that MJ fans were NOT the type that would be interested in fine wines (In other words, opening Neverland won't benefit my business so I'm opposed). Others just did not want their peace and quiet disturbed by alot of visitors. It was also reported at one point that Katherine was opposed to MJ being buried there but would allow it PROVIDED THAT TOTAL OWNERSHIP OF NEVERLAND WAS GIVEN TO HIS CHILDREN, and we all know that Colony Capital is NOT about to agree to that so it will never become Graceland (for those worrying about MJ not wanting to return to Neverland). It seems to me there will also be some problems with a "museum" as alot of his possessions are already in his family's hands and from what I have read, the executors are going after those from Neverland in the auction houses' possession as these were promised to MJ before his death.

1834 days ago


Tom Barrack and gang are trying to find a way to cash in on Michael's death. It seems Michael is worth much more to them dead than alive.
Trying to turn it into a commercial venture, but I don't know how Colony Capital would have rights to Michael Jackson's name.

1834 days ago


Buying up Neverland from Michael Jackson and marketing it as a major tourist attraction appears to be exactly what MJ's neighbor, Tom Barrack, has secretly plotted to do for years. Living only five miles north of the property;sources disclosed Barrack's son frequently visited Neverland. The moment Michael was at his lowest point,emotionally and financially; Barrack seized the opportunity to gobble MJ's property then informed MJ that he (MJ) no longer had claims to that property, but could have a percentage of certain profits, if MJ were to go along with developing Neverland according to Barrack's plans. Isn't it fishy how Barrack's company has a connection in the ownership of MJ's valuable possessions which are still being held for auction? Taking over MJ's possessions and property has long been in the making. It would be a very sad day to see the greedy, ruthless band of thieves carry out their devious plans to exploit Michael Jackson's persona in death while capitalizing off of the 2,500 acres Michael Jackson so lovingly developed and purported as a haven to share with children. The mega-millionaires behind the Neverland project have the money to buy whatever land they want,anywhere in the world. Were they so envious of Michael Jackson's dream home and land that they would do anything to own it? After assasinating MJ's character and dignity; did it have to take murdering Michael Jackson to finally own and exploit the one place in the world MJ created and imprinted as his source of comfort and solace?

1834 days ago


this is so sad when you think of theese weasels with michael he did not have a chance sounds as if they were always thinking what else they could get of michael.r.i.p.michael this is just so sad

1834 days ago


I'm continually astounded by the drivel that gets posted here, especially the conspiracy stuff. Nobody conspired to take Neverland away from MJ; he lost full claim to it fair and square as a result of his own financial misadventures, and it would have be foreclosed upon but for Colony Capital, et al stepping in and paying the mortgage. Ditto Sony and the Beatles songbook.

The chief effect of the trademarks-had they been granted-would have been to block the Jackson family from using the "Neverland" tag there or elsewhere. It wouldn't have conferred permission to use Jackson's name or likeness in any commercial venture. So Joe's remark is just plain stupid on multiple levels...and what's so surprising about that? Maybe the genuine MJ estate-not the old bullfrog-put pressure on them and they backed off.

1834 days ago

L Bisson    

where else could there be a shrine for MJ? Jermaine should know; Michael did love this place.

1827 days ago

Linda A.    

I knew Michael for many years. Here lately, in Show Business; the term Brand is used for Celebrities; whether in music, acting, or sports. What is that, like toothpaste; what brand--Crest, Colgate, Etc.?
MJ knew he was a commercial entity and was good at comercializing anyting.

However, he hated being referred to as a product, item, entity, or Brand. The truth is; he wanted to be appreciated as an artist on the caliber of Mozart or Picasso or Fred Astaire. And as a humanitarian and a human being.

The tendency in Show Business is that once you become known and then have a hit; you become commercialized by the system; then you get an Entourage and Handlers; that invariably end up mishandling and at times more than not, misrepresenting you.

Neverland Ranch was MJ's dream that came true. He designed much of it himself. He liked Thomas Jefferson; a renaissance man like MJ. Jefferson designed Monticello and was an innovator and architect.
Neverland is for children from MJ. He saw himself as sort of Peter Pan.

MJ's children wish to purchase it is what has been reported. They knew it as their home. The last permanent home with MJ that was his and his alone.

A politician in CA wanted to try to turn it into a State Park; that would have possibly opened the door for MJ to be laid to rest there somewhere done the line; like Jefferson at Monticello. But, I am not wholeheartedly sure that MJ himself would want that. I know he lost it because of lies perpetrated by those greedy individuals that used innocent and frightened children to bolster their claims against him. The pictures of Neverland in which it appeared that MJ was not good about being tidy were taken after the police raid; the police junked his place. Then they photographed him completely naked without make-up for hours in front of at least thirty to fifty officers. He told me later he felt violated and raped. And in the end none of the claims, inuendo against him was true, none of it. They violated his body, his property, his privacy and soul and then because of the cost of what they did to him; he lost his beloved home and his ability to help thousands of other children.

The only way you could give Neverland Ranch back to MJ is to sign the title, rights and property over to MJ's Mother and Children; with the right for them to turn it into a proper shrine for MJ.
Whatever, whoever controls Neverland should do as the Bible says on behalf of MJ; "And God shall restore to you (MJ) all the years the locusts great and small have eaten up." It also says elsewhere in the Bible that sometimes that happens in your next generation after a person is gone---give Neverland Ranch back to his children. Truly, MJ designed nearly all of it himself, like the anti-gravity shoes he designed---therefore, his children as his heirs, should possess Neverland and its property that he designed. Those that thought of MJ as a "Brand" as "Commercial Property" destroyed him--they did not take care of him and tried to cover everything up to save themselves and they took the children's Daddy from them--give them back their home.

MJ understood and forgave his Father. If his Dad was speaking of the Jacksons as a whole, as a family; then MJ would not see anything wrong with it as long as his Mother and the children had the final say.

Thanks, Linda A.

1398 days ago
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