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La Toya Still Thinks Michael Was Murdered

9/12/2009 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The coroner says the death of Michael Jackson was a homicide, but La Toya Jackson is still calling it murder.

La Toya Jackson

La Toya was on "20/20" last night with Barbara Walters, where she once again asserted that Michael was murdered by people who would benefit financially from his death, but she doesn't know exactly who.

Dr. Conrad Murray, who administered the drug that resulted in Jackson's death, is the only person the LAPD is focusing on in their investigation.


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La Toya is nothing but, a GAS BAG! She will do/say anything for attention!

La Toya: Your nothing but a HO. You NEVER had any kind of talent and NEVER WILL! Go away...FOREVER!

1868 days ago

oh well is full of poo!!!    

I do think Michael was murdered!!! And I just don't understand why DR.Death that MORON is still walking the streets????This man has got to be the biggest IDIOT that ever walked this earth!!!!I just can't believe he is going to get away with this I mean whats this world coming to?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!I have seen some crazy stuff but this about tops it!!!!

1868 days ago


Aren't her 15 minutes up yet?

1868 days ago


There is no doubt that Michael Jackson WAS MURDERED.No doctor performs CPR on a bed and wait 3 hours to call911.He waited because he had to make sure MJ was dead and beyond anychance of revival.The family needs the support of all the fans to see to it that justice is done,they don't need the same slander and witchhunt by the ignorants and amorals that victimized MJ.

1868 days ago

a fan    

From the Times Online

The celebrity photographer and artist David LaChapelle had always wanted to take a portrait of Michael Jackson, and nearly did: several shoots were lined up and cancelled as Jackson grew increasingly wary. “Photographers weren’t nice to him,” says LaChapelle. “He got scared.” After Jackson’s death LaChapelle decided to pay tribute. LaChapelle is convinced that Jackson was innocent of paedophilia.

“I don’t think he was capable of hurting anyone,” he says. “I think there’s something really biblical about what happened. His lyrics are so naive and so beautiful. It’s one of the most epic stories of our time, to go from such heights to such depths. He’s a modern-day martyr.”

1868 days ago


I believe there will be charges it is not just LAPD involved but the waiting is very hard on the family and the fans all over the world who loved Michael.The DEA and attorney general office is involved too and we all know how slow government agencies work.Prayers for Michael's children.Justice for Michael.

1868 days ago

seeking the truth    

92. Colony put up 20 million for the 02 concerts. Tohme works for Colony. Tohme used to be a Dr. Tohme is Jerkmaine's buddy. Tohme got Michael in with AEG. Baranka comes back in as he works with AEG sitting on the Board of Directors for their Grammy Museum. Colony built Red Rock Country Club where Dr. Murray lives. Tohme is former relative of Randy P. of AEG and also has connections in Las Vegas. Jerkmaine is the one who is suing Michael for 40 million, not Janet. Cripes Almighty. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. Tragedy of this whole thing is, AEG has too many revenues within the county of Los Angeles and is building more. Do you honestly think anyone within the court system are going to touch them? Please! It will all be blamed on Michael as IMO some of these people claiming that Michael asked them for Diptrivan probably got paid to say it.
Posted at 5:45PM on Sep 12th 2009 by GetTheFactsStraight


1868 days ago



Posted at 4:58PM on Sep 12th 2009 by T.J,


I think it's wonderful that people can express their opinions here freely. Some of the opinions could be expressed with a little more class but what the heck, not everyone has been treated to a course in proper etiquette. This comment, however, crosses too far over the line of decency.

1868 days ago

Steve Spag    

illuminati did it.

1868 days ago

seeking the truth    

91. Hello why has there only been one article that the coroner's office has been cleared on any wrong doing for leaking info on the autopsy. this is itself is very fishy. Why are reporters not reporting this. Justice for Michael

Posted at 5:43PM on Sep 12th 2009 by Debbie


I want to know that too, why not criticise the LAPD?! Scared of losing your 'law enforcement' source - what biased media!!! At least you do let us write what we want in the comments though - not many let us do that - so thanks for that. Please get some balls and ask why the LAPD are allowed to leak such confidential info! Does the truth and justice mean anything to the media? No I guess not - sad eh!

1868 days ago


95. She should never speak in public. She sounds insane.

Posted at 5:50PM on Sep 12th 2009 by Bobp

She certainly didn't sound insane,but you and I would probably, if we had an amazing human being for brother,who happened to be the greatest entertainer of all times and who was murdered by the powers that be because he was worth more dead than alive.I'm just a simple fan and can't get over it.I can't even imagine the magnitude of the pain his family and friends whose life he touched are going through.The fact that she can even talk about it is a testament to the strenght of this whole family.

1868 days ago

seeking the truth    

Latoya was NOT paid for the interview!!

1868 days ago

seeking the truth    

Dr Murray made 47mins worth of mobile calls before 911 was called... how is he not arrested?! The LAPD are a complete joke!! The rest of the world is laughing at their incompetence!!

1868 days ago


Homicide is murder you stupid idiot!!

1868 days ago
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