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Tila Tequila Photos -- Armed with Evidence?

9/12/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained these photos of Tila Tequila taken the day after her alleged run-in with Shawne Merriman -- and it's obvious by the bruises, Tila had a rough night.

Tila Tequila

Tila claims she was "choked and physically restrained" by Merriman after she tried to leave his residence. Merriman says he was trying to keep a drunk Tequila from getting on the road.

The San Diego D.A. announced yesterday it would not prosecute Merriman due to insufficient evidence.

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oh please.

She probably got into a drunken skankfight and can't remember much of it, so she blames the bruises on the guy. Obviously there is more to this case than the DA or Alienwhore there are telling b/c if she had been in fact assaulted by Merriman, they would've pressed charges.

1836 days ago


Will you guys all read this......Thius should put all to rest...


1836 days ago


Her arms look bad.

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1836 days ago


Tila tweets from last fri night ..... seems to be enjoying herself, getting "tipsy" and so forth .... didn't she say she was "allergic" to alcohol?

"Me getting Tipsy in my hotel about to go to the Chargers VS 49ers Game! Then Parttaaay in ma pizzants! LOL"

"Daaaaaaaaaamn!!! 56 lets goooo lights out baby!!!! At the chargers VS 49ers game!"

"Omg! i cant handle this shizzz!!! I feel like a little girl in a candy store! Oh my goodness! Testosterone!! *sighs* i luv football! Lollll"

I guess the Sheriff's deputies who showed up @ 3:45AM or whatever on Sunday observed her to be intoxicated.

The Sheriffs deputies, paramedics?, hospital workers and DA are ALL involved in a big conspiracy .... according to Tila & Co.

But could it be there just wasn't enough SOLID EVIDENCE on this "citizens arrest" to charge Merriman with either a felony or even a misdameaner? ..... not if you listen to Tilla, her attorney, and followers from twitterland.

1836 days ago


let's all remember the mass size we are talking about.

Tila is like she said 4'11, 93 lbs

Shawne HAS to be at LEAST 250-275....and he "BEAT" her and all she got was arm bruises??

um yeah....whatever...L-I-E-S!

1836 days ago

Some Peeps are losers    

Can you say "PHOTOSHOP"???? wonder who applied the good cinema make-up??? Why didn't the nasty skank show the Female DA the pics?? Oh, I know......THEY ARE FAKE...just like her ALIEN ASS!!!!

1836 days ago


1836 days ago


I swear I could see silloutte of Jay Z on Her left arm, and Jimmy Hendricks on her Right arm!!

$2 Hooker....Go away!

1836 days ago


She is a tiny woman, he is a large man. If he grabbed her for whatever reasons and she fought him, the bruises make sense. BUT, she said he choked her, where are the bruises on her neck? If he did choke her, there would be marks.

1836 days ago


This is a lame attempt to get attention she's been seeking for years. No wonder she's not getting any respect...I mean please you have to know this girl's history before you believe anything she says.

1836 days ago


I totally agree with those who say this was either photoshopped or lots of cheap makeup smeared on her arms rather than her face for a change. Domestic violence is as low as it gets, but so is faking it just to ruin someone with a life, money and a job; something obviously this skank has none of; never heard of her nasty self until now.

1836 days ago


Actually, those fake bruises look better than those press-on .50 tats she's sporting....damn she's just TOO nasty!

1836 days ago


The paramedics and police didnt find any marks or they would have arrested him on the spot. She is pathetic, anyone with a computer can photoshop bruises on arms in about 5 minutes. She is looking to get paid and each day she looks a little more foolish. I feel sorry for all those women who actually are the victims of domestic violence. The DA is not going to turn the other cheek just because he is a charger. Please!!!

1836 days ago


I Found an early video clip of Tila before she well became an even more famous skank
here it is. Did you know she use to go by the name miso horne before she changed it to Tila I didn't I guess she is going to have to get a new show now called A Shot of Penicillin after Tila Tequila anyways check out this early video of her


1836 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Man are bad, women are good.

1836 days ago
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