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Tila Tequila Photos -- Armed with Evidence?

9/12/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained these photos of Tila Tequila taken the day after her alleged run-in with Shawne Merriman -- and it's obvious by the bruises, Tila had a rough night.

Tila Tequila

Tila claims she was "choked and physically restrained" by Merriman after she tried to leave his residence. Merriman says he was trying to keep a drunk Tequila from getting on the road.

The San Diego D.A. announced yesterday it would not prosecute Merriman due to insufficient evidence.

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Remember O.J.? When you date certain people that's what happens

1865 days ago


Something is wrong here.... I am not a fan of Tila but you can't deny that something happened.

1865 days ago


Come on, when was an athlete (or any celebrity) ever convicted of anything in California. The whole state is sooooo star-struck, that celebrities of every ilk get a free pass. And charge a football player with a crime near the beginning of football season? Hush your mouth!

1865 days ago


Some one should bruise up Merriman's arms. That's justice!

1865 days ago


I get bruises after a night of good hard....well you know. She's very tiny, those bruises can be from being held down (willingly) during a good deep...well you know.

1865 days ago


Darlene#15- Honey you are only 16 and don't have the insight into human behavior due to your lack of experience. Tila may not have deserved the assault but there are many evil creatures that need a hard beat down. Remember that people only contact you because THEY want something from you, and it is always a selfish WANT. Be carefull and trust no one!

1865 days ago

TMZ please shut her up!    

Seriously TMZ why are you playing into her scandal. Is she paying you for publicity?

She is making all victims of violence, rape, etc look awful! If you read her twitter page, she is crying in outburst for attention by saying the "Chargers suck" she even goes on to cutting down the Chargers coach. How "likely" the paparazzi caught her with the WINDOW DOWN as she is wearing a short sleeve shirt. I deal with victims of abuse and surely people who are really hurt emotionally and or physically do not prance around trying to SHOW OFF their wounds, bruises, sadness.

The paramedics checked her for injuries and they found NOTHING!

GET RID of her already. She is doing this because her popularity is dying down, and her only fans are 16 and under kids who think taking off your clothes for money is considered HARD WORK.

1865 days ago


thats messed up. he needs to go to jail

1865 days ago


fight for ur rightss.. u can do ittt

1865 days ago

TMZ please shut her up!    

Funny when she dogs on Perez for getting attacked, and now she wants people to feel sorry for her

She talks about how Merriam disrespects women, but even if this was proven, she herself does not respect herself by acting like a slut on tv, pretending to be bi for attention, and taking off her clothes for money, and all together she deems this as "hard work, and that it takes alot to accomplish what she has"

Meanwhile lets just forget about single parents below poverty level trying to feed their kids while maintaining 3 full time jobs, or the REAL victims that dont go twittering and mocking their injuries.

1865 days ago


Being a golddigger is a dangerous Job.

1865 days ago


damn thats some ish tequila girl atleast to stepped up and did something bout it f them hating ass ppl who talkin ish bc they think you bs them pictures shouldve been evidence enough and by him saying he tried to stop you that was proof it was him you dont have to bruise someone to keep them from leaving its other ways to keep someone from leaving... o goodness that sucks

1865 days ago


hahahhaa i hate this whore. the only thing she knows how to do is use the internet you want justice so your depending on your twitter followers to get it ? give up tila, your time is up. you just want to stay on blogs for a little while longer too bad.

1865 days ago


Better to have those bruises than to have gotten behind the wheel and killed someone!!!

1865 days ago


Its easy to keep a drunk person from getting on the road. Take her keys.

1865 days ago
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