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Tila Tequila Photos -- Armed with Evidence?

9/12/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained these photos of Tila Tequila taken the day after her alleged run-in with Shawne Merriman -- and it's obvious by the bruises, Tila had a rough night.

Tila Tequila

Tila claims she was "choked and physically restrained" by Merriman after she tried to leave his residence. Merriman says he was trying to keep a drunk Tequila from getting on the road.

The San Diego D.A. announced yesterday it would not prosecute Merriman due to insufficient evidence.

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"has obtained these photos"...like it was difficult? The publicity-sucking little skank has been out parading for the cameras! Unfortuantely, she didn't study up on her physiology, as she was displaying fresh bruises for the cameras on Thursday when she claimed the incident happened early Sunday morning...had she done the posing on Monday, it might have been more believable. Also, when the police shoot photos, they generally don't have an art director from Playboy set up the shot with see-through tank, black bra, cleavage and a carefully placed necklace. A genuine domestic violence victim would be taking her evidence to the police, not the paparazzi!

1831 days ago

Hey Hey    

It doesn't matter if Tila is a reality star or not..Did you see her bruises?? No man has the right to put his arms on a woman like that. I can't believe he got off...Way to go San Diego, I guess NFL season has begun and you need to win a few games.

1831 days ago


If she was really drunk, it's quite possible the guy was trying to keep her from leaving and driving. I saw a woman who started kicking things at someone else's house when she was drunk, and due to her level of drunkenness and inability to feel pain, it took four large men to restrain her from continuing to break things. Her arms also looked like this the next day, but it was NOT the fault of the guys who restrained her.

1831 days ago


This woman makes me sick

1831 days ago


She will never learn. She says she is deleting her twitter account but doesn't realize that her tweets will still be available to view. Although you own the rights to your TWEETS so does Twitter because they changed the terms of their site. So once again they still can be used against you in a Civil Suit. If Tila would've just shut her mouth and stopped with her Twitter rant she wouldn't be in this mess. No real Domestic Violence victim would use twitter to get their point across. Karma is a bitch especially for tramps that lie. Grow the f**k up and stop playing games with people's lives.

1831 days ago


imo those bruises were self inflicted. Don't you think the police would have photographed them & given them to the DA. She also said she was choked. There should be bruises there too. But nothing is showing there.

1831 days ago


The bruises are clearly too old for them to have happened the day before. Some are already turning yellow, which means they've probably been there for at least 5 or so days. If they were fresh they'd be all black/purple/red on the outside. Its a little sketchy I must say....

1830 days ago


Just go away......PLEASE

1830 days ago


she changes her myspace page to Tila Tequila victim of abuse not ok

hmm.....you know what tho, physical abuse is not ok but maybe she does blog and twit and all that and get attention, but it doesnt mean she was lying i dont really care for her or like her, but it makes me think about how people are calling me a liar because i blog about being sexually assaulted and stuck around.

im not a liar! anyways, i dont know? i still dont think he choked her. he might of restrained her from leaving because she was drunk...you know?

1830 days ago


Don't behave like a whore and expect to be treated like a lady. She probably deserved it.

1830 days ago


she is sooo full of BS...what a waste of time...TMZ why are you wasting time with this washed up has been wanna be star? And Shawn what were you thinking? I know there are beautiful women in SD why waste your time with this chick?!

1830 days ago


y did it take her so long to take pics with the bruise the should've been cleared up. plus didn't she say that he only chocked her and threw her down on the ground so why is the bruises on her arm not on her neck when she said that he chocked her.

1830 days ago


There were witnesses there... I know 1st hand. The DA isn't pressing charges because there wasn't EVIDENCE... HELLO!!! Bonnie is a Domestic Violence pit bull, if there was a microscopic piece of evidence she would prosecute till justice was served. Tila's 15 are up... Good riddance gold diggin fame whore!

1830 days ago


Looks fake to me. I wouldn't put it past her to have done this to herself after the fact...probably while still drunk...just to play it up and be in the spotlight. She is psycho and I could see her doing this just to get back at him for not getting her way that night and wanting to leave the bar drunk, or whatever she was wanting to do that he tried to keep her from doing. If they were in a bar and a guy caused this much bruising, it was more than being restrained and someone would have noticed it.

1830 days ago


she probably did it to her self!

1830 days ago
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