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Want to See Levi's Johnston? Well...

9/12/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin's baby daddy Levi Johnston says he's going to drop his pants for Playgirl -- the only problem, he can't decide which side to show off.

We spoke to Levi's handler -- who is not Bristol -- who told us he's either gonna show "the front or the back" when he poses for the magazine sometime this month.

We're told Levi has been hitting the gym preparing for the shoot and has even hired a personal trainer to shape up...

...because spending that money on baby food and diapers would be too obvious.


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Wow, lotta Resmuglicans (including fat ones, apparently) posting on TMZ... What a shame. Let's put politics aside and support Levi in his latest endeavor, OK? This is going to be important for national unity.

1834 days ago


just go away you loser...head to the porn industry...right up your alley....what was Bristol thinking...maybe we will find out in Playgirl :)

1834 days ago

Miss Thing    

Gross. What makes him think he has something any of us want to see? The arrogance alone makes me want to throw up.

1834 days ago


What a piece of trash!

1834 days ago


He wants to pose for a gay men's magazine? May as well lay the meat on the table. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

1834 days ago


I didn't want to comment because I don't want to give this a*hole any attention .... but I just had to .... I agree with #15 ... he is totally dumb, embarrassing himself, and being used by the liberals ... this kid is disgusting, immoral, and seriously needs to take responsibility for his actions, IMO. But it sounds like he didn't have very good examples of responsible behavior growing up. I hope the Palin girl goes after him for child support after he gets his playgirl paycheck. Perhaps, he's one part of the reason why Palin decided to get out of the limelight for a bit ... too many losers like this kid are riding on her famous coat tails!

1834 days ago


000000hhh, can't wait to see his weenus!

1834 days ago


This guy re-defines the word "douche." Somehow everyone bad mouths Sarah Palin and gives this guy a pass. I guess he fits the bill of what sells on TMZ....NO TALENT...check "Tila Tequila."

1834 days ago

Bunch of Mental Midgets    

Whatever this kid can do to mortify that Born Again, Evangelical, Fundamentalist, bible thumping, holier-than-thou piece of human garbage named Sarah Palin, I support 100%. Hope he's hung.

1834 days ago


Helicopter ~ Sarah Palin has more on her resume than Obama will ever hope to have..........I mean ALL Obama has ever done is be a "community organizer"! That "community" he was organizing is now under investigation. So, how is that "hopey changey" thing working for you now?

Levi is the definition of whitetrash..........His 15 minutes are almost up!

1834 days ago


His handler told him to say that. I am sure he will show his entire body which is TOTAL ASS.

1834 days ago


SHOW IT ALL LEVI!!!! you are freaking hot! cant wait to see you naked!

1834 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Cougar Mommy says, Yes! Take it off, hottie. Regular mommy says, "Ew. That kid's as young as my son." Cougar Mommy and Regular mommy plan to duke it out later.

1834 days ago


I hope all teen girls that fall for the jock star of their high school see where sleeping with them can take you. Bristol was 14 when she met him and he got her pregnant at 17. She is raising the baby. He picks him up and strips the baby down in a cheap motel for GQ to photograph the little infant's private parts while Daddy stands shirtless over him. Now daddy who was a little chubby in that photo is working out to look better to show his own private parts. The Palin's are providing food,shelter, and clothing for the baby while Levi is going from "jock star" to "porn star". I hear Levi and his sister are sporting new cars, clothes, and living the high life on money earned by trashing the Palin's in Wasilla, AK; and Levi is hitting both straight and gay night clubs in NY,LA, and Vegas. Watch the calories, LEVI

1834 days ago


This bum is a real DORK. His 5 minutes are up and he doesn't know it yet. How pathetic!!

1834 days ago
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