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Want to See Levi's Johnston? Well...

9/12/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin's baby daddy Levi Johnston says he's going to drop his pants for Playgirl -- the only problem, he can't decide which side to show off.

We spoke to Levi's handler -- who is not Bristol -- who told us he's either gonna show "the front or the back" when he poses for the magazine sometime this month.

We're told Levi has been hitting the gym preparing for the shoot and has even hired a personal trainer to shape up...

...because spending that money on baby food and diapers would be too obvious.


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I agree that the "Liberal" joke is on Levi, and he is the only one who hasn't figured it out ... what a dumb f*ck! He might get a bit of money during his 15 minutes of shame, but eventually he'll have to get a real job to support his kid. He's too freaking dumb to have a Hollywood career. Every time he opens his dumb f*ck mouth, I'm totally embarrassed for him. About all he's good at is taking his clothes off. I don't like Sarah Palin, but I do feel sorry for her that this a*hole is the father of her grandchild (unfortunately, you can't take it back!) and riding on her "hard-working" coat tails! Levi, stop embarrassing yourself and get some morals for your son's sake! How disgusting!

1830 days ago


This guy only gets attention because he publicly backstabs the Palins in the media/interviews, and the Sarah-haters get off on it! If the Palins make sure he has no information about them in future, nobody will invite him for any more interviews, and he'll have to go back to his McJob in Alaska. Please TMZ, don't give this LOSER any more attention. Like others have said, he's truly disgusting and needs to take responsibility for getting a girl pregnant. Why glorify his behavior TMZ?

1830 days ago


I didn't care much for Sarah Palin as a VP candidate but I always did admire her willingness to be so outspoken & passionate about what she believed in. I may not have agreed with her "political platform" but it sounds to me like her daughter, Bristol, will be much better off without this creep! What's his deal anyway? Is he just now showing his "true colors"?? Or is he temporarily "messed up" over his mom's situation?? He was SO quiet during the campaign. Where in the world is all this coming from all of a sudden? Strange. Geez, no wonder SP left the governors office! She must have seen this nuttiness coming!

1830 days ago

common sense says...    

fame whore!!!!!!! buy a clue, no one give a flying fig about you!!!!

1830 days ago


this guy is perfect for LA what was he doing in Alaska, besides Britsol?

1830 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Here's a little wanker famous for getting a his girl friend pregnant. He need's to grow up be a man get a damn job and look after the kid he helped make

1830 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Who is he trying to become? Another money mooching, dimwit, pathetic loser like K-Fed? Go to school, you Moron, and get a real job.

1830 days ago


I say show us both. Milk Playgirl for all their worth. I think he's kind of hot. I'd be interested in seeing it.
He is completely comfortable with the idea of being a sex symbol to both women and men. He's said as much. Believe it or not, the younger generation are far more comfortable with their sexuality than the older generations.
And by the way, there are plenty of mothers who have taken it off for Playboy. Let's just be sure we're holding everyone up to the same standard.

1830 days ago

Dalia Voltex    

And that made Sarah Palin just *this* close to 'winning' Presidential campaign in 2012. This whole family is one big joke!!

1830 days ago


i LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVE this guy ! keep giving him Pabst Blue Ribbon , and let him keep exposing how trailer park trashy Sarah Palin and her bunch are ! hahahahahha !


MY MY what good "Christians" ! hahahaha lololololol !!!!!!

1830 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Got to be much better than the splotched package in Jacko's gold pants.

1830 days ago


His 15 minutes of fame are over.

1830 days ago

Gayle James    

This Kid (and I emphasize kid) is just a big baby. He needs to go away, go to school, get a job. Man-up to the fact that he is a young father who needs to not go after more stupid publicity than he already has gone after.
So far, he has done nothing to make his son and former Palin family proud of him. I wonder if his own family thinks he is a fool.
He is a true jerk !!!!!!!!!

1830 days ago

guy rich    

palin is going to buy the first issue and have him sign it.Ever since his show ended on the hills he went crazy!

1830 days ago

Rip It Up    

White trash always floats to the surface....he's a low life.

1830 days ago
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