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Hulk Accuses Lawyers of Million Dollar Cover-Up

9/14/2009 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Hulk HoganHulk Hogan claims his own lawyers backstabbed him after Nick's 2007 car crash -- charging him over $1 million for legal representation he could have gotten for FREE.

Hulk's beef is with big-time law firm Zuckerman Spaeder.

Hulk claims after Nick's crash -- in which his passenger John Graziano suffered severe brain damage -- Zuckerman was contacted multiple times by Hulk's insurance company, Progressive, which offered to provide an experienced lawyer to represent the Hogan's in the civil case ... free of charge.

In the lawsuit, filed today in Pinellas County, Hulk claims Zuckerman failed to let him know about Progressive's offer for 17 months -- forcing him to pay in "excess of one million dollars" to Zuck and crew for legal representation he could have gotten without paying a cent.

Hulk also alleges that by the time his lawyers told him about Progressive's offer, the insurance company had "terminated the relationship" with Hulk and refused to pay for the bulk of Zuck's massive legal tab.

Hulk is suing for unspecified damages.


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gerry miles    

it sounds to me like maybe he's trying to say that the lawyer, ,his x- wife's drug spending and his ins. company drained him of his assets, so the disable young man has nothing to sue for. hulk might have to eat one of his chickens for dinner.

1850 days ago


Did Kayne take something from the Hulkster?? That's a smackdown I would pay to see!!!

1868 days ago


I just have to say I think all of the Hogan's are nothing but trash.

1868 days ago


Could this picture be any more blurry? I've seen better photos taken with a disposable camera.

1868 days ago


Good luck with that Terry

1868 days ago


I'm with Hulk on this one. HATE lawyers , seriously hate them, several attorneys have a license to steal and are the dregs of the Earth.

I hope Hulk rakes this lawfirm through the coals.

Someone should report lawfirms to the secretary of state or securities division about the firms with the deceptive practices that charge a monthly fee " just to charge " for no services rendered that start at 500.00 and higher a month.

Lawyers truly are bottom dwellers , very deceptive , they are modern day thieves.

Go get 'em Hulk!

1868 days ago


The hulkster should have read his policy. It clearly states that you have representation in the case of an accident. The Company can also deny coverage if alchol/drugs are involved. He's lucky anything got paid at all.

1868 days ago

mrez golucky    


1868 days ago


Let me get this right Hulk? You are complaining about your bills for your Lawyer here? Is there not another human being involved in this story? How about the young man that is left to live his life out in a wheelchair, having to be cared for daily by nurses, never being able to be a father himself? ....all because of the choices your IDIOT son made about speeding that day! Well, BOO HOO for you L-O-S-E-R! Congrats on raising two of the most selfish, irresponsible children on the set the bar real high on that one!

1868 days ago

excretive producer    


1868 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Nick cost you millions,get it right idiot,we are going after Linda also.She's the ring leader

1868 days ago


Hulk Hogan isn't the brightest Crayon in the box.

1868 days ago

a john mayer mugshot    

technically, he shouldn't have a case. I highly doubt that the progressive legal team that may or may not have been provided would have done nearly as much as Zuckerman did.

It like a public defender vs. a high powered legal team, think about it.

Plus, he's got the cash anyway to pay for a high-powered legal team, and he did. I bet he's real happy too with the results of everything at this point, which is due to Zuckerman's representation.

If he wasn't a complete douche, hiding his cash in LLC's from BOTH his wife and the Graziano's I'd have more sympathy, but bottom line here is that he payed for services rendered and he is an idiot for not looking into his own options at the time. It's not like Zuckerman physically stopped hulk from talking to his own insurance agency about the accident, his responsibilities and alike.

1868 days ago


Dear Hulk Hogan,

Who really CARES that your lawyer charged you $1m bucks!!!!! If YOU had NOT given YOUR son BOOZE & bought Nick several really FAST SPORTS CARS - maybe that awful day, a day that will never be changed, would NOT have happened. HULK, DON'T B*TCH THAT YOU SPENT TOO MUCH TO FREE YOUR SPOILED ROTTEN BRAT FROM THE PUNISHMENT HE SO JUST DESERVED & HULK, BE A MAN, PAY WHATEVER IT COSTS AS THE CAR CRASH (drinking & race car driving is a choice - not an accident ) IS AS MUCH YOUR FAULT AS NICK'S.


To the public - I lived in S. Fla while the Hogan's were filming their reality film - Nick was stopped several times for exceive speeding & drag racing. He was known for racing on I 95 during the day & night, he would "smoke tires" on Biscayn Bld & the speed away (speed limit 35) - I have no pity for any of the Hogan's because Terry aka The Hulk & Linda both would not repremand their kids when they did any wrong. Instead they gave them lavious gifts & no rules!!!!

1868 days ago


Lawyers are bottom-feeders, but Hulk the one who is responsible to find out what his insurance covers. His policy clearly states what is covered, and what is not. This is assuming he read it when he signed up for coverage. Sounds to me like Hulkster wanted some high-priced-flutey lawyer when his son first got in trouble, but now that things have not panned-out like they should have- he doesnt want to pay the astonomical fees.

1867 days ago
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