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Joe Jackson Wants to 'Blackball' Kanye

9/14/2009 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson quickly traded Kanye West's community bottle of Hennessy for a jug of K.W. Haterade -- saying the egomaniacal crusher of dreams should be blackballed from show business.

Here's Joe's anti-Kanye statement in full:

"I don't know what he was doing, he jumped up on stage and snatched that microphone out of that poor girl's hand. They should blackball him out of show business for that. He just leapt up there, that was bad.

I had just gotten through speaking to him, he was introducing me to his girlfriend, and then three minutes later he jumped up on stage. And people booed Kanye all night


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Melissa (the first post) please pay attention before u speak! You got celeberties, average citizens and even "the hoods" speaking out against what Kanye did and half of them have no clue who Taylor is, wrong is wrong! Joe was the first on TMZ to speak out, but people have been tweeting about this ass all night! Joe should talk, got a feeling if it wasn't for Michael/Janet, most of the Jacksons would be blackballed by now! I do agree, Kanye deserves to feel the pain, it was just wrong! Melissa, seems like u should hang out with Kanye, both just plain ignorant, rude and crude and u like to attack when u feel u can get away with it. Kanye can't this time, Melissa your time will come!

1872 days ago


Oh, you old ugly lying evil catfish looking Devil. You're just
thankful that Kanye did something naughty that distracted the evil
eyed looks off you last night.

Joe you old sorry pimp ass Devil. SHUT THE F UP. Have to use anything and everything to get your 2 bits in whether it involves you or not. SHUT THE F UP YOU OLD NUMBNUT FOOL.

Why can't you just drop dead and go to Hell where you belong?


1872 days ago


19. Kanye's behaviour was wrong. Some times you win and some times you lose.
However even I thought that Beyonce should have won for I am a single lady.
The fact is that video was immensely popular and it was so popular that almost everyone from regular people , children to even Justin Timberlake on SNL were spoofing it.
I mean that was truly the most popular one. Beyonce should have won

Posted at 12:56PM on Sep 14th 2009 by nazirmo

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1872 days ago


You know it's bad if Joe is disgusted by it. Kanye, I think this is rock bottom. Go Joe, we're never too old to change.

1872 days ago


JOe ur rite she's only 17 years old y would he do that 2 her just coz he didnt get the person he wnted 2 that was so out of ouder Joe ur rite Bt us shouldnt of dne wt u did 3 days after Michael died u was talkin about doin a thoyugher music 2 make money and Jermaine is so tryin 2 make money of his brother Michael u dnt see the other drother's doin that they are just rembering they brother and nt makin money THINK ABOUT HIS KIDS i think u should R.I.P Michael love you always and 4ever LNG LIVE THE KING XXXXXX

1872 days ago


You all know Michael Jackson would have never done something like that. Jackson may have been a little eccentric, but everything I've ever heard about him showed he cared about people.

1872 days ago


can't believe I'd ever agree w/Joe Jackson about anything but wonder of wonders I did agree with Al Sharpton awhile back, so I guess anything's possible.
KW is a disgusting, insignificant, no talent little troll and this proves it. Just who does he think he is? I hope this finishes him.

1872 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Jazz, ITA. JoeJack$on is happy to shift the balme on someone you know this is bad!!

Kayne,best thing he can do is go to rehab....come out in 3months and do a Barbara Walters show.

1872 days ago


BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! When Joe Jackson calls you on your behavior, you know you f-ed up in a big way...

1872 days ago


Joe is right. But I can't help but wonder if this is why he's bashing Kanye.

"This is bad, this is bad: Michael Jackson.
Now I'm mad, real mad: Joe Jackson."

Maybe that rings a bell with some of you? Either way, I would have loved to have been a fly buzzing around their heads when they were having their conversation.

1872 days ago


"The pot is calling the kettle black." Are you serious?! Joe Jackson should shut his trap. VERY soon after his son's death he came out on TV promoting himself, his label and his artists. I don't side w/ Kanye. Totally against what he did, but what Joe Jackson did was far more worse than Kanye. Joe Jackson should just DISAPPEAR!!!!!!!

1872 days ago


Catfish, if you have to speak up on anything, why the hell
aren't you asking when your son is going to get justice?
That is so much more important than kanye the dh.


1872 days ago


If Kanye would have been raised by Joe Jackson he would no better than to act like that.


1872 days ago


SO two of the biggest WHOREMONGERS in the US got in their 2 cents worth (punches)on Kanye who if he had grabbed the award out of Swits hand would still look like an angel compared to these two Devils.

Donald, you crappy haired looking old turtle, no rich man in this entire WORLD ever did a woman dirtier than you did Ivana. You deserve every one of those fake looking and gold digging bitches and whores that you've been ignorant enough to marry since her. As great a mother and helpmate wife that she was to you. SHUT YOUR UGLY YAPPER ALSO TRUMP YOU TWITASS prissy ass joker.

YOU and JOE Jackson need to go straight to Hell and soon.

1872 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

Now’ what can everyone’ do, the Autopsy report’ may be in second or third copy, the Cause of Death’ report’ has been Amended, the Crime Scene was ignored’ until after the mover’s gutted the household belonging’s, the Ambulance and Hospital preformed CPR to a Cadaver, the Hospital’ attempted to revitalize a Corpse with Lividity, then’ provided no authoritative’ press release, theirs been few, if any’ press releases / news conferences, but’ persistently Police and Coroner leak’ news stories, dr. Murray’s phone call to Houston was not traced’ until after a TMZ story was published’ a month later, theirs no definitive time-line of events established, we know Michael had concluded USA rehearsal’s {80 hours’ in the can} with itinerary’ of traveling oversea’ that weekend interrupted. “MR. Michael Jackson” American’ was historically’ falsely accused’ and falsely incriminated’ again’ and again’ including proof of vengeance’ and vendetta’ involving the same, or near-by’ responsible governmental officials. Mr. Jackson communicated’ with Doctors regularly, but’ are police even interested in his years of phone bills and calls to these disgraceful Practitioners. Politics won’t help, unless everyone complains to every politician near and far, big and small. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was at MR. Michael Jackson’s Forest Lawn grave-sight Services, it’s overdue time’ for stepping up to the Podium’ and talking’ to us, the police report said’ the Propofol that killed Michael {police already’ reported the Propofol’ was traced from’ Los Vegas Pharmacy} was from untraceable origins’ Propofol was under Recall, meaning’ Police are claiming Anastasia’ unsafe, there’ tripping over their’ own misinformation? Barack Obama the buck’ has a stopping point, politicians need to step-up’ or step-down’ the silence is deafening, this will not’ go quietly into the Night.

1872 days ago
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