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Taylor -- Beyonce 'Immediately' Reached Out

9/14/2009 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor -- Beyonce 'Immediately' Reached OutAs soon as the VMAs ended, Beyonce Knowles wasted no time distancing herself from Kanye West's infamous hissy fit -- we're told Bey's camp almost "immediately" approached Taylor Swift to make sure she was okay.

Taylor's rep tells us Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles approached Taylor outside her dressing room once her subway car performance was over.

We're told Mathew wanted to make sure Taylor was doing fine after West's diss -- and they even discussed ways to make up for it.

Taylor's rep tells us the singer was mainly upset because she wasn't able to thank her fans for voting for her -- which was eventually made right when Beyonce invited her back on stage to finish what she started.

Taylor's reps tell us she had never met Beyonce or Kanye before the last night's weirdness went down.

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8. Come on people. Kanye is getting a bad rap here. Taylor is in the business she should have a thicker skin-----Beyonce deserved the award anyhow...... all the country cloonies voted for Taylor otherwise they wouldnt be watching vma---

Posted at 4:17PM on Sep 14th 2009 by h

please kill yourself. god bless.

Posted at 4:20PM on Sep 14th 2009 by please die

Would it help if I said "Pretty Please"

1865 days ago


He needs some serious help. No. Seriously. He has a problem.

1865 days ago


What a tool (kanye stretched taylors 15 minutes) well at least we know kanye isnt the only tool. 15 minutes of fame? kanye helped her out? Do you reach that conclusion because her first album went 4 times platnium and her sophmore album to date has only reached 3 times platnium. Yeah you must be on to something. Brilliant!

1865 days ago


inb4 a duo(Taylor & Beyonce) and all of this was a publicity stunt.

1865 days ago

just sayin was great TV (staged) but great. The producers and Directors did
a great job. Most of you will be back for next years VMAs, this was
classic MTV....ya got punked. that's what all the pre show Twitter hype was about. It got the
cyber fans evolved. The VMAs are back in NYC, and they made news.

1865 days ago


Kanye needs to be sent to his room for a long hard "time out" so he can think about that he did.

1865 days ago


Bravo Beyonce and Mr. Knowles! See this is what happens when you are raised right.
I never heard of Kanye having a dad in his life, some who could show him what a real man is.

Trust me this is no excuse for Kanye. He should have been smart enough to aspire to be a better man.

1865 days ago


Kandy West is a no name nobody certainly no-talent..who always needs to try to make a name for himself..he yells into a microphone..that's talent? Make sure they put him way in the back from now on..and have security guards watching to make sure he doesn't approach the stage..Taylor Swift has more talent in her pinky than this idiot could steal his whole life..does he not understand what talent is? Look at MJ and JJ sing and dance that's talent..and Michael was always a gentleman first and far as Beyonce goes..she lost..Taylor won..end of story.

1865 days ago



1865 days ago


And what would you expect from an arrogant F-CKTARD??

1865 days ago


To those of you even suggesting an excuse for what happened to Taylor last night at the MTV awards, you need to reevaluate your priorities and values.

It wasn't about who won or what prompted an ego driven idiot to impose his values on everyone. It was about a teenager who was voted the best having her moment ruined and probably the best moment in her life, hijacked by a self serving, egotistical moron, intent on stealing the limelight for himself.

I couldn't tell you who was better, I don't think it is relevant to what has occurred. I could care less who is better, I do care a grown man feels he has the right to publicly humiliate a teen on tv for his own ends.

For those of you suggesting one entertainer was better than the other so it was understandable, I feel sorry for you.

1865 days ago


TS should have thicker skin - are you kidding me. Thicker skin for a moron that jumps up on stage,steals the mic from her - not allowing her to give an acceptance speech for an award SHE won is like saying everyone who walks down the street needs to wear a bullet proof vest because one day they might get shot. How many times have you seen one of your peers attack you because they felt you were not worthy of winning.

Sorry thicker skin does not hold water in this case. KW needs help.
His friends should be knocking his door down to get him into rehab.

1865 days ago


The main thing we should have been talking about from the VMAs was Michael Jackson and Janet's tribute to him! Instead we are talking about that stupid idiot Kanye! This really makes me sick!
I love and miss you Michael!!!

1865 days ago


Look he is gonna pull the mic from the wrong person or try to upstage the wrong person and get his butt handed to him. I am still waiting for mtv to show some kinda responsibility and ban this guy to send a message period. P.S: For those who keeping saying taylor should be thankful. ask yourself for what? She was made an ass in front of a ton of fans and family, So think before you post...

1865 days ago

ROB W    

I really never watch these award shows, but this is just plain stupid. I remember the Bruno&Eminem act, and I thought it was really funny especially after they both admitted to pulling the prank. Kanye; I really don't like your music, but that's not what is at issue here. I don't like country music all that much; but you spoiled a lady's time to shine in the spotlight. You really are a self-centered douchebag. I hope the next time (and I hope there's not) you decide to rush the stage, I hope a security guard kicks your self rightous ass and reminds you that "it all isn't about you". What the hell are you? a male Oprah.

1865 days ago
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