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Taylor -- Beyonce 'Immediately' Reached Out

9/14/2009 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor -- Beyonce 'Immediately' Reached OutAs soon as the VMAs ended, Beyonce Knowles wasted no time distancing herself from Kanye West's infamous hissy fit -- we're told Bey's camp almost "immediately" approached Taylor Swift to make sure she was okay.

Taylor's rep tells us Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles approached Taylor outside her dressing room once her subway car performance was over.

We're told Mathew wanted to make sure Taylor was doing fine after West's diss -- and they even discussed ways to make up for it.

Taylor's rep tells us the singer was mainly upset because she wasn't able to thank her fans for voting for her -- which was eventually made right when Beyonce invited her back on stage to finish what she started.

Taylor's reps tell us she had never met Beyonce or Kanye before the last night's weirdness went down.

kayne west


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Taylor, sometimes ppl are ignorant tools who haven't been taught basic manners or raised to have respect for others. It's his issue, NOT YOURS.

There isn't one of us who hasn't been made to feel bad by someone else's stooopid comments or actions, I'm just so sorry you had to experience Kanye's totally uncalled for and moronic outburst in such a public way.

If it's any consolation, our hearts went out to you in that moment and we collectively held our breath while you handled yourself with grace & style & aplomb, you should be so proud of yourself!!

Do what you do best, girl....write a song about this...(make sure you mention his idiotic hair) it will be the biggest damn thing going! You are talented, beautiful & classy, NO ONE can take that away from you.


1772 days ago


oK WELL i could understand if he did this and taylor swift had won like 10 Vmas and apologized but this is her first Vma and if i recall hasnt he done this before AND DID NOT APOLOGIZE wat a douchebag

1772 days ago


Grow up, people.

Beyonce had to reach out to Taylor Swift or it would've been a PR nightmare for her. She had to distance herself from what KW did or people would've slammed her too.

1772 days ago


He has to be one of the most ignorant human beings on this earth. Why he thinks it is "his place" to get up there and spout off like the piece of dog poop he is, is beyond me. Kanye who????? You are a loser. You are a real big man doing that to a young girl. Jerk off.

1772 days ago


"No matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd."

1772 days ago


Kanye...your mother must be so proud

1772 days ago


Ermmm people like #72 since when did Jay Z back Kanye? What you're reading some rubbish of Media Take Out? Since when do they ever print true stories? I doubt Jay Z would do that, stop believing everything you read. Anyways, what Kanye did was really rude and disrespectful, yes he's done it before but then he was moaning that HE should of won an award and that was kinda funny, but this time it just wasn't funny. She's a young girl and it was her first award, how humiliating for her. But atleast Beyonce has got some manners and respect. Appauling behaviour.

1772 days ago

Star Millie    

LLS I was reading everyone's comments and lets just say that some are funny. Others aren't. For example. It is very true that I did not know who that Taylor girl was until he stepped onto that stage and dissed her. If he haven't did that...she'd just another young singer with an award and didn't deserve it. But don't get me wrong, HE was absolutely wrong for what he did. Because no one wouldv'e did that to him..His comments should have been held until the end of the show. But I also think that it is wrong to judge KANYE in the mix of it all. Believe me. I know he is somewhere right now rethinking.. "WTF did I do that for last night?"
People getting on his mother is dead wrong. I do not even find it funny. And the whole thing with his girlfriend... well I will let that one slide because I don't even know what the hell he was thinking when he hooked up with that.
Anyway. The Taylor girl does have a nice voice and BEYONCE. being the diva she is. Much respect to her for giving that girl her speech back. Even though Taylor did not say thank you..still BEYONCE did the right thing. And I do not feel sorry for whatever words she may have towards Kanye later on. It's just a big lesson learned and everybody will have their own opinion about him.
I guarantee that he WILL lose a FEW fans. BUT NOT ALL OR HALF. I am still a fan. But he needs some kind of help. As long as his music is good- he will still have STAR MILLIE by his side.


1772 days ago


That was very classy of Beyonce. Very classy.

1772 days ago


Beyonce was a class act last night. Good for her!

1772 days ago

mike j    

kangay's career is dead just like his fake ass mom, who's worm food by now HAHA!!! He should join her..the sooner the better!!

1772 days ago


Kanye is dum and doesnt know music which is why hes allways SUCKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one wanted to know he dum a55 thoughts its not him getting a award that low life no good peson is th worst person ever for doing that with that hair style he sucks soo much he might as well be a d1ck suking vampier

1772 days ago



1772 days ago


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Mommy tastes like chicken.

1772 days ago


I think Taylor should be commended for the way she handled the entire event. What he did was very unprofessional and very disrespectful. Kayne being in the bussiness a lot longer, sure didnt act like it. He acted like spoiled child, instead of someone many kids look up too. Beyonce handled it like a real lady like always.

1772 days ago
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