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Votes in Battle of the


9/15/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We may all think Kanye West is the devil for what he did to poor little Taylor Swift -- but on Capitol Hill, there's a far worse enemy to humanity: The dude who yelled "You lie!" at President Obama.

Jim Moran: Click to watch
Yesterday in D.C., Congressman Jim Moran (D, VA) slammed Representative Joe Wilson, saying, "Joe exposed himself to everyone for who he is .... I don't think he ever would have behaved in that disrespectful a way towards any other president, which tells you something about him, doesn't it?"

Moran said Serena Williams and Kanye's blowups didn't compare to Wilson's ... but what do you think?


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OK. Services offer by government are bankrupted and even in this situation the same government gave to banks and other financial companies billions of dollars!!!! OK, you gotta be right. Government doesn't have any money to offer good services to us. The cash we pay in taxes is not for any benefit for us, is just for major companies save their asses.
Because dumb people whom think in this way, the country could really go in a not good direction.
Free health care for everybody is a very important, humanitarian and fair cause. We are paying taxes for it!!!!!
Just think about it!!!!!

1872 days ago


Really, whites have said things and we usually let so many of those comments slide. I know I have at work many times let those comments roll off. Yes, I was offended by what Kanye did to Miss Swift, but everyone gathered around her and offered apologies and Kanye eventually offered three. I think he has learned his lesson. Could we stop the lynching now? Or should the president decide to lynch the congressman that booed him. Or should we continue to lynch Michael Richards for his mistake? How about lyching Dog after what he said about his son's black teenage girlfriend? After one week of that, blacks didn't care what he said. Actually, I forgave Michael Richards after I heard what he said that first evening. Should we continue to lynch that white golfer that got pissed off with Tiger Woods and ask if the Club was going to start serving fried chicken and greens now? When will the lyching stop. I get it, it seems more harsh coming from a black skinned person. I was pissed with Kanye for what he did to Taylor Swift and so are millions. But you know what? Taylor's over it now. It was soooo 30 mins ago. And Kanye has learned his lesson...."Grow Up".

1872 days ago


Mr. Joe Wilson is an honest and brave America.

Moran is a shill and puppet.

1872 days ago


Obviously you can see the political views of TMZ. I love that Wilson spoke up, finally someone in D.C. with some testicular fortitude, a spine!! WOW! what a concept....honesty!

1872 days ago

uh oh    

Simone, you are a raving lunatic. There will be no free health care system. We, our children and their children will go bankrupt paying for it, as will the country. Grow a freakin brain, moron.

1872 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

If you don't like the medical insurance you have or don't have, get off your azz and get a policy, find a different policy, get a job, find a different job, mooch off your family and friends, move to another country, or be a charity case. Name one U.S. government program that the government runs properly, and I'll name fifty they don't. It's not my job to support you. And the government can't support its legal citizens with medical care, yet it wants to provide free medical care to all illegals here. Our President IS a liar when he says that his plan will not cover illegals. Medical coverage is not a right. If you believe that, you are a victicrat. Definition here

1872 days ago

uh oh    

What this country needs is a Czar to institutionalize the Obamatards who drink Barry's Koolaid.

1872 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

I think the Congressman is a hero for speaking up.He spoke for the people that have had enough of covering up hidden deal that has "left out" of a healthcare proposal,and very important factor. I commend him.And I believed he was bullied into submission to apoloigize to the president.I don't care if you are a president or not. If you are a liar,someone call you on it.....

1872 days ago


You CAN'T have quality and efficient socialized health care...

when your gov. is run by crooks.

They brought the country down...

do you think it's going to stop here and now?

I pay $788 a MONTH for health insurance...

Canadians pay less than $100.00 a month.

Insurance companies are vampires...

and they sleep in OUR White House.

1872 days ago

Linda Mott    

The President makes many speeches and Taylor has this one time for her 15 minutes of fame. The President could use this outbreak to his advantage to show the disrespect the Republicans have for him. (The Democrats were very disrespectful to the former President, but didn't do anything this distasteful or disrespectful)
Taylor is not a seasoned politician but rather a 19 year old young women that had a dream smashed. West is the worst. At least the President got a real apology. She had one posted for a few minutes. They both were not in control of their emotions but West was worse.

1872 days ago


i just fell in love with this congressman! if he runs for president,im voting for him. FINALLY,TMZ has a story that matters to ppl. Please do more like these and start interviewing these politicals officials. you have no idea how you can chage the world by this type of entertainment.

1872 days ago


Wow Simone. Not the brightest thing I have ever heard. Free healthcare is not really "free". Unfortunately, we live in the age of entitlement where everyone feels that someone else who has more money than they do should be paying for their commodities (yes, healthcare is a service, a commodity) so they can buy vacations, beer, tobacco, tv's, ipods, boats, cars, etc. This is a nanny state. Try reading Ayn Rand sometime. There is an excellent book called Atlas Shrugged where all of the wealthy (aka, productive) people in society go on strike because they are sick of being exploited by society for their money. Society doesn't do very well without them.

1872 days ago

uh oh    

Taylor has had a heck of a lot more than 15 minutes of fame. She is a hot country artist and deserved to win. RESPECT is earned, and this President has done nothing to deserve it. He is arrogant and he can't even make a speech without a teleprompter. Never has a U.S. President said, "We won, that's why" He is a mobster and that's the only life he knows. We need a President, not a wannabe rock star who is in your face on TV every 15 minutes. The campaign is over, yet he keeps campaigning. If he would stay in his office and actually read what he is peddling, maybe he would have some credibility. He's getting exactly what he deserves.

1872 days ago


Also, there is a double standard. Bush was booed during several speeches by the democratic congress to the point of where you couldn't hear him. Do as I say, not as I do, eh??

1872 days ago


I think they made a typo, the guy's name should be spelled "Moron."

1872 days ago
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