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9/15/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We may all think Kanye West is the devil for what he did to poor little Taylor Swift -- but on Capitol Hill, there's a far worse enemy to humanity: The dude who yelled "You lie!" at President Obama.

Jim Moran: Click to watch
Yesterday in D.C., Congressman Jim Moran (D, VA) slammed Representative Joe Wilson, saying, "Joe exposed himself to everyone for who he is .... I don't think he ever would have behaved in that disrespectful a way towards any other president, which tells you something about him, doesn't it?"

Moran said Serena Williams and Kanye's blowups didn't compare to Wilson's ... but what do you think?


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Sorry but as elected officials Congressmen need to be held to a higher standard of conduct. If Wilson can't meet that standard, then he needs to find another career.

1833 days ago


simone, firstly, get an education or find out how to use spell check!!! Secondly, were you saying the same thing when your precious dems where insulting Bush every day? Calling him names, booing him when he spoke. Nope, your doublestandards when it come to those that do not agree with the current administration is beyond words. We have the freedom to disagree with our government, some of us actually take time to educated ourselves on the issues at hand and make choices from there. Unlike you! The blind robotic stupidity you show is freightening!!!! God help us all if people like you continue on. Tell me something.....your expectation is that the governement - including your president is offering to take care of you, you never have to work a day in your life - no more McD's 8 hr shift (based on you education level)what happens when no one works anymore, when all our needs are taken care of by the govenment, whose gonna pay the bills cuz no one is working so no one is paying taxes. Try for once in your life to see all sides of the box, read a little and make informed decision before you and your kind kill this once great country off for good!!!!!

1833 days ago

Dee Rocks!    

Gee, what a surprise in Kanye blaming his VMA outburst on unresolved grief over his mother's death. Who didn't see this one coming?
why cant an devastating natural earthquake just rid us of Hollyweird!!

Congressman Jim Moran has a homoerotic veiw on blacks!! he was probably behind the barn in the 60's show'n them deeply how he likes them....liberal bias Jow Wilson for president ODUMBO LIE LIE LIE LIE!!

1833 days ago

uh oh    

I think Nancy Pelousy should be held to a higher standard of conduct as well. She should definitely find another career. Aside from lying, her biggest mistake is trying to look twenty when she is pushing 90.

1833 days ago


ALl of you people trashing the President have memories about a week long. Your memory of GWB is so idyllic that it makes me throw up. GWB was the WORST President ever - he was the liar of all liars, stupidiest person ever to hold the office of the presidency and was the one that got this country in the mess it is in today - he is the one to be called out on his decisions.

Obama is trying to get us out of the hole and mess that Bushie got us into - and do not tell me that Bushie did not do this. Obama has been upfront, pretty honest (for any politician) and working very hard to get us out of the problems left over from a very wrong and failed war in Iraq, and an economic bottomless pit that was a direct result of Bushie's policies and blindness to the practices of big business executives and not instituting any oversight and logical rules to business.

C.Wilson has every right to disagree with policies and issues of any party and president. He has no right to make an outburst like he did, where he did and in the manner he did. What is all this raucousness teaching our children about our government - nothing but throwing tantrums. Again, get mature and more intelligent about talking about your issues not in threatening, yelling and throwing tantrums.

1833 days ago


Wilson said, "you lie." not "liar." There is a difference. Get your facts right.

1833 days ago


it is not a racist thing - BO is as white as he is black. Moran was right about Wilson not doing that to other presidents, but for the totally wrong reasons. He doesn't trust BO's healthcare promises, but that has nothing to do with him being black. I am SO SICK of democrats trying to make republicans look like racist, uneducated rednecks. If it were the other way around, dems would all be crying on TV!!!

1833 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

Obama himself says he identifies as Black, so he is Black. It isn't wrong to call him that.

The fact that you guys think an outburst on a singer is anywhere CLOSE to an outburst on the President says a lot.

What a bunch of sore losers.

1833 days ago


I can't believe people actually think Kanye's outburst was worst. In our era of terrorism in no way shape or fashion should a political representative disrepect the president. If a soldier can't do it then it shouldn't be allowed from elected officials.

1833 days ago


The idea that one would even compare Joe Wilson with kanye West is mind boggling. Taylor Swift is a young girl that had her MTV acceptance speech interrupted....Obama like him or not is The President of The United States.
Where were all of these people that are bashing Obama now when George Bush was telling LIES and running this country into the ground? He LIED us into a war! After 8 LONG years of Bush,how can anybody say Obama is the worst President???
If "free speech" applys to Joe Wilson,then it most certainly applys to Kayne West. If Joe Wilson (as some of you say) was Right to call a sitting President a liar,the Kanye was Right to say to say a 19 year old country singer did not deserve to win a stupid award.
Obama wasn't trully accepted by the black community until recently, and only because of his position. And to be truthful, most blacks I know do not accept him now.

Posted at 2:43AM on Sep 15th 2009 by skippy
((skippy))) either YOU dont know a lot of "blacks" or you're a LIAR!!! Obama is still a popular President..the black community completely supports him.
To bottom line this Kayne STILL a super star..AND this supposed "boycott" will only make his fans support him more!!!
What he did was wrong,but it's over! NO "A-List" celebrities (other than Pink) have come out against him,and they WON'T...because it's just not that serious!!!! It doesn't matter how many storys the media run about him...OR how much sensless TMZ posters chatter he's going to remain the Super Star that he has become,for a long time!
BTW for all you Joe Wilson "fans" IF you could would find that Joe Wilson was the LIAR!!!! Maybe if you spent more time reading current events rather than spending your meaningless days on TMZ posting,you could have an intelligent conversation about what's really going on in this country.

1833 days ago


Funny how Democrat loons for the past 8 years had ZERO respect for the office of President, but now all of a sudden they demand everyone else respect it? It's hypocrisy like this that is destroying the kook fringe leftists.

1833 days ago


You know you're in trouble when TMZ falls all over themselves desperately coming to your rescue!!! bawhaha, Dems are toast!!! Love it!!!!

1833 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

Umm, Amanda - if someone says YOU STEAL, what does that make you? A thief.

If someone says YOU LIE, that person is calling you a liar. PERIOD.

1833 days ago


((skippy))) either YOU dont know a lot of "blacks" or you're a LIAR!!! Obama is still a popular President..the black community completely supports him.

Posted at 9:19AM on Sep 15th 2009 by marge

That's because blacks are the most racist segment in our society today and only support him because of the color of his skin. Democrats have NEVER done anything to better the lives of minorities like the GOP has. As though that isn't common knowledge to anyone with at least a few functioning braincells

1833 days ago


62. Obama himself says he identifies as Black, so he is Black. It isn't wrong to call him that.

The fact that you guys think an outburst on a singer is anywhere CLOSE to an outburst on the President says a lot.

What a bunch of sore losers.

Posted at 9:10AM on Sep 15th 2009 by Not gonna say it is racism
How can Ignorant people speak on others ignorance???? I've found that many of these "TMZ" posters are under educated. That;s why they post in such a mis-informed manner...
The article that says "Rappers,Singers Unite to bash Kayne" is sooo misleading...Actually it's quite the opposite.
Not any of the BIG name artist are bashing him...other than Pink...
Kelly Clarkston is trying in vain to get some attention for her luke warm are the other FEW that have publically made a statement...
This is going to make Kanye Bigger...because his fans are getting real pissed about this media blitz. The idea that he will lose his career over some 19 year old country singer is ludicris!!! IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!
Boycott Kayne????? yeah good luck with that! Losers!!!

1833 days ago
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