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Votes in Battle of the


9/15/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We may all think Kanye West is the devil for what he did to poor little Taylor Swift -- but on Capitol Hill, there's a far worse enemy to humanity: The dude who yelled "You lie!" at President Obama.

Jim Moran: Click to watch
Yesterday in D.C., Congressman Jim Moran (D, VA) slammed Representative Joe Wilson, saying, "Joe exposed himself to everyone for who he is .... I don't think he ever would have behaved in that disrespectful a way towards any other president, which tells you something about him, doesn't it?"

Moran said Serena Williams and Kanye's blowups didn't compare to Wilson's ... but what do you think?


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Obama is a traitor! And you know what should happen to traitors! Pelosi is the liar she can't tell the truth won't tell the truth and has no shame in being a bold faced liar!

1827 days ago


Wilson is the only one with guts enough to call a spade a spade. It is in the 1100+ pages that illegals will get health care. Read it, I did. Obama is the biggest liar on two feet along with Pelosi and Reid. You go Wilson!

1827 days ago


It is a shame that celebrities are getting more respect than the President!!! This poll says alot about America when an elected official to congress outburst is rated lower than a celebrity outburst!!! This is ridiculous!!

1827 days ago


That's because blacks are the most racist segment in our society today and only support him because of the color of his skin. Democrats have NEVER done anything to better the lives of minorities like the GOP has. As though that isn't common knowledge to anyone with at least a few functioning braincells
IF Blacks are the "most racist segment of society" then how did ALL those white presidents get elected into office????
WHAT have the GOP done to better the lives of anyone other than the Rich and Powerful???
If any sector of society has the right to be "racist" it IS the black community!!!
When you 'state the obvious" try to make sense...Oh and BTW...IF its as you say blacks support Obama because of his color...Why are the "Educated" whites supporting him????
If Blacks are racist because they support The President...then is it fair to say that YOU'RE racist beacuse you do not???
See how Stupid that sounds???
But be that as it may....If you're pissed now because Obama is President...How you going to feel in 2012...when he wins AGAIN???

Posted at 9:25AM on Sep 15th 2009 by pointing out the obvious

1827 days ago


To me, these responses are a sign of a distinct problem in America. It is more okay for a President to be openly disrespected than for a country music star to be dissed by a rapper.

The shame here is that had it been someone disrespecting Bush, a bunch of right-wingers would have been calling for the Senator's head. Remember Dixie Chicks people?

This country ass-backwards.

1827 days ago


Race is not the issue and for those saying Wilson was hiding under his white sheet when Bush was giving his speeches; needs to look back on those speeches as well when the DEMOCRATS booed a sitting president. What Wilson did was out of line. What the Democrats did to Bush was out of line. Should we say that those black Congressman who booed Bush were racist. No! Stop putting the race label on everyone who does not agree with Obama. Being disrespectful during the President's speech (any president) is not right and in very bad taste. I don't agree with Obama but I do believe that Wilson stepped out of line. I also believe that the Democrats stepped out of line when they booed Bush during his speeches. Stop putting the racist label on everyone!!! With your logic Kanye is a racist for stopping a white girl from her acceptance speech because her video won over a black girl's, Serena Williams must be racist because she chewed out a white line just goes on and on. You need to stop! I'm not saying that there isn't racism still here in this country but to put it up every time two people of a different race don't agree is just ridiculous and keeping both races from moving on from a very dark time in our history. Knock it off and we will all be able to move forward and stop living in the past and wipe out what is so ugly!!!

1827 days ago

uh oh    


Haha OMG isn't that a rapper? Marge, I think you need to put the headphones down and brush up on your grammar. Stop bashing the posters on here. You're looking like a big fool right about now.

causing laughter because of absurdity; provoking or deserving derision; ridiculous; laughable: a ludicrous lack of efficiency.

1827 days ago


For all of you that think Joe Wilson was 'right" in calling a sitting president a liar...Go to YOUR job and call you boss or customer a liar...Exercise your freedom of speech...see how that works out for you!

1827 days ago


Please people. This is being SOOO blown out of proportion. If someone had heckled Bush they would get a standing ovation. But because this guy rightfully called Obama a liar (know your facts people, Obama WAS lying. Read the Bill) he is being villified by the liberal media. Obama may be the media's darling, but he is not above being called out for lying.

1827 days ago


Yeah, I voted the outburst by Wilson was the worst. Just a Republican "pouting". I don't think there is a single thing that Pres. Obama could do "RIGHT" in their eyes. I DO believe there is a "racist undercurrent" to it as well, and I'M WHITE, just as I believe that this whole uproar over the healthcare plan is a bunch of people who voted for McCain "acting out".They don't even realize how ignorant they sound, which is actually kind of funny. People called Roosevelt a 'socialist' & a 'communist' too. Now history views him as just what this country needed during the depression & many of the programs he devised are still in effect today! There are so many FALSE misconceptions being circulated out there regarding Obama's proposed healthcare reform you've got to wonder: Where are they all coming from?? Hmmm....I wonder?

1827 days ago


Kanye West is a POS for what he has done to Taylor. Serena does not quite come close to that, but she deserves to be penalized. But Congressman Wilson? Come on, he simply voiced out what the American people -- those who did NOT vote for this affirmative action president -- know about Obama.

Obama spews lie after lie after lie whenever his lips move. Liar-in-chief has to be called out, and my thanks to Joe Wilson.

1827 days ago


I accept the fact Obama is POTUS but that does NOT mean I HAVE to agree with him. And I agree with the person who said Obama is not even 100% African American. Obama is 50% WHITE,37.5% ARAB,and 12.5% I think the people who love to play the race card on people who do not agree with Obama need to shut their pie holes! And white people are responsible for making it if there is a single drop of black in a person they are African American,having said that I do not want to hear about slavery. The Civil War was fought to free the slaves which in my opinion most blacks seem to forget.I am sick of the race card,and people who use the race card for things that are not about race undermine things that really are about race. Wilson was out of line to call Obama a liar in the middle of his speech but the truth is Obama is a liar. Notice how the amount of people who are uninsured has changed by 16-17 does that happen?His healthcare reform is going to break this country,he can say it will not add to the deficit but that is a lie,the cap and trade bill that was passed is going to up your cost of electricity at least $100.00 a month(and that is giving him the benefit of the doubt,it will actually be more). And for the people who think Obama is a champion of poor people look up the past 100 years of the Progressives.In the poor areas of American cities the Progressives are responsible for holding these people down. Obama is a Progressive, he is not interested in creating jobs(do you think that passing the cap&trade will create jobs....oh it will in OTHER COUNTRIES b/c business' will start moving overseas where they will not be taxed out the wazoo).Obama had a communist in the WH,a self proclaimed COMMUNIST!Funny how Van Jones was let go in the middle of the night when no one was looking.Obama has all these czars and one of these czars believe that animals,including rats you poison in order to get them out of your house,should be able to have a lawyer to sue people. Another believes that you should sterilize woman after they have their second child to control the population and this same guy thinks it is better to ration out care so that young people get the medical help they need while old people should not...should these people be around the POTUS? All the people who think this is about race are wrong....why don't you read up on Obama and his czars(and read it from a source that is not in bed with this Administration). I will say it again...the people who use the race card for things that are not about race undermine the things that really are about race. If you pull the race card about about something that is not about race you are just as bad as a person who is racist!

1827 days ago


Pelosi and gang had no problem when it was they who BOOED Pres. Bush during a State of the Union speech! And I haven't heard Pelosi, Reid or any of them apologize to the American people they represent after calling us "racist", Un-American, Asto Turf and all the others. Fooey on 'em. Wilson shouldn't have apologized at all and should have used that camera time to tell the truth about Obama's socialistic agenda. And while Pelosi is at it sanctioning people, how about Charlie Rangle, the biggest TAX CHEAT in the house, who continues to write the tax code he refuses to adhere to. Fooey on all of 'em.

1827 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    


You are SO wrong. Congress' boss is NOT the president, WE are. And to take it one step further, Obama is not the supreme being, WE ARE HIS BOSS.

Obama IS a liar when he says illegals will not be covered by his medical plan.

Plain and simple, he is a liar.

1827 days ago


82. Kanye West is a POS for what he has done to Taylor. Serena does not quite come close to that, but she deserves to be penalized. But Congressman Wilson? Come on, he simply voiced out what the American people -- those who did NOT vote for this affirmative action president -- know about Obama.

Obama spews lie after lie after lie whenever his lips move. Liar-in-chief has to be called out, and my thanks to Joe Wilson.

Posted at 10:05AM on Sep 15th 2009 by mz.josephine

Read more:

"Lie after lie"???? What are ALL THESE LIES HE'S TOLD? I've heard about the "illegals getting/not getting healthcare" issue but what are the other ones you speak of here?? Hadn't heard about those. Can you tell us?

1827 days ago
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