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Drug Database Created after Michael's Death

9/15/2009 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials in California are now making it harder for drug addicts to get their hands on prescription medication -- and they're citing Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith's deaths as reasons why.

Attorney General Jerry Brown announced today that an online database has been created so doctors can keep their eyes on patients' drug records -- making it easier for the docs to determine if someone really needs drugs ... or if they're simply desperate for a fix.

Brown explained the creation of the database by saying, "The recent deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson have made clear to the whole world just how dangerous prescription drug abuse can be."

The database -- called the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (or CURES) -- will be available to doctors, pharmacists and law enforcement officials.

Brown said it contains more than 100 million entries documenting controlled substances in California and can be accessed almost instantly.


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1806 days ago


People keep saying too little too late for Michael Jackson but what about the average non famous, every day people who have died the same way? It's sad no one did anything like this before he died. It took famous names to fix a problem we have every day. That is slightly sad. It is a great idea, but again, it shouldn't have taken someone as famous as him to die in order to fix the problem. Names shouldn't be the reason, saving future lives should be.

1806 days ago


they should have done this long ago...maybe then Heath Ledger would be alive and well as DJ AM!

1806 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

29. Many tabloids are stating that MJ was addicted to drugs.
First they show pictures from the raid (when he was accused of child molesting) of all the medications he was on, but if you look at the dates of the pills, they were given months PRIOR to the raid and still had tablets in them. I work for a pain management and abusers normally run OUT of their medications, not have so many around. For all we know, he might have had so many to place in different locations when he traveled. His autopsy showed he had only the medications Dr.Conrad had given him. M.J. trusted his physicians with his treatment, after-all, they went to school, studied, and trained to diagnose and treat patients!

MJ DID NOT know about Propofol, doctors had to suggest it and given him a false sense of security with the safety of use with this drug! Which normally is under supervision of a anesthesiologist and hospital setting.

Secondly, C.U.R.E.S, was NOT created after MJ's death. Our office has been using this database for YEARS! This is used as a tool to assist us in treating patients with severe pain with pathology and referred those with aberrant behaviors to addiction specialist.

Posted at 9:59PM on Sep 15th 2009 by CindyLu

Cindy Lu; Your First' begins by relating truth, except Michael had developed a Drug dependency that he was self-detoxing from, and Michael had self-detoxed before, Nurse' show me a picture of Michael without long sleeves, also' everyone knows about a injection used for painless operations! The name Propofol is only an applied label!

Your secondly' Cindy Lu; If C.U.R.E.S. work's where is Michael Jackson / Where is Chris Benoit, reality is' C.U.R.E.S. failed them including countless Superstars, do we not assume, then' that C.U.R.E.S. failed Millions of Un-famed.

1806 days ago


I understand what she is saying about C.U.R.E.S. They are trying to make it sound as if this is something newly created. When in fact it is not. It has been around for years. Even if it has failed in its attempt to stop individuals from abusing the system.
Those of celebrity status are not with us because their caregivers abused the system by using fraudulent names.
Most everyday individuals only get one name entered and not 100s of aliases entered into a database. Therefore it makes them much easier to track vs. all the other aliases.

I also read on these boards that Michael's pharmacy bills were for his entire family and not just for him. Why is this not being reported? I would think he was paying the pharmacy bill for not just his family, but for his staff as well.

1806 days ago


MJ was buying drugs around the world, his security were posing as patients, he used different names, pharmacy's were filling without prescriptions. The drug that ultimately killed him is not intended for home use, or available by any type of prescription, so how would this database have saved him?

Addicts will get their drugs. Throw out the welcome mat for drug dealers.
The average Jo will start buying their drugs off the streets.

1806 days ago


I don't agree with this. Don't make those of us that actually, truly do need pain meds pay the price for these damn addicts and doctors that prescribe to them!!
Anna AND Michael were both drug addicts and had the money to payoff these doctors.

1806 days ago


Did Michael provide medical coverage for all his employees?

1806 days ago

Yes, it is illegal in some sort of way    

My fear is that people with legitimate issues such as chronic pain or anxiety may be put under a microscope and be denied the very med that keeps them without the pain or anxiety. I watched an episode on an MTV show where a 12 year old boy with chronic pain begged the FDA not to make Oxycontin illegal because it made the difference of him walking or being in a wheelchair. Face it...true junkies will get the dope on the streets. Just my 2 cents..

1806 days ago


most of the iconic legends in our lifetime died of illegal drug overdose. and some prescription drug or was it manipulation of over zealous mds
Michael jackson died at the hands of another. he took his Last breath over someone who is a trained licensed practioner of health who was specialized in cardiology.

tmz showed some pictures of medicine bottles supposely of mj pseudo names and, one of them showed an old date and prednisone as the drug of choice. come on now.
how many prescriptions can one get in a day, in a week, in a month or even a year from mds. It is not a crime. . mj was 50 years old and ask an average joe on medications how many med bottles is sitting around the house. plenty im sure. refills anybody
thinks about it people we are not going to let Michael Jackson name be the scapegoat and finger pointing in all of this. the fight is not over yet

1805 days ago


This database will be only as good as the docs who actually bother to use it. Docs often overbook patients & are rushed from one patient to another.(Anybody who has been to the doc lately knows this all too well!)This is what irritates me. The buck always stops with the physician & what he may or may not be willingto do for a patient. Especially a celebrity one? So the big questions the article didn't answer are:

#1) So what will the penalty be to the doc who fails to use it. If a patient of theirs OD's, will they be willing to institute policies that allow for the punishment of that doctor? Perhaps huge fines, imprisonment, sanctions against their medical license? If there is no punishment for not utilizing it, then what priority will they place on making sure it is used for every single patient? will it be just one more of those medical tasks that get's relegated to the bottom of the pile for another day; that of coarse may never come for an addict in crisis who may be visitting docs, stock-piling their scripts for that inevitable "best high they have ever had",or sadly, for a suicide attempt because no one has bothered, or has cared "enough", to check out their prescription history, confront them with the reality of their situation, & refer them to an addictionologist or chronicpain management specialist. It would only take a few more minutes spent with the patient to do these things. Then the help has been offered to the addict& as far as the doctor is concerned, he is "off the hook". He's done his best! Isn't that what we should expect to receive as the "patient"?; their "BEST"?

Question #2) Would there be any type of "independent" review panel appointed to oversee compliance with the use of CURES? As an RN,rushing around in the hospital, trying to tend to ALL of my patients(seems there's always too many!); there were things "that could wait" for the next shift or the next day. Some things couldn't; for example,giving all patient meds to every patient & making sure it was done CORRECTLY was usually priority #1, above all else. For good reason of coarse but as a nurse I can tell you that had there not been so many checks in place to pick up on a nurses medication error, would I have been as likely to check, recheck, & check again?? If the penalty for screwing a patient's meds up notbeen so stringently enforced, would I have placed such emphasis on this in my nursing practice? Wanting "not to get fired" or disciplined by the Board of Nursing is quite a motivator, when it comes to doing the things that "are always checked on, reviewed, & acted on". Our society after all wouldn't exist in it's fairly orderly state as we know it now if it weren't for cops, judges, & prisons. If there were no "consequences" then I believe that more "good people" would consider turning to crime;particularly in "troubled" times of their lives.

Sorry but this database isn't worth it's little "pentium chip" without reviewing for compliance in it's usage, as well as, sanctions for a docs failure to comply!! I'm going to research this system because we are not using it in Florida, to my knowledge. They keep talk,talk,talking about it but that's about it! Endlessly frustrating to me. Does the program for the database come with suggested guidelines for it's use or is each MD office just supposed to "WING IT!". If anyone out there is using this program on a regular basis & has the time to post to me about how THEY utilize it & what happens when they don't; I would appreciate the information. Otherwise, right now I'm not impressed. It's a step but where's the "follow through"??

Don't know much about this Attn. Gen. Brown, he might be the greatest guy in the world but politicians are NOTORIOUS for taking campaign donations from their local M.D.'s to get them elected (and kept)in office. Why would they bite the hand that feeds them?? If people want to know what has kept physicians "policing" other physicians for as long as they have, this is it in a nutshell. New policies & laws are created & voted on by whom? Right. If I sound bitter, then it's because I am. Fed up with the "arrogance" that seems to give SOME physicians a sense of entitlement that they "run their own show". They seem to just "evolve" into these egomaniac monsters who don't even remember why they went into medicine in the first place. It's disgusting & ridiculous. They are a disgrace to their profession & need to be "weeded out". This database sounds like it has the potential to be an effective tool in getting rid of these "tools"(sorry-couldn't help myself) but it just doesn't sound like it's there yet. As most have expressed here, HOW MANY MORE WILL IT TAKE(OF THE "REALLY IMPORTANT PEOPLE")THAT IS??

1805 days ago
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